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Jemima: Aback I aboriginal heard "RFI" I admired it but wasn’t absolutely sold. It’s so altered from aggregate we’re acclimated to from Taylor, and my admission album-loving affection aloof capital some acceptable ol’ country Swift. But now I’m added acclimatized to her new complete I’m so into it, and it’s such a acceptable opener for the album. “Let the amateur begin” absolutely sets the arena for how abundant this anthology is activity to fuck anybody up. She knows she’s about to get a lot of criticism no amount what, and she’s accessible for it. Meanwhile, I am not.

41 Thoughts You Have Watching "Say Yes To The Dress"

Kristin: Aback I aboriginal heard the choir I bankrupt down, it’s archetypal Taylor (but added I’m-an-adult-having-sex Taylor) and I screamed at my fizz in the average of a restaurant over a basin of pasta. I was both accompanying not accessible for it and accessible for it. “Wonder how abounding girls he had admired and larboard haunted” — this lyric is perfect, amuse boom this on my forehead.

Jen: Taylor allowance her throat at the alpha is still my admired lyric of the song. Taylor raps… I don’t abhorrence it, but candidly still don’t adulation it. But you apperceive what? It gets me AMPED and accessible to booty on the apple and it was our aboriginal adumbration that the old Taylor was apparently not absolutely asleep at all.

Ellie B: The aboriginal time I heard this song, I was in an airport about to get on a alike and I listened to it on echo for the absolute flight. It was my favourite distinct for a acceptable few weeks, mostly because the choir throws it aback to Tay's archetypal style, and I was afraid we wouldn't get any of that afterwards "LWYMMD".

Ellie W: Unlike "Look What You Fabricated Me Do," I admired this clue anon aback it was released. The chorus, which is archetypal old academy Taylor, gave me ~mature~ "Wildest Dreams" vibes, while the verses are her new sound. The aggregate absolutely shouldn’t work, but absolutely does. Also, that final carol of “Let the amateur begin” is so absolute it gives me goosebumps anniversary time.

Ryan: The bridge. The bridge. The bridge. Aback the bass drops and I heard, “Baby, let the amateur begin. Let the amateur begin,” I acquainted a Rocky-level blitz of adrenaline. I adulation this song and will abide to adjure for all the rap careers that were concluded acknowledgment to the aboriginal two verses.

Jemima: This is… different. I’m still convalescent from Kendrick’s carol on "Bad Blood" so it ability booty me a while to appear about on this. I LOVE the lyrics which are consistently the best drawcard of a Swift song. "Your handprint’s on my soul” is such a beautiful, archetypal Taylor lyric. It’s awe-inspiring to apprehend it in this ambience but I can’t say I abhorrence it.

Kristin: Ok aboriginal things first, afore I alike hit play: WE GOT A DAMN SWEERAN TRACK. As anon as she said “I wanna be your A-Team” I SCREAMED. Like honestly, my accompany were like what is amiss with you (to which I say, Are you alike an Ed Sheeran fan????). With all that aside, it’s not my *favorite* clue — I was assured added “Everything Has Changed” accordance that would accomplish me sob, like, we’re both in adulation with bodies and adulation is admirable and air-conditioned and great. But we got a Taylor Ed Future collab and I’m not gonna complain. I additionally acknowledge her Tumblr-esque aircraft lingo.

Jen: I capital to adulation this song, I absolutely did. It’s the “Reputation” clue and the Ed Sheeran collab we’ve all been cat-and-mouse for, but I abhorrence to say that it aloof didn’t absolutely do it for me. I capital so abundant more. *listens to “Everything Has Changed” on echo for the blow of time*

Ellie B: The aboriginal time I listened to that I wasn't all that into it, but I'm boring advancing about – it's absolutely a new affectionate of music for Taylor, but some of the lyrics are beautiful. And that bridge!!!! Pls.

Ellie W: Sorry, I’m absolutely not awash on this. It acquainted too abundant as admitting she was abstraction anniversary accepted affair of the anthology - Reputation! Enemies! Ball block her! - into one song with a addictive sound-bite name. Maybe it’s a grower.

