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Kirk Franklin Wearing Dress Color of Blood: Kirk Franklin Performs in a Dress? | EX Ministries

Erica Campbell of Grammy-winning actuality accumulation Mary Mary is gearing up for the absolution of her new anthology and adulatory her aboriginal Grammy best as a abandoned artist. But instead of adequate this agitative time in her career, the songstress is beneath advance by abounding of her admirers for actuality too adult in a new promo shot.

Kirk Franklin wearing a dress at the Grammys??? (Hold My Mule News ...

Although 41-year-old Campbell is covered from abutting to dogie in a white body-conscious dress, some critics say she doesn’t attending angelic enough.

“THIS IS NOT OKAY. Yes, you are a beautiful, ample woman…but NO MA’AM YOU ARE SINGING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. Saints…smh COME ON,” wrote one minister, who goes by Apostle Stacey Woods on Facebook. Gospel site A Toast 2 Wealth chimed in, “The adult accoutrements takes any man or woman’s apperception off God and assimilate added things that aren’t godly.”

This affectionate of acknowledgment from the masses is agnate to back extra Meagan Good was ripped to shreds via amusing media for cutting a absolute and form-fitting dress as she and husband‚ minister DeVon Franklin‚ abounding the 2013 BET Awards. It’s adamantine not to admiration area one should draw the band back actuality the face of the gospel.

Producer and megastar Kirk Franklin faced badinage back he began bearing actuality music that was agnate to the complete and accent of civil music in the aboriginal 1990s. With shows like Bravo’s “Thicker Than Water” and Oxygen’s “Preachers of L.A.”, it is adamantine to barometer what bodies accept is adapted behavior for Christians. Those shows are aloof as ambiguous as the arguable dress as they assume to advance the adulation of things like adorned cars, deluxe estates and money.

In commendations to Campbell, not all of the comments were negative. Lisa Holloway said, “I anticipate people, abnormally Christians, are too uptight. It’s annihilation amiss with actuality a Christian and assuming sex appeal.”

After a flood of responses to her antecedent cheep apropos Campbell’s best of clothing, Woods took to the armpit American Preachers to busy on her feelings:

Color of Blood: Kirk Franklin Performs in a Dress? | EX Ministries

“My absorbed was this:

1. I appetite women of God to represent the KINGDOM after activity as admitting they charge become a sex symbol. THE WORLD sells sex, THE KINGDOM SHOULD PROMOTE JESUS.

2. Actuality music is MINISTRY, not aloof an art anatomy or a brand of music.

Kirk Franklin Wears Red Dress At Gender Bending Gospel Grammy ...

3. We bulldoze men to appear through our adulation for Jesus, but back we abrasion things that are distracting, the bulletin is somehow absent and it becomes adjoin US and not about Him.

4. I’ve apparent TOO MANY…TOO MANY bodies dress afield in admiral and THIS was alone ONE example. While what I declared was apparent as an attack, cipher saw the abundant videos that accept been appear to advance advantageous self-esteem, adorableness tips, appearance tips, or alike the women’s conferences that did REAL outreach…providing clothing, shoes, and best importantly, JESUS. If a baton can not say that assertive behaviors in the abbey are inappropriate, WHO CAN? Are we all [supposed] to abutting our eyes as actuality artisan with absolute apparel sing about Jesus but animation all over the date in means that can alone be compared to the club? Are we aloof declared to calm up about it and pray? Why not say to little girls that appetite to abound up to be JUST LIKE THEM, there is a bigger way to represent ourselves as women of God, and that was artlessly a bad apparel choice?

Let it be known, I am NOT jealous, envious, or lustful. I am a woman of God, ample too, that will say that I admiration to see us represent Jesus in a way that exudes HOLINESS and not sexiness.”

Kirk Franklin Wears Red Dress To 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards Exposed ...

“Help” is appointed to be released on March 25, 2014.

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Kirk Franklin Wears Red Dress At Gender Bending Gospel Grammy ...
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Color of Blood: Kirk Franklin Performs in a Dress? | EX Ministries
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