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Forget the dress!

Dress For Success: Rolled Pants - Behind The Hustle

Is this dancer spinning clockwise or counterclockwise?

Your browser does not abutment the video tag. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Spinning_Dancer.gif

Dress Right Dress Left

Counterclockwise, right?

At atomic that's what I anticipation at first, but back I looked a additional time she was spinning clockwise.

So attending again. Which was is she absolutely spinning?

It all comes bottomward to whether you anticipate she is spinning on her appropriate bottom or her larboard bottom — and if you appetite to see it the added way again try accoutrement aggregate but the bottom and application your acuteness and again boring apprehension the rest.

Dress your penis right - Joxer

Called a kinetic, bistable optical illusion, this archetype was created in 2003 by web artist Nobuyuki Kayahara per Wikipedia.

 Dress Left Or Right
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Dress Left Or Right
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