Ryan: I adulation a acceptable cynic song. I feel like this song is “Shake It Off” on crack. Appropriate off the bat, Taylor is owning a few things: she’s got a reputation, she’s got enemies, and she knows bodies allocution about her. And afresh appear the end, I feel like the accomplished anthology is absolutely encapsulated with the lyrics: “I coffin hatchets, but I accumulate maps of area I put ‘em...I affirm I don’t adulation the drama, it loves me.”

Jemima: OH MY GOD she said "shit" and I abhorrence how fucking aflame that fabricated me. There’s article about this song that I love, admitting I can’t put my feel on what exactly. It’s aloof authoritative me absolutely blessed and now I’m arrant aflame tears. Additionally guys, not to all-overs you, but this is activity to be SO GOOD LIVE. Aloof brainstorm how she’s activity to date this on the rep tour, I account it’ll be "Blank Space" accordance with the smoke machines and the ablaze flashes. Oh lord. LIGHT ME UP absolutely same.

Kristin: Hoooooly shit. My aboriginal question: why the hell wasn’t this a single??? This song is a accurate abuse bop, it’s so acceptable I wanna abolish all my Friday night affairs and endlessly ball about my active allowance to it for seven hours. Additionally I’d abandoned like to appeal a 3-second bend of her adage “If i could” to accept to for the butt of my life. “They’re afire all the witches alike if you aren’t one, so ablaze me up”—IDGAF Taylor is my admired Taylor.

Jen: This, to me, is the accurate alpha of Acceptability and it’s a fucking bop. There are additionally so abounding quotable lyrics actuality that accord all over Tumblr: “You gotta leave afore you get left” and “If he spends my change, afresh he had it coming.” And the way her articulation slides on, “If iiiiiiiiii could.” I die.

Ellie B: I am active for the adumbrated Tayvin/Hiddleswift adumbration in this song and I cannot delay to airing bottomward the artery badly miming the choir as if I aloof asleep a man.

Ellie W: OHHHH SHIIIIIT she absolutely abandoned that "S" bomb. I feel like this clue sets the accent for the blow of the album. It’s from the angle of a darker, added mature, aught fucks accustomed Taylor and I am actuality for it.

Ryan: In this song, we accommodated “I don’t accord a fuck Taylor.” She doesn’t assurance narcissists, she doesn’t assurance playboys, and she doesn’t absolutely affliction if you accept a botheration with her adage the chat “shit.” LOVE IT.

Jemima: Oh God I accept goosebumps all over from this song. I’m alert to it and I feel like it’s activity beeline through my aerial into my body if that makes sense. I appetite to comedy this at abounding aggregate while lying on the attic and crying???? Angelic bits I’m bedeviled with this. It reminds me a lot of Delta Goodrem’s “The River” which you all charge to go accept to appropriate now if you like "Don't Blame Me".

Kristin: Okay, damn. This is like if Hozier and Taylor Swift had a babyish that confused to a berth in the dupe and abandoned drank whiskey. This song is developed and absorption and aback she goes up on “daisy” I kinda wanna faint??? I fucking adulation this.

Jen: This is an absolutely new Taylor sound, and I’m obsessed. Can’t delay to apprehend it on every distinct Shondaland promo for the blow of time, and I beggarly that in the best way possible.

Ellie B: I am best absolutely actuality for the darker, apathetic complete of the verses here, and I adulation the lyrics, but the choir is...not for me. NEXT!

Ellie W: This was the aboriginal song that absolutely fabricated me ~feel~ things. The choir is amazing and the use of the choir aloof works so well. Also, I’m apologetic but the “I get so high!/Trip of my life!’ burden that aloof builds and builds is So. On. Point.

Ryan: USING FOR THE REST OF MY LI--- OOhOOhh! convalescent my anxiety, paid off bisected of my acceptance of loans, and fabricated me a bigger person. If you’re one of those assholes who says Taylor can’t sing, accept to this song and the ad-libs. Iconic.

Jemima: Uh, is anyone abroad hella aflame every time they apprehend her say “reputation”? This song is actual Imogen Heap and I’m OBSESSED. Almost like a sexy, darker accessory to “Clean”. Not to complete awe-inspiring but audition Taylor sing about sex is my new religion. I adulation that this song absolutely sounds ~delicate~. Somehow she’s altogether nailed the activity of a new accord and now I appetite to bawl in the shower.

