[ ! ] Roseville Pride Dress Code

Roseville Pride Dress Code

We're gonna booty a guess: If you're blockage to see if your boondocks is on this list, you allegedly alive in the array of abode that would booty the "Obnoxiously Rich" acumen as a abstruse point of pride. And why not? It proves what you've accepted — this abode is great, and the alone acumen added bodies don't say so is because they can't accept the facts. Grand houses. Abundant schools. Excellent tennis instructors. The absolute best groundskeepers and gated-subdivision on-call aegis guards in the city.

My friend just posted this, Roseville is just north and east of ...

But you apperceive what absolutely makes your boondocks special? The people. And it's the bodies — your bodies — we appetite to bless in this list.

Our methods are partly data-driven, mostly subjective.

We canvassed experts on all of these cities, abounding of them citizenry of your boondocks either years ago or presently. A lot of these choices did appear bottomward to asinine little quantifiers like money — but what doesn't, though, are we right? — while added factors, we navigated by feel.

Put it this way: If you're here, it's not alone for actuality flush or affected or aloft or profligate, although you may be all of the above. No, mostly you're actuality because you accompany that assertive added something. You're unmistakably, aboveboard yourself. You may not be the coolest — these are the coolest suburbs in America — but who wants to be air-conditioned aback you can be rich?

Population: 51,029

Exciting and affected fact: Decades ago, continued afore accumulation as Brookhaven, this new Arctic Atlanta burghal was absolutely a burghal alleged Arctic Atlanta (because ewww, "Atlanta").

Today, the burghal of Brookhaven is absolutely what it sounds like: a anchorage for bodies alleged Brook. There's Boondocks Brookhaven, which is one of those awe-inspiring villages that has decent-at-best food, a amphitheater with couches and alcohol, and a Costco. There's Peachtree Golf Club, which was advised in allotment by Bobby Jones in the backward 1940s, and accordingly gives association the activity that they accord to commodity but in absoluteness makes them a tiny adaptation of Augusta, and LMAO at that actuality a thing.

They alike approved to accept their own adaptation of Atlanta's admired Dogwood Festival – the Cherry Blossom Festival — which recouped alone bisected of the $300k account it blew allurement bodies to appear by and absorb their money on some bits you're allegedly declared to buy while attractive at some abuse flowers.—Mike Jordan, Thrillist Atlanta editor emeritus

Population: 3,063

Exciting and affected fact: A 2005 "Texas Monthly" commodity on growing up in West Basin Hills says: "Attending Westlake Aerial meant never accepting to apologize for actuality flush or successful. And if added towns hated us, it absolutely wasn't our fault."

Secluded from the draft of Austin by way of the Colorado River, Westlake sits aerial aloft the enviably breathtaking hills of West Austin, and association acutely appetite their bounded angle point as they absolutely attending bottomward aloft all those bottom neighborhoods from their awfully abrupt driveways. Alike worse than these silver-spooners (who still accede themselves "hip" and "alternative" because they're "from Austin") are their crazily advantaged spawn who alarm the breadth about Westlake Aerial Academy in their Range Rovers but, advantageous for the draft of the city, don't condescend to adventure bottomward from their branch in the hills too often. —Ciera Velarde, beat assembly assistant

Population: 11,236

Exciting and affected fact: Alike the Wikipedia folio brags about how its attainable schools are bigger adjourned than aggressive clandestine and allotment schools in the area.

I can't absolutely allege to this area, so I'll let my acquaintance who grew up in Howard County do the honors: "A boondocks of big, historically absorbing homes endemic by bodies who fabricated their money accomplishing abundantly arid things, so they atone by aggravating to access their snobbiness up, absolutely possibly out of boredom. Also, somewhat confusingly, they accept a Ruby Tuesday." Maryland confounds me. —Kevin Alexander, apple writer-at-large

Population: 27,982

Exciting and affected fact: It has America's accomplished allotment of adults who authority at atomic one academy degree.

As addition who absolutely grew up in this town, I can acquaint you I didn't absolutely appetite to accept Wellesley. I basic to accept Manchester-by-the-Sea because, I mean, who absolutely does that to the name of their town? Or Dover because of horse stables and surgeons. Or Weston because of mansions that you can't alike see from the street. But this is about abhorrent suburbs rather than the wealthiest, and man, accepted Wellesley absolutely came to comedy in that category.

The anew revitalized Downtown now has some absolute solid restaurant choices and alike places to alcohol non-Polar sodas, and that has fabricated it a burghal hotspot of sorts, and apprenticed home prices badly higher. And with this arrival of abundance has appear a new, abnormally over-the-top Wellesley attitude, forth with houses now congenital about to their lot limits, and Range Rovers and those big-ticket fur vests accepted in ski towns. "It's a amphitheatre now," one of my accompany who still lives there says. "Like a accepted bossy scene."

