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One of the best genitalia of Fallout 4, the mega-popular video bold that launched aftermost week, is that bodies can actualize their own modifications and enhancements to the bold and accomplish them downloadable for added players to try. One baseball fan fabricated it accessible for players to abrasion a David Ortiz Red Sox jersey (the bold is set in post-apocalyptic Boston and alike appearance a representation of Fenway Park) — but the mod didn’t aftermost for long.

According to the Boston Globe, Major League Baseball asserted that the modification — which was absolutely chargeless — abandoned on the league’s rights,

Via the Globe:

“‘The use of these marks is an contravention of our rights. We plan to accomplish those rights,’ an MLB agent said in an e-mail Thursday.”

The architect of the modification, Richie Branson, argued that the jersey was artlessly a accustomed addendum of what is already in the game.

“Basically, I anticipate it was the alone affair missing from the game. You’ve got Fenway Park, the Green Monster, and all of Boston, but there weren’t any Red Sox jerseys…. I’m not aggravating to advertise this affected Red Sox jersey. I’m putting a chargeless Red Sox clear into a bold that already insinuates the Red Sox are in the game, at Fenway Park.”

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The mod is no best downloadable.

In case description was needed, that Red Sox fallout 4 mod was not fabricated in affiliation with MLB, The Red Sox, or David Ortiz.

— Richie Branson (@richiebranson) November 13, 2015

(Thanks to Deadspin for administration this story.)

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