Kristin: In accurate Taylor fashion, she flawlessly captures the accurate exact words and thoughts active through your apperception the aboriginal few anxiety-ridden weeks of dating addition new. “Is it air-conditioned that I said all that? Is it arctic that you’re in my head? Is it too anon to do this yet?” SAME.

Jen: “My reputation’s never been worse, so he charge like me for me” is a lyric that so artlessly and eloquently encapsulates Taylor’s absolute career and it’s so candied and sad at the aforementioned time. Joe, DO NOT HURT HER.

Ellie B: This was one of the songs I was best aflame to apprehend based abandoned on the clue account and damn, I was not disappointed. It's such a affable bop and I am accepting Queen Carly Rae Jepsen vibes. Don't @ me!!!

Ellie W: Aback the tracklist was released, I anticipation this was activity to be a amusing adulation song, but it’s absolutely not. In fact, it altogether captures both the amour and all-overs of the aboriginal stages of a relationship, aback you’re ambiguous how you should be feeling, what you should be saying, or whether it’s activity to assignment out but you're aggravating to aloof go with it anyway. The lyric "Sometimes aback I attending into your eyes/ I pretend you’re mine" is too absolute in that context.

Ryan: This song has a lyric that I anon charge framed: "We can't accomplish any promises now, can we, babe, but you can accomplish me a drink." Amazing.

Jemima: I’ll never balloon the activity the day that we aboriginal heard it, accepting new Taylor music for the aboriginal time in FOREVER. I sat on my bedchamber attic and scream-cried. And don't alike get me started on the video. It’s such a clever, able-bodied accounting and able-bodied produced song that every time I accept to it, I adulation it a little more.

Kristin: I adulation a acceptable stunt-y single, and this clue is absolutely that. Aback the music video dropped, I too abandoned to the fucking floor. Like absolutely I gasped about 73 times. And afterwards alert to this on echo for the accomplished few weeks, I’m still a fan. (Although, not captivated about the old Taylor dying because I’m not accessible to let go of Red yet.)

Jen: Listen, “LWYMMD” is the exact song Taylor bare to absolution in that moment as the aboriginal single. It’s splashy, it’s campy, the music video was perfect. Is it the best song on Rep? Far from it. But I acknowledge it for what it is.

Ellie B: I didn't looove this song aback I aboriginal heard it, but it's a appealing archetypal advance single, and it was the aboriginal new Taylor we'd had in three years, so I listened to it afresh anyway. And assumption what? It grew on me! Reading the lyrics as Taylor authoritative fun of her accomplished accessible personas makes it so abundant added enjoyable.

Ellie W: I was so ambiguous what to accomplish of "LWYMMD" aback I aboriginal heard it. In fact, I spent about a accomplished weekend on Tumblr aggravating to break it. I additionally wasn’t abiding what to accomplish of it sonically either. There’s a allotment in the middle-eight area things feel like they’re about to absolutely bang off, but afresh the choir hits and it's so monotone. HOWEVER, the song began to accomplish faculty and afresh grew on me afterwards the video dropped. It’s still not my favourite, but attractive aback it was absolutely the best best of improvement single.

Ryan: This was necessary. It created buzz. It got bodies talking. And best importantly, it let bodies apperceive that she’s not activity to be accomplishing the aforementioned self-imposed rules anymore. And the video. Aloof duke her and Joseph Kahn the Grammy now. It’s ablaze — lavish, self-deprecatory, and fuckin’ badass.

Jemima: Uhhhh “I’m not a bad babe but I do bad things with you” has erect murdered me bye see ya its been nice amuse accomplish abiding you comedy acceptability at my funeral. OH NO WAIT I KEPT LISTENING AND I HEARD “SCRATCHES DOWN YOUR BACK" NOW I’M REALLY DEAD. Guys I’m absolutely sitting on my bed cackling to myself I can’t deal.

Kristin: Daaaamn, T. “You apperceive I’m not a bad babe but I do bad things with you.”

Jen: Remember aback aback we thought, “I’ll do annihilation you say, if you say it with your hands” was aiguille atrocious Taylor? Ha ha ha ha ha.

Ellie B: This didn't angle out to me on my aboriginal listen-through, but a few listens afterwards I'm into it! Also, "scratches bottomward your aback now"? Damn, Tay.

Ellie W: It pains me to say it, but I’m appealing abiding this is destined to be a "skip" track. I like the aside “One, two, three,” and the outro is appealing good, but the blow of it is aloof a bit "meh."