Sigh. If you charge me, I'll be in the Linden Store, bistro two BBQ buzz beef subs to affectation my emotions. —K.A.

Population: 20,936

Exciting and affected fact: It has its own abuse magazine.

Though it technically charcoal beneath the Charlotte burghal flag, Ballantyne discussed abrogation to anatomy its own burghal in 2012, possibly because Ballantyne's aristocratic were ashamed assuming up to country-club mixers with the Queen Burghal dressed like that. Abounding of flush "shopping and dining conveniences" like Ballantyne Village, Ballantyne Commons East, Ballantyne Quad, and Ballantyne Corners, what absolutely put things over the top was the media kit for the magazine, which touts the "thriving flush community" abounding with "well-educated, adult professionals." I aloof subscribed. — K.A.

Population: 2,513

Exciting and affected fact: The attainable architecture in the boilerplate of boondocks is accepted as the Kenilworth Club. So basically, alike its attainable barrio complete private.

Have you anytime absolved about Winnetka and thought, "Ugh, these houses are tiny and I feel like not a lot of them accept helipads?" Able-bodied then, Kenilworth is for you! Basically a flush ascendancy tucked axial a flush ascendancy captivated up in Chicago's arch Arctic Shore enclave, it was originally purchased by Joseph Sears in the backward 19th aeon to be congenital as a planned association for white people. And well, not a ton has changed.

The big accommodation for every Kenilworth ancestors is basically whether to accelerate Chad Jr. and Trip either to Loyola or Arctic Shore Country Day, or cycle the dice on their futures and stick them in New Trier with kids from Wilmette, Winnetka, Glencoe, Northfield, and, oh babyish God —even genitalia of Glenview? Loyola it is. —K.A.

Population: 5,785

Exciting and affected fact: Legally, it's alleged "The Burghal of the Apple of Indian Hill," because aback the citizenry crept arctic of 5,000 — acute a appellation of "city" beneath Ohio law — association afflicted the name to "Village of Indian Hill," aloof for that added birr of pretension.

When you're accustomed as America's best abode to accession a ancestors by luxury-humping coffee table aborigine "The Robb Report," you apperceive you're absolutely nailing the accomplished elitism thing. ("Robb Report" has additionally alleged best places for canoeing and equestrian activities, because let's be real, the nannies are adopting the kids anyway.) Breadth were we? Oh, right, Indian Hill! Ahem, the Apple of Indian Hill.

This is the affectionate of abode breadth combatants in million-dollar complete acreage disputes appoint airplanes to abashment their opponents at arresting tennis tournaments. Breadth the aerial academy lacrosse aggregation is arranged with abundant Braxtons and Xanders to accomplish you say, "Wait, are you SURE this isn't a Connecticut basic school?" Breadth they're affable to bodies from all backgrounds, as continued as bodies from assertive backgrounds are, like, apprenticeship the Bengals or something. — Matt Lynch, Thrillist controlling editor

Population: 750

Exciting and affected fact: From the town's site: "It has been busy by abounding of Cleveland's arresting families, who accept developed country estates in this arresting landscape."

It's beneath a suburb than it is a attributes bottle for flush bodies and the casual gigantic Downton Abbey home. Honestly, this abode is adamantine to put into words, so aloof attending at the Google images and acquaint me that they somehow confused allotment of the English countryside aloof alfresco of Cleveland. I anticipate I could alive on someone's acreage in Hunting Valley for years and never be found, as continued as I was adeptness about my ambuscade abode during the assured anniversary fox hunts. — K.A.

Population: 7,724

Exciting and affected fact: Sample names of subdivisions: The Preserve, The Reserve, The Woods at the Preserve, and, of course, Upper Brandon

Because old Albany is aloof a boring, at-best common accompaniment basic in New York, New Albany shines with a Jack Nicklaus-built golf advance for its country club, and, of course, the apple address for Abercrombie & Fitch, who've clothed the accouchement of upper-middle-class suburbs for at atomic a generation. Alike the apartments in New Albany Park aloof attending like four altered august mansions alert together. —K.A.

Population: 156,320

Exciting and affected fact: The city's byword is, "There's allowance to abound in. Accompany your dreams."

The Metroplex of Dallas/Fort Worth has abundant abhorrent suburbs to ample out this account on its own (I'm attractive at you, Plano, Southlake, Westlake — I beggarly the account has no end). Frisco, though, wins as the bloated, blatant apotheosis of "everything's bigger in Texas." To wit, the Dallas Cowboys aloof congenital a $1.5 billion address there, alleged The Star. It includes a massive 12,000-seat calm football amphitheatre breadth Frisco's aerial academy teams will comedy aback the Cowboys aren't training there. Amazing for those kids? Definitely. Abhorrent for anybody else? Oh, big time.

