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Can't abrasion continued dresses or skirts? Well, analysis out Megan actuality of megpie vintage. She's gone and ancient a continued brim into an ambrosial abbreviate and strapless dress.

I adulation this look! And it's abundant account for me account I'm short. Now there's a way to booty advantage of all those continued skirts with ambrosial patterns in the austerity stores. Add a belt and go.

I do imagine, you accept to be dainty about which brim to try with this look, however. If it gets too bunchy at the waist, it could be a nightmare. Go for skirts fabricated from lighter fabrics and try not to get skirts that are too colossal for your frame. Elastic waist seems best, too, in agreement of applicable it up about your bust.

Thanks, Megan. Abundant idea.

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