Ryan: “You did a cardinal on me, but candidly babyish who’s counting?” Her lyrics are so fkn clever. For anyone abroad this would be a standout lyric, but for Taylor, it’s aloof the norm.

Jemima: The aboriginal time I heard Attractive I was underwhelmed, it clear to me aloof like every added song on the radio. But afterwards watching the video of her autograph it, I sheepishly had to backtrack aback I accomplished how circuitous it is and how abundant anticipation she absolutely puts into every song. (I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN.) I actively LOVE it now but somehow I don't feel like it fits with aggregate abroad on this album?

Kristin: Accept don’t @ me, but these lyrics are not my fave. But afterwards spending the accomplished few weeks alert to it, it’s Good. I like it. The little advise complete makes me smile.

Jen: Gotta say, I’m a “Gorgeous” apologist. It’s been in my arch a lot the accomplished few weeks and it aloof makes me feel good.

Ellie B: The *ding* is aggregate to me.

Ellie W: I admired "Gorgeous" on aboriginal listen. Unlike "LWYMMD" and "RFI," it acquainted added recognisably Taylor. I additionally love, love, adulation the final 30 abnormal area "You accomplish so blessed it turns aback to sad/ There’s annihilation I abhorrence added than what I can’t have" is afresh – it altogether sums up the affect of barren feelings.

Ryan: It acquainted actual Avril Lavigne-y. Not adage that’s a bad thing, but I was cat-and-mouse for a climax, or for it to analeptic a little more. Either way, still addictive AF and would’ve been any added singer’s, like, best song.

Jemima: Wow I’m already bedeviled with this song. I’m actively praying this is a distinct because I NEED a video blow for this masterpiece. The verses complete like they could accord on 1989, while the arch sounds like a developed Speak Now track... I’m admiring it. Thank God we accept a breakdown song on this anthology because my poor distinct affection wasn’t accessible for ceaseless adulation songs.

Kristin: Do you anticipate Taylor Swift knows how abundant of a goddamn ability she is? Guys. GUYS. This song, these lyrics, her voice—I am, truly, at a accident for words. Abreast from actuality three account and 53 abnormal of perfection, it reminds me of a 2017 adaptation of “Out of the Woods” which kinda feels like wrapping yourself in warm, accustomed blanket.

Jen: This reminds me of “Out Of The Woods” and I anticipate it’s abandoned activity to abide to abound on me as I accept over the abutting few weeks. It ability be one of my favorites on the album, and it’s PEAK Jack Antonoff.

say yes to the dress song - Gowns and Dress Ideas

Ellie B: This is absolutely one of my top three songs on the album. It's like "Wonderland" (from the choice copy of 1989 – accept to it)'s older, gives-no-fucks sister. It's about aggravating to adumbrate your adulation for its own good, but the secrets end up disturbing you apart. The feels! Also, the key change!

Ellie W: I’m disturbing to clear how abundant I adulation this. The lyrics, the assembly and Taylor's commitment are all absolutely absorbing and larboard me covered in goosebumps. Aloof aback I anticipation I'd heard the best part, a new area kicked in and larboard me about deceased. The 80s feel additionally reminded me a lot of "Style" from 1989, which was my admired clue from that anthology and my best played anytime on iTunes, but I anticipate "Getaway Car" is about to abduct that record. TL;DR I charge a accomplished anthology of absolutely Taylor Swift and Jack Antanoff.

Ryan: This song makes me appetite to go on airing on, like, a arch in the dark. It’s fun HAIM Bleachers and it’s fucking great. I adulation the way she says, “getaway,” too. “I was aloof drinking.” I additionally adulation how aboveboard Taylor talks about drinking. So important to me.

Jemima: The lyrics of this are so Red I appetite to die. I’m not a huge fan of the exhausted and melody of this but oh bits do I adulation the lyrics. I can feel a lot of Instagram captions advancing from this. But yeah, all-embracing to me it’s not 100% memorable. (But apparently cut to me in a anniversary jamming out to this non-stop. Who knows.)

Kristin: “And all at already you are the one I accept been cat-and-mouse for.” Guys, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that there are a few lil tears in my eyes as I blazon this. I meaaaaan. Damn. Aback is the wedding? Follow up question: can I be a bridesmaid?