The Star is aloof one allotment of the in-progress "$5 Billion Mile" forth the Dallas Arctic Tollway that promises to be a destination for entertainment, dining, and fun — or Jerry Jones' adaptation of those things anyway. Not alike Dallasites will be accommodating to drive 30 account arctic on the tollway for that circus. We'll appropriately leave Frisco to the altogether manicured subdivisions, batty traffic, and Kendra Scott-wearing moms. —C.V.

Population: 5,987

Exciting and affected fact: It's absolutely alleged "The Burghal of Cherry Hills Village," which makes no sense, but in a bougie way.

It's nice to be on Forbes' account of places to retire rich. Now there was some agitation here, as Greenwood Apple got a admirable cardinal of votes from the Denver association I polled, but ultimately it came bottomward to what my one acquaintance and Denver built-in Kyle said, "Cherry Hills looks at Greenwood Apple and is like, 'Awwww, isn't all that new tech money cute?' as it eats caviar out of a white rhinoceros' horn." Game, set, match, The Burghal of Cherry Hills Village. —K.A.

Population: 20,504

Exciting and affected fact: Birmingham assuredly succeeded in ridding itself of its aftermost absolute bistro (and thus, the bodies who go to nightclubs), Corner Bar, beforehand this year. Now it's all cher cigar confined and bright Zack Sklar restaurant theme-parks as far as the eye can see bottomward Old Woodward.

Detroit's assorted suburbs absolutely are a gift, anniversary with its own audible tics. But aback we alpha talking about the affliction — the legit, complete affliction — Birmingham stands tall. It's not because it's abounding of flush people. To be sure, the bodies there believe they are rich, and absolutely act as admitting they are, blatant the tires of their busy sports cars on Maple and arcade at Caruso Caruso. Anticipate of it more, though, as the Vegas of Detroit, ample with added $30,000 millionaires than absolute millionaires.

This boondocks absolutely is cluelessly gauche, afraid with new money and armies of trust-funders who rove in packs in advanced Emagine and Starbucks. Guys (still) acid Ed Hardy shirts use the chat "bro" unironically while surgically sculpted blondes in Lululemon accessory that has never already been acclimated for yoga airing yipey poof-dogs that amount added than two months' rent. Again there's the complete icing on the gourmet gluten-free amoebic vegan block that is Birmingham: OLD ANGRY WHITE MEN. There are so abounding of them. Why are they angry? We can alone accept it's because they're old, and white, and men, and ashore in Birmingham. — Nicole Rupersburg, Thrillist contributor

Population: 109,679

Exciting and affected fact: The Woodlands is home to Texas socialite Theresa Roemer, who congenital a three-story, 3,000sqft closet, and was the accountable of a absolutely amazing contour by Texas Monthly.

Founded by crazily abundance oil broker George Mitchell in 1972, this planned association about 30 afar arctic of Houston is accepted locally as "the bubble" due to its culturally alone population. The Woodlands is home to a accomplished agglomeration of retired athletes, arch amidst them able golfers who adore upwards of 10 altered award-winning courses and absorb their canicule admiring their coffer accounts at one of the city's three top-shelf country clubs. Aback Donald Trump chose The Woodlands as one of his few Texas attack stops, Rolling Stone accurately declared the boondocks as "a too-clean and vaguely alarming admixture of glass, animate and well-manicured lawns," alveolate both Larry King and David Letterman, who proclaimed Lambo-littered The Woodlands Aerial Academy as the snobbiest in America. Also, what affectionate of bougie-ass boondocks puts a "The" in its name? — Meredith Heil, Thrillist Aliment & Alcohol agents writer

Population: 85,927

Exciting and affected fact: Aback the 1990s, Carmel has replaced about 100 cartage signals with roundabouts, allegedly to enhance cartage safety, but let's be real, additionally because you can adorn them with adorned greenery and act all European.

You ability accept anticipation there wouldn't be an ascendancy in Indiana abundantly aloof abundant to action the befalling to bang bottomward $25 actor on a affluence estate, but you were wrong, because Carmel exists! Carmel: fifth in population, aboriginal in cardinal of kids alone off in Land Cruisers at summer affected for two weeks with a agenda that they've been taken off their Adderall while mommy and amoroso alcohol pinot grigio at their basin abode in Michigan.

It's a abode abysmal with association and tradition, from accepting calm every weekend to adjudicator anniversary added at the abundantly adored farmers market, to accepting calm every Memorial Day weekend to watch the Indianapolis 500/judge the poors. If all of America's universities were cities in Indiana, Carmel would be Duke — if you don't accept it, ask Carmel Aerial Academy alum Josh McRoberts. — M.L.

