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Swift's latest anthology is about absolutely about the Kanye feud, Tom Hiddleston, Calvin Harris and "Old Taylor" -- but you accept to attending for clues.

Dress Code For Gold Room Atlanta

Taylor Swift's new anthology "Reputation" alone at midnight on Friday, and her admirers and critics anon did what they do best: combed through all the lyrics aggravating to amount out which celebrity altercation or ex-boyfriend she's singing about this time.

Swift already took shots at her haters and serenaded her super-hot admirer in her previously-released singles "Look What You Fabricated Me Do," "Gorgeous" and "Call It What You Want," but the abounding anthology brings a lot added artifice to the story.

Here are the bristles better theories that Swifties accept appear up with so far:

We all knew "Look What You Fabricated Me Do" referenced Swift's altercation with Kanye West, with all those snakes in the music video and curve like "I don’t like your little amateur / Don’t like your agee stage." But anyone attractive for her final chat on the amount should analysis out "This Is Why We Can't Accept Nice Things," which admirers are 99 percent assertive is aimed absolutely at the rapper.

Swift, you may remember, got thoroughly played by Kim Kardashian aback she claimed Kanye never got her permission to say "I feel like me and Taylor ability still accept sex / Why? I fabricated that allegation famous" in his arguable clue "Famous," alone to accept Kardashian absolution Snapchat videos of Kanye and Taylor discussing the lyrics over the phone. (Swift afterwards antiseptic in her "I would actual abundant like to be removed from this narrative" account that she never agreed to actuality alleged "that bitch" in the song.)

Dress Code For Gold Room Atlanta

That adventure seems to be referenced in these lyrics from "TIWWCHNT":

"It was so nice actuality accompany afresh / There I was giving you a additional adventitious / But again you stabbed my aback while afraid my duke / And therein lies the affair / Accompany don't try to ambush you / Get you on the buzz and mind-twist you / But I'm not the alone acquaintance you've absent afresh / If alone you weren't so shady."

Then there's that allotment area Swift sings sweetly, "Here's to you / 'Cause absolution is a nice affair to do," again bursts into a aboriginal babble and says "I can't alike say it with a beeline face!"

Swift admirers are accident their minds over that line, and accept declared the #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty clearly cancelled.

Since we aftermost heard from Swift during her "1989" era, she bankrupt up with DJ and artist Calvin Harris, had a high-profile cast with British amateur Tom Hiddleston, and is now appropriately in adulation with also-British amateur Joe Alwyn. Most of the adulation songs in "Reputation" are apparently about Alwyn, with his "ocean-blue eyes" in "Gorgeous" and "My baby's fit like a daydream" in "Call It What You Want" -- but admirers are apprehensive if Swift's old boyfriends are still ambuscade in the anthology somewhere.

Dress Code For Gold Room Atlanta

This album's ballsy breakdown song is her clue "Getaway Car," which seems to be about the night Swift and Hiddleston met and danced calm at the Met Gala aback she was allegedly still dating Harris:

"It was the best of times, the affliction of crimes / I addled a bout and blew your apperception / But I didn't beggarly it / And you didn't see it / The ties were black, the lies were white / In shades of blah in candlelight / I capital to leave him / I bare a reason."

Swift gets sexier than we've anytime apparent her in "Dress," a song about acquisitive afterwards addition in a awash room. "They've got no abstraction / about me and you," Swift croons; "Only bought this dress so you could booty it off."

These lyrics could additionally be about her boyfriend, but some bodies are accepting added fun with it and apperception a atrocious abstruse fling. The band "There is an angle / In the appearance of you / Fabricated your mark on me / A aureate tattoo" reminded one fan of a photo of Swift continuing abutting to Drake at a party, cutting a little atramentous dress and a acting gold tattoo.

Other admirers are activity all out and apperception that Swift is active afterwards her abutting acquaintance Karlie Kloss. "Say my name and aggregate aloof stops / I don't appetite you like a best friend," she sings. "Even in my affliction times, you could see the best of me / Flash aback to my mistakes / My rebounds, my earthquakes."

Talk about #SquadGoals!

Swift infamously declared that "Old Taylor can't appear to the buzz appropriate now ... because she's dead" in "LWYMMD," but Swifties were still attractive for signs of activity from their admired pop princess. While she is reinventing herself with "Reputation," advertent admirers accept noticed a few nods to her accomplished cocky -- decidedly with the candied carol "New Year's Day" that closes out the album.

Maybe the better Swiftie scavenger coursing of all is the approach that "Reputation" is breach into two parts: songs about the media's anecdotal of Swift as a conniving ascendancy freak, and songs about the happy, almost accustomed activity she's absolutely active abaft the scenes while anybody gossips about her. Admirers were active parsing the clue listings to affirm that approach afore the anthology alike dropped.

Did they able the code? Taylor will never tell.

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