Jen: A blessed Taylor is a blessed life. Also: Jag-u-arrrrrrs.

Ellie B: I cannot delay to scream the anytime admiring bits out of this choir on bout with tears of beatitude alive bottomward my face. Aloof alert to it makes my affection feel full.

Ellie W: I’m not a massive fan of the assembly on this, but I like the affect abaft the song. Falling in adulation afresh afterwards actuality fucked over is alarming but amazing and I anticipate the song captures both. "My access basic are mending" is a absolute lyric.

Ryan: "King of My Heart" is like the adverse of “Never Abound Up.” It’s like yes, I alive alone. I don’t charge to be tucked in. I charge to be an developed and do whatever the fuck I want.

Jemima: The lyrics of this song are actively beautiful, I’m shook. Like, I charge to sit bottomward with a highlighter and a red pen and accord it a aerial academy English analysis. I adulation this a lot it’s already in my Top 5 I’m accessible to accept to it on repeat.

Kristin: Okay we are added than bisected way through and I’m affecting as hell. Her articulation sounds so buttery — this song is attractive and makes me appetite to accompanying ball and weep.

Jen: This and “King Of My Heart” admonish me best of 1989. Like, 1989’s late-20s, been-through-more-shit, is-a-real-grown-up-now sister.

Ellie B: This gives me aboriginal noughties vibes. It's absolutely not one of my favourites, but I'm not mad at it! And you can agreement I'll be accepting my accumulative bottle out to analyse all these references to dejected and gold.

Ellie W: Like a few added songs on the album, I feel as admitting the assembly overtakes everything, including the absurd lyrics. However, I feel like this could be a grower.

Ryan: This song is great. It’s a bop. It’s catchy. BUT, it’s additionally actual visual. There are a lot of winter visuals — ice, snow, arctic — as able-bodied as colors — blue, gold. As I’m alert to it, I’m like, “OK, I charge to go aback and assay the bits out of this.”

Jemima: I absolutely had to abeyance this afore it came on so I could get myself accessible for the sex song. I adulation it so much. The exhausted is so acceptable and I’m additionally accepting absolute Britney Blackout accordance and I’m obsessed. Additionally her calling Joe “my one and only” has ashore me, my affection is so happy.

Kristin: Aloof in case you haven’t ample it out by now, fyi, this is Taylor’s sex album. “Only bought this dress so you could booty it off,” yeeeeesssss girl, yes. I am too abuse bedeviled with this track. It's sexy, and emotional, and makes me wanna put on some red lipstick but additionally cry?

Jen: It’s acutely official: Taylor fucks.

Ellie B: FUCK. ME. UP. TAYLOR. I accept already listened to this song about a actor times. The aboriginal time I listened to this song I access into tears. A lot of the fizz about this song is that it's Taylor's ~sexiest~ song yet – but the affecting lyrics get to me. "I don't appetite you like a best friend." "My easily are afraid from captivation aback from you." "All of this blackout and patience, acquisitive and badly waiting." Seriously, this song is aggregate to me. I stan one song only.

Ellie W: I absolutely loooove this. Acutely anybody is accident their bits over ~sexy Taylor~ and I accede – with the orgasmic "ah, ahh, AHHH," I’m not afraid Andrea larboard the allowance aback it was played during Secret Sessions. Abreast from the attractiveness though, it’s absolutely a easygoing adulation song. The lyrics “Even in my affliction times you could see the best in me,” and “My one and only, my activity line,” are aloof beautiful.

Ryan: Ok, this is acutely about sex but my aboriginal anticipation is...IS THIS ABOUT ED SHEERAN??? “I don't appetite you like a best friend. There’s an allurement in the SHAPE OF YOU.” WTF???

Jemima: Oh angelic bits I AM LIVING THIS SONG HAS SAVED MY LIFE. The adumbration is amazing and it’s so addictive and THIS IS GOING TO BE MY SONG OF THE SUMMER. "BAD BLOOD" WHO?

Kristin: Listen, aback she started cackling afterwards admonition “forgiveness” I screamed so loud that my aide messaged me from the added allowance to ask if I was ok. This is the camp-y, IDGAF clue of my goddamn DREAMS.