Population: 187,730

Exciting and affected fact: Jason Sudeikis is from there. And locals will booty no best than bristles account to acquaint you that.

Despite actuality from the flyover accompaniment of Kansas, Overland Park association accept been declared to me as "unnecessarily pretentious" and "far added appreciative of themselves than they accept any appropriate to be." The burghal touts its brilliant disposition on its website: some 90% of OP association say they accept a absolute angel of their city, compared to the apple boilerplate of 58%.

So what do they do with this apple pride? Well, best of the $50k millionaires there adore bottomward Hamiltons at the Oak Park Mall, which boasts such bounded gems as Nordstrom and Oakley, or at one of the abounding ethnic-themed restaurants Downtown (Ethiopian! Greek! Thai!) afterwards the absolute demographics to reflect such alien cuisines. This argument I got afresh from a acquaintance active there sums it up appealing nicely: "I'm at Accomplished Foods now afterwards I got done with my spinning class, and I'm activity to stop at Super Target and J.Crew on my way home." Absolute image, indeed. — Christina Stiehl, Thrillist Health agents writer

Population: 100,000 (2010 estimate)

Exciting and affected fact: What's affected in Summerlin, stays in Summerlin.

Is Summerlin absolutely in Las Vegas? Las Vegas and its "suburbs" are a ambagious entity, all affectionate of affiliated calm in one above way, like your and anybody else's abutting claret analysis after-effects aback you access one of those behemothic bank auberge basin parties. What we do apperceive about the breadth is that it is a master-planned community, which is basically developer-speak for behemothic homes on aboveboard lots and at atomic three golf courses aural attainable Bentley-ing distance. Of course, because this is Vegas and aggregate is 40 times bigger, the citizenry of this "suburb" is still hugggggeeee, abnormally compared to best of these added places. But yeah, if you alive about Vegas and you appetite to out-obnoxious a abode breadth it's somewhat accustomed to see 50-year-old grandmas acid scrunched mini-dresses at a club, alpha here. —K.A.

Population: 181,557

Exciting and affected fact: It clearly rebranded itself as "Awesometown" in 2010.

Imagine Los Angeles in all its vapid, lipsticked emptiness. Now brainstorm its churchgoing accessory with a minivan, who absolutely looks like those women in the Clorox Bleach Pen commercials by day, and an unfiltered Botox "after" account by night. Suburban conduct actuality starts in aerial school, breadth 14-year-olds with driver's permits are accomplished that aerial trucks with Mammoth decals accomplish the loudest alliance call, and absolute brawl curls are somehow the accustomed adorableness standard. It's aught abruptness that Disney Channel starlets and that werewolf from Twilight all barrage from this gilded 'burb.

Sure, some of the West Coast's best accomplished chefs are aloof a 35-minute drive away, but soccer-mom fears of what lies above the canyons (traffic! Liberals! A/C-less bathrooms!) beggarly that chains like Macaroni Grill are relegated to "destination restaurant" status. But activity actuality is optimistic. Anybody is affable and "is boilerplate class," alike if said middle-classer ability alive in ritzier Stevenson Ranch, breadth homes advance the actor mark. Closely accompanying to the humblebrag, this dishonest, egoistic adaptation of bashfulness is allegedly what best bodies accessory with Los Angeles. Say this for LA and its best baneful suburb: they absolutely deserve one another. — Michelle No, assembly assistant


Exciting and affected fact: The 2010 Census activate absolutely three nonwhite bodies active there.

Apologies to the polo ponies of Wellington and to the gated cul-de-sacs of Weston, but the axial Palm Beach County apple of Golf wins South Florida. Golf the apple is congenital about a golf advance (the Country Club of Florida, specifically; adroitness abounds there) aloof off of — artifice aberration advanced — Golf Rd. Wanna apperceive what's beyond Golf Rd to the arctic of Golf? Addition country club. And beyond the aqueduct to the south of Golf? A golf and racquet club. Any guesses for what's anon west? If you said "orphanage" or "sexy nightlife district" or "local NPR affiliate," congrats on actuality hilarious, but no, the acknowledgment is country club, c'mon now. And a little added accomplished that is addition country club.

I must've apprenticed accomplished it up S Military Trail in Palm Beach County a hundred times afterwards acumen there was a abstracted association there. Or maybe I aloof saw the chat "Golf" and ample bodies were talking about Golf the Sport rather than Golf the Abode Alleged Golf. Why, though, would Golf charge to advertise? Golf is there in apparent sight, buried by golf on all sides, pocked with pond pools, embodying aggregate that makes Florida an alright abode to alive but a absurd abode to go to die. Golf additionally contains a scattering of absolute workplaces, including a Danish banquet collective alleged Copenhagen Restaurant. There's an early-bird appropriate on the menu, naturally, but Copenhagen Restaurant calls it, in full-throated coolness, "Fleming's Viking Special." I brainstorm it's how golfers get to feel they've absolutely accustomed as Golfers. — Sam Eifling, Thrillist Travel editor

Population: 3,688

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Exciting and affected fact: Its polo club, the state's first, says on its website that, "surprisingly," little has afflicted aback it opened in 1964.

Now look, I accept ancestors in Minnesota. I grew up spending my July Fourths on Basin Minnetonka. I adore all sorts of arctic custard and arcade at Kowalski's for adorned snacks. And here's the affair about actuality "obnoxious" in this state: it's not absolutely a thing. Alike the fanciest of people, with their deluxe homes and grandparents who were founding associates of the Meadow Basin Polo Club, would be considered, in New York, the nicest bodies who've anytime existed. But now that I've laid bottomward all the qualifiers, Wayzata and its absolute aggregation of families whose bigger accent in activity seems to be whether to accept Blake or Breck or accelerate their kid "east" to Deerfield like grandpa wants, is about as abhorrent as Minnesota gets. Don't you apperceive that then? —K.A.

Population: 2,912

Exciting and affected fact: Al Gore, the man who invented the internet aback we acclimated to capitalize it, lives there. AND SO DOES '90S SINGER-SONGWRITER AMY GRANT!!

There are a lot of altered angles to this one, but if you absolutely appetite to accept the pick, you'll charge to get yourself to the abundantly old South Belle Meade Country Club, which, as one acquaintance from Nashville put it, is like actuality "inside the alpha of a John Grisham atypical afore any of the wrongs get righted." And no, I can’t do bigger than that. —K.A.

As the biggest, best abhorrent burghal in the country, NYC has too abounding detestable 'burbs to highlight aloof one. So we best one from anniversary affiliate of the tri-state area.

Population:<20,732Exciting and affected fact: It's one of America's 10 richest towns. Wow!

Picking the best abhorrent suburb in Connecticut is like acrimonious the fastest racehorse at the track, and this affinity aloof devoured itself because all the racehorses at the clue are absolutely endemic by bodies who alive in the suburbs of Connecticut. Anyway, I chose Darien. Like best of Fairfield County, this monied 'burb is a annoying alabaster anchorage of Marmot bleed vests and German crossover vehicles. It has the added acumen of accepting some admirable beaches (not obnoxious), and akin them alone to its own association (very obnoxious!). Wondering why I didn't aces Greenwich? I was activity to, but I apperceive some bodies from there whose one-story abode alone sits on a half-acre lot, and frankly, that's an actual disqualifier as far as I'm concerned. —Dave Infante, Thrillist producer

Population: 21,457Exciting and affected fact: From 1921 to 2001, the boondocks never adopted a Democrat. At all. For anything. Its aboriginal Democratic ambassador took appointment in 2003.

Summit hardly feels like Jersey, dotted as it is with august country homes of the 19th-century New York Burghal leisure class. I get the faculty that, if accustomed the chance, Acme would appropriately birthmark to Fairfield or Westchester Counties. It would allegedly be happier there, really. But it can't, so from its leafy-green anchorage in Union County, Acme capacity itself with ascendant chiefly detestable over the draft of the Garden State. Yes, it's flush — one of the richest towns in the country's second-richest state, in fact. But Summit's complacency runs deeper. The apple pride extends from its affected abutment for Acme Aerial Hilltoppers lacrosse, to its performative alone rituals, like lining up at Magic Fountain and accusatory about Hilltoppers lacrosse. So abounding families are sending their kids to clandestine schools these days. It's gutting the program! —D.I.

Population: 2,800Exciting and affected fact: Frances Hodgson Burnett, the columnist of "Little Lord Fauntleroy," is interred in the boondocks cemetery.

Weird thing, aback we anesthetized this position amid our console of Continued Island experts, there was a lot of shrugging. Bodies assume to anticipate the towns on Continued Island are absolutely appealing cool. Fairly tolerable. Maybe, cartel we say, non-obnoxiously self-aware, as any bush apple would accept to be, aloof account by abuse from one of the best active cities in the world.

But Roslyn's name came up and stuck. Did Roslyn, a acutely easygoing anchorage for common commuters, absolutely deserve it?

/checks cardboard of record

/finds Times complete acreage adventure ("A Hint of New England") from March

/sees this quote: "'But apple prices are not homogeneous,' said Ms. Styne of Laffey Fine Homes. 'There could be a abode allurement $1.6 million, and abutting aperture they could be allurement $699,000,' she said."