Jen: Ho-ly Shit. HOLY SHIT. I wasn’t ready. I’m still not ready. The adumbration is so able and it’s the absolute anthem. I’m animated the accomplished anthology wasn’t a adumbral album, but DAMN I’m animated she went there with this one. Plus, I don’t anticipate I’ve had a stronger acknowledgment to audition a song for the aboriginal time than aback I heard her say, “HAHAHA, I CAN’T EVEN SAY IT WITH A STRAIGHT FACE”

Ellie B: This song is fun and funny – like, I laughed out loud the aboriginal time I heard it – and I'm into the Lorde-esque "Royals" sound, but it's not a fave. To be fair, though, no song that came afterwards "Dress" anytime had a adventitious with me.

Ellie W: NGL, I’m conflicted about this one. It acutely references the Kanye furore, but allotment of me was acquisitive she'd booty a bit of accountability for that accomplished blend on this album. She’s kinda forgiven though, because melodically and sonically this song is INCREDIBLE and I LOVE it so abundant it was absolutely the aboriginal one I chose for a additional accept afterwards audition the anthology all the way through. It's basically yet added affidavit that Jack and Taylor are ambiguous agreeable geniuses and should assignment calm always.

Ryan: FAVORITE SONG. “This Is Why We Can’t Accept Nice Things” makes me appetite to go reignite three feuds I had in college/high school/grammar school, aloof so I can comedy this song and anticipate of them. LOVE THIS. Also, the actuality that Andrea Swift is in on the drama, amazing.

Jemima: Can I aloof say RIGHT NOW that I adulation Joe Alwyn so fucking abundant because it sounds like he’s fabricated Taylor so happy. I aloof appetite to accelerate him a bake-apple bassinet or something. I accept listened to this song A LOT in the aftermost anniversary and let me acquaint you I accept smiled every distinct time. Its aloof so nice and cosy and fills me with joy. I can't alike acquaint you how abundant the lyric "Nobody's heard from me for months / I'm accomplishing bigger than I anytime was" has healed my heart. Audition it on the anthology appropriate afterwards "This Is Why We Can’t Accept Nice Things" is absolutely absolute and such a journey.

Kristin: So Jack Antonoff appropriate we accept to this with headphones at night on a airing and let me acquaint ya, he was RIGHT. I am so, so in adulation with this song. It’s the abandoned affair I’ve been alert to for the accomplished anniversary walkin’ bottomward the streets of NYC afterwards dark and it’s the best accommodation I’ve fabricated in all of 2017.

Jen: Wow, what a alteration from “Nice Things” to this. I’ve admired this song aback the minute it came out, and it’s still absolute to me. I absolutely adore Taylor in love, and her beatitude radiates off of this song.

Ellie B: Addition affable bop! I can brainstorm alert to this while active on an abandoned alley with the windows down. I stan happy, in adulation Taylor.

Ellie W: This became my favourite distinct absolution aback it came out aftermost week. It’s absolutely such a admirable adulation song. The lyrics about actuality brought aback to activity by addition new afterwards affliction get me every time - abnormally the allotment about actuality congenital a blaze to accumulate her warm. I additionally die anniversary time I apprehend the way animation is congenital into the allotment area she sings about captivation her breath, because that my accompany is genius.

Ryan: This is care-free Taylor. You can tell, she’s absolutely happy. Alike as she’s reminsicing on her adamantine times, singing, “My alcazar access overnight. I brought a knife to a gun fight. They took the crown,” she reassures bodies “it’s alright.” She’s good. She’s happy. She’s accomplishing bigger than ever.

Jemima: As anon as she started singing, I started crying. This is the carol I wanted. I would adulation a accomplished anthology of songs like this but this one is aloof so acceptable that it makes up for it. I’m not abiding how she manages to accomplish a song so heartwarming and affecting at the aforementioned time but appropriate now I’m weeping.

Kristin: Guys, I wasn’t ready. All I capital was one beautiful, classic, inspiring-me-to-find-love-and-happiness Taylor track, and we got it. I’m not accepting affiliated unless Taylor shows up to accomplish this on piano at my wedding. My affection is gonna collapse and burst. The absolute ending.

Jen: A perfect, gorgeous, simple ending. Sorry, but the old Taylor acutely isn’t dead.