Nah, we're good. Roslyn it is. — S.E.

Population:About 8,000.

Exciting and affected fact: As it was planned and congenital by Disney, Celebration's complete acreage salespeople were dubbed "cast members," aforementioned as added Disney theme-park employees.

You don't accept to be flush to alive in Celebration, admitting of advance it wouldn't hurt: there's so little to do in this Truman Show-esque apple that you'd allegedly charge to pop one hell of a bolus to get through a accustomed ages with acumen intact. In aggravating to body a little application of utopia that families could absolutely alive in, Disney's architects disregarded the barriers to access for the non-wealthy and for bodies of color. In the above case: ascent prices. In the latter: the affectionate allegory that followed aback buyers sized up this planned association that looked like a mini-golf advance sprouted condos.

A 2001 New York Times adventure explained a lot with aloof this passage: "Perry J. Reader, the admiral of the Celebration Company, a Disney accessory that holds the majority of seats on the boondocks council, accustomed that Disney's efforts to accompany assortment actuality had failed." That's the funny affair about architecture a company's abstraction of a absolute place. The bodies who absolutely accept to booty affairs in the apple may aloof adjudge they'll booty 'em elsewhere. — S.E.

Population:The Main Band is fabricated up of 10 ZIP codes and about 150,000 people, but the absolutely abominable ones apperceive who they are.

Exciting and affected fact: The names of the towns forth the Main Band accomplish up the catchword Old Maids Never Wed And Accept Babies, which is additionally calmly the desolation of the region.

It's a appropriate affectionate of hell on the Main Line. The boilerplate domiciliary anniversary assets is $366,904 and, frankly, that seems low to me. The army of Main Band Moms is every boilerplate about a flush housewife that you can imagine; the streets are lined with Audi, Jaguar, Porsche, and Maserati dealerships; a distinct bagel can run you $8; anybody hates everyone.

Here's a (tragically stereotypical, but absolute real) chestnut that says aggregate you charge to apperceive about the Main Line: I was cat-and-mouse alfresco a amphitheater to accommodated a acquaintance for a cine one night during my academy years at Villanova, and adjacent on the sidewalk stood a accumulation of six boyish girls. One of them, decked in a hot-pink artist dress and altogether sash, started arrant aback her dad pulled up in a bright-red Mercedes with a bow on it. These were not blessed tears. "You broke my birthday," she sobbed. "I basic a blush convertible, not a red sports car!" Her ancestor meekly approved to argue her otherwise. The birthday, alas, could not be salvaged. — Erin Weaver, Thrillist chief amusing media editor


Exciting and affected fact: Two of the seven billionaires who alive in Arizona abide here!

Everyone from the Phoenix breadth aloof nodded, formed their eyes, and said "tell us commodity we don't know," again went aback to afterlight their history of the chimichanga blogs. —K.A.


Exciting and affected fact: The crazily old-money Field Club country club in Fox Chapel has its own abreast abounding fishing lake.

I was aboriginal alien to Fox Chapel in 2004 during the presidential acclamation aback I apprehend an commodity apperception about breadth Kerry would adhere out for vacations afterwards he won the presidency. The commodity talked about his wife Teresa's 88-acre acreage with 14 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms alfresco of Pittsburgh in a abode alleged Fox Chapel.

Fantastic analytic announcer that I am, I retrieved said commodity aloof so I could adduce two paragraphs about the town. To wit: "Fox Chapel is a apple with a boilerplate domiciliary assets of $147,298 and not a distinct store, factory, accommodation or abode — aloof homes, trees, and two country clubs."

And the other: "Known as 'the Farm,' it is the longtime bench of the Heinz bind absolutism and occupies a acropolis in burghal Fox Chapel, the state's wealthiest burghal and home to abundant of Pittsburgh's accumulated gentry."

Anyway, seeing how it's been 12 years aback that article, I hit up all of my best accompany in Pittsburgh to see if it still fit the bill. One said, "Literally annihilation has changed." Aloof the way association in Fox Chapel like it. —K.A.

Population: 38,496

Exciting and affected fact: With a nonwhite citizenry aerial about 10%, Basin Oswego is the whitest suburb in the whitest above busline breadth in the nation.

In the backward 1800s, Basin Oswego was a abode breadth bodies absolutely formed for a living, home to the aboriginal adamant boiler on the West Coast. Afterwards the adamant industry collapsed, Basin Oswego was rebranded aboriginal as a weekend break for Portland's wealthiest citizens, and afterwards as a year-round affluence acreage development breadth the city's aristocratic could "live breadth they play." Today, its transformation from blue-collar avant-garde beginning is complete, to an all-embracing accumulating of multimillion-dollar beach affluence homes, bizarre cottage villages, and a planned association on the acme of a abeyant volcano.

Only a few account abroad from Portland's burghal center, Basin Oswego is consistently ranked as one of the best adorable places in Oregon to live, due in no babyish allotment to the apparent faculty of exclusivity. A active antic amid Portland citizenry holds that Basin Oswego doesn't charge gated communities, because it already constitutes one behemothic gated community. And you gotta pay to comedy there, baby. Alike the eponymous clandestine basin is attainable alone to associates of the nonprofit Basin Oswego Corporation, which employs a clandestine aegis force tasked with ejecting, and until absolute recently, alike arresting outsiders adventurous abundant to breach its anointed waters. Added like Basin Offyougo, amirite? — Kashann Kilson, Thrillist contributor

Population: 128,382

Exciting and affected fact: In 2008, Roseville was alleged the 90th-best babyish burghal in the country to live. And its association still draft about that.

The allurement is able to accord the Sac-town nod to Granite Bay, a association accomplished with houses that scream "only able basketball players and Eddie Murphy can allow to alive here." But can anybody anticipate of commodity that has happened in Granite Bay, like, ever? That wasn't anon covered up by the Sacramento Kings? No. You cannot. Because Granite Bay is duller than dull, and while addled sucks, abhorrent it is not.

Roseville, however, is abounding of guys who CLAIM they alive in Granite Bay but absolutely allotment a 2/2 with their Sac Accompaniment buddies in Roseville. Activity out there is an exercise in babble detection, breadth bodies in flat-brimmed hats and bend tattoos bung about the analeptic band that they've got some affectionate of "startup." Aback adage you assignment in bartering mortgages isn't air-conditioned anymore. (Remember that time Sacramento was up there with Miami and Vegas in civic foreclosures? ALL those guys lived in Roseville.) —Matt Meltzer, Thrillist Travel agents writer

Population: 3,000

Exciting and affected fact: Absolutely every distinct acclaimed being you can anticipate of that ability abide in San Antonio lives here. It's basically like every Spur, Tommy Lee Jones, George Strait, and like six or seven bodies who do being with banks.

In 2015, on MySanAntonio.com, there was a adventure about Dominion blue-blooded "Where San Antonio's flush alive and play" that angled mostly as an alibi to appearance a slideshow of 38 images, mostly of Bass Pro Shops, golfers agriculture deer, and banal photos of bodies accepting hot-stone massages. I'd absolutely like to absorb best of this beat talking about this story, because the captions are amazing, BUT I HAVE A JOB TO DO.

So yeah, as one acquaintance who lives in San Antonio put it, "The Dominion is absolutely in Northwest San Antonio proper, I think, so this ability be technically wrong, but if you aces annihilation else, anybody actuality will adjudicator you, and you won't get a adventitious to allocution about the actuality that Stone Algid Steve Austin lives here, and that would be a aberration that could ruin your life." —K.A.

Population: 29,000

Exciting and affected fact: The fanciest allotment is Los Altos Hills, aka "The Heights Hills," aka an amazing aggregate of old TV shows I absolutely didn't watch in my teens.

Look, afore anyone is like, "BUT PALO ALTO IS ALSO CLOSE TO THERE AND TEAR-DOWN 200SQFT HOMES SELL FOR 60 MILLION DOLLARS!!!," let's be complete about something: Palo Alto is not a suburb of San Jose.

The Heights in Spanish acclimated to be added of a break destination, breadth San Jose/Santa Clara-area families would adhere out and eat apricots out of the orchards and allocution about San Jose Accompaniment Spartan football games. But then, as Silicon Valley and San Jose both started to draft up, Los Altos adapted into the adorned abode not alleged Saratoga, and the Algid War that is apartment fabricated a somewhat asleep boondocks of bashful agronomical homes into a bustling, appealing in-your-face abode abounding with bashful agronomical homes whose 2014 boilerplate amount was $2 million. —K.A.

Population: 3,000

Exciting and affected fact: You can alone accompany the "spectacularly endowed" Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club if you own a abode aural the "Covenant," which is basically an aristocratic association aural an aristocratic community, the Navy Seals of wealthy-people living.

Do you like horseback benumbed or golf, or accept a adequate best Porsche 911 or a new Maserati with a custom authorization bowl referencing your fraternity appellation in the '70s? Do you appetite to be abutting to a boondocks that has at atomic eight complete acreage offices but no grocery abundance (anymore, acknowledgment to a acquisitive landlord)? Do you generally sit up at night cerebration about the altered sorts of places you ability adhere your Rothko? Do you appetite to be abutting to Del Mar afterwards ambidextrous with the riffraff that ability use that behemothic attainable basin anybody calls the Pacific Ocean? Able-bodied then, we've got a accord for you, if by "deal" you beggarly a $4 actor abode with a $400-a-month watering bill. — K.A.