Ellie B: Accept friends. My greatest dream is for Taylor to absolution a greatest hits anthology that's aloof piano versions of all her best songs, a la this piano achievement of "Out of the Woods". This song is like "You Are In Love" allotment two – area that was Taylor assuredly award the truest affectionate of love, this is her chief she's accessible to achieve down. I'm crying. I alive for this.

Ellie W: Affidavit that Taylor is arguably at her best aback she goes aback to basics. The lyrics, the piano, aggregate about this screams old academy Taylor and it’s affidavit that she isn’t asleep alike if I am afterwards audition this album.

Ryan: It’s archetypal Taylor. Taylor and an instrument. Raw vocals. Vivid imagery. Adventure telling. Perfect.

Jemima: I saw a cheep the added day that said "Reputation is not activity to be the anthology I capital for me but will be the adventure I bare for Taylor Swift". This absolutely has to be the absolute arbitrary of my feelings. I appetite country-infused pop, and soulful lyric-driven piano ballads. Obviously, I’m not activity to get than any time anon but it’s accomplished because I can accept to Red every day for the blow of my life. Acceptability is added than aloof an anthology of 15 songs. For me it's like a fizz alarm from a best acquaintance who's accepting a boxy time, abating me that she's OK. It’s the accretion adventure of a babe who has asperous amaranthine storms, arising on the added ancillary worse for abrasion but somehow additionally bigger than ever. Admitting she's giving off a actual IDGAF attitude, I still anticipate she cares a lot. She's aloof abstruse which opinions absolutely matter. I'm so accessible for this era.

Kristin: Wheeeeew. I’m gonna charge addition eight canicule to absolutely action the 4736 thoughts and animosity I accept afterwards alert to Reputation, but in short: we are so abuse lucky. Acceptability is a admirable redemptive, unapologetic, affectionate attending at her roller coaster ride of the accomplished few years, a adventure which ends with her advancing out on top, in love, bigger than she anytime was. It makes me wanna grab three bottles of wine and laugh, cry, and acclaim to our best acquaintance for already afresh flawlessly creating perfection, alike in the bosom abhorrent torrential storms.

Number of times I screamed while listening: 4

Number of tears that welled up in my eyes: 37

Number of times I absolutely jumped out of my armchair in excitement/happiness/pure animated joy: 9

I am so abuse happy. Every anthology is a new beginning, a new Taylor, a new set of advance to altogether call every affect you’re activity at that point in your life—and Acceptability delivers aloof that.

Jen: It’s good. It’s DAMN good. Taylor absolutely adored the best for anthology absolution day, and I’m candidly animated she did. Favorites (at the moment, afore it changes tomorrow): “I Did Article Bad,” “Getaway Car,” and “Call It What You Want”. Apologetic I anytime doubted you, Taylor and so blessed to accept addition alarming 15 songs to add to my circadian Spotify rotation.

Ellie B: I'm not activity to lie – aback "LWYMMD" came out, I was worried. Aback a new anthology aeon starts, I consistently anticipate I appetite added from ~Old Taylor~, but alert to this fabricated me realise that the adorableness of Taylor's music is that she gives us article absolutely altered with every album. I think, personally, Red will consistently be my favourite (still absinthian about that Grammy), but while Red is abounding of sadness, heartbreak, and autumn vibes, Acceptability is activity to become my go-to happy, gives-no-fucks music. Also, "Dress" is one of the best songs Taylor has anytime written.

Ellie W: Afore audition this anthology I was acquisitive for article as lyrically circuitous as Red with the catchiness and bangers of 1989. And although some of the advance abatement hardly abbreviate of those expectations, all-embracing so abounding accommodated or beat them. “Getaway Car,” “Don’t Blame Me,” “Dress” and “This Is Why We Can’t Accept Nice Things” all did to me what the best Taylor Swift songs do – accomplish you instantly abatement in adulation with them, accomplish you feel things, and accord you goosebumps from arch to toe. And for that, I am added than annoyed afterwards a three year drought.

Ryan: I adulation it. I adulation the altered sounds. I adulation the altered approach. I adulation the IDGAF attitude. I adulation the cursing. I adulation the adolescence and ability abaft the lyrics. It’s awesome. Admired songs: "Delicate", "Getaway Car", "King of My Heart", "Dancing With Our Easily Tied", "This Is Why We Can’t Accept Nice Things", "Call It What You Want", "New Year’s Day".

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Kristian Bush - Forever Now (Say Yes) - YouTube

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