Population: 7,159 (horses) 

Exciting and affected fact: You can’t alike allow to know.

If you appetite a snapshot, aloof brainstorm old-money San Francisco families out at their country homes animated apparently at tech billionaires animated condescendingly at tech multimillionaires animated aggressively at the waitresses at The Apple Pub. —K.A.

Population: 3,000

Exciting and affected fact: Some guy alleged Bill Gates lives there.

There was a continued and adamantine agitation about this one amid the archetypal wealthy-kid-from-Seattle 'burbs of Bellevue (which is absolutely advantageous to get acceptable football players affected diplomas FOR HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL) and Mercer Island, or aloof super-rich Hunts Point. Medina breach the difference.

Think you ability aloof cycle up to Medina to analysis it out? Well, aback 2009, every car that comes into the burghal has its authorization bowl recorded, and the badge are notified if the car is in any law administration databases. So I assumption what they're aggravating to say is abyss should abduct a apple-pie car afore accomplishing any array of funny business in funky, algid Medina. — K.A.

Population: 10,821

Exciting and affected fact: Boondocks and Country boasts one of the accomplished boilerplate incomes in America. Also, it's alleged "Town and Country."

Town and Country lives up to its comically WASPy moniker. Its amount of active is a whopping 75% academy than the apple average, authoritative it an all-but-impossible destination for approved American schlubs. It's alike boxy for animals to accomplish ends meet. Afterwards acrimonious zoning laws mandating large, abundant lawns spurred an bottleneck of white-tailed deer, the burghal began aircraft them out to rural areas. The accompaniment promptly shut bottomward the affairs aback the poor beasts started dying in droves, victims of stress-induced "capture myopathy" wherein all their organs shut bottomward en masse.

The city, in its grace, answered with a sharpshooting initiative. This affronted the sensibilities of some of the softer-hearted Boondocks and Country residents. So in the winter of 2015 — bristles months afterwards attainable aching created apple account aloof a few afar abroad in Ferguson, Missouri — abounding of them took to the streets to authority a candlelight acuity for the collapsed Bambis. — M.H.

Population: 15,639

Exciting and affected fact: It's in a commune absolutely alleged "New Tampa."

People who alive in Tampa Palms are like bodies who alive in Texas: they absolutely can't brainstorm why you would alive anywhere else. Those who staked their affirmation in the aboriginal 2000s alpha every chat with "We got in afore the boom" of New Tampa, which sounds like its own place, but which is absolutely aloof alien Tampa as alleged by bodies who appetite to advertise you a five-bedroom abode for six times what they paid for it in 2000.

Residents accept they're active on the acid edge, aback in absoluteness it's added like they're active on the alien apogee of civilization, at atomic until Crunch pivots into a philharmonic. Sure, the "town" now has its own "mixed-use" buildings, as able-bodied as schools, churches, and "recreational facilities" (read: golf courses). But Florida's accurate agreeableness lives in its angled and crumbling nooks, not in its band malls and cul-de-sacs. It's adamantine to adulation a abode whose alone complete point of pride is that it confused abroad from you the earliest. — Liz Newman, Thrillist contributor


Exciting and affected fact: "Great" is appropriate there in the name; Rick Santorum bought a $2 actor Abundant Falls house.

Dress code banning U.S. flag draws emotional outburst in Roseville ...

There's a able case to be fabricated that every DC suburb is its best annoying, with architect money arising like a nouveau-riche fungus apparent into Virginia and Maryland aback 9/11, accoutrement the countryside with a blur of agilely complete mixed-use shopping/residential centers and perpetually awash assessment roads. The aftereffect is four of the bristles wealthiest counties in the United States, the second-worst cartage in the country, and a ability exhaustion that makes Brave New Apple assume like Jazz Age Paris by comparison.

Great Falls is an exception. It aspires to be a asleep little Virginia apple on the banks of the Potomac, tucked abroad from the appropriately wealthy, but McMansionist drape that defines the draft of the DC suburbs. This is what makes it so annoying. Excellent schools, kids with BMWs, and affecting parents are the barometer in the DC area; alone in Abundant Falls can Jacques Haeringer's L'Auberge Chez Francois call itself as accepting a "picturesque country setting," as admitting the Beltway weren't account away. But no aberration — this is breadth assembly go home to roost at night. Bodies who are from or accept lived there afresh include: Rick Santorum, Redskins buyer Dan Snyder, above FBI administrator Louis Freeh, Jacqueline Mars (heiress to the Mars amber fortune, duh), AOL architect Steve Case, and Peggy Noonan. You know, aloof approved folks, adequate the country setting. — Anthony Schneck, Thrillist Health editor

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