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GETTY IMAGESPaparazzi Photos that afresh alike of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt -- the 3-year-old babe of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie -- accept her dressed in head-to-toe boys' accouterment on several occasions. Above, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie access for the US premiere of "The Assassination of Jesse James" in 2008.

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That's what some bodies are adage about the paparazzi photos that afresh alike of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt -- the 3-year-old babe of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. She's dressed in head-to-toe boys' accouterment on several occasions and you accept to attending alert to accomplish abiding this "she" isn't a "he."

In Touch annual has a alternation of photos of Shiloh -- in one, she's cutting a fedora, T-shirt and pants, as able-bodied as boys' shoes, while in another, she is antic actualization pants, addition boy's T-shirt and boy's sneakers; in a third, she advisers the fedora and actualization pants again, as able-bodied as a T-shirt and belong -- and she's armed with a toy sword.

Yet addition photo shows Shiloh sans hat, with her aforetime adolescent albino locks cut (allegedly by Shiloh herself with assurance scissors) into a short, adolescent style.

In Touch had "insiders" adage that Shiloh is artful Brad Pitt's style, "goes beeline to the boys' section" aback shopping, "loves cutting her brothers' clothes," and "wants to be a little boy."


Life & Actualization annual actually asks the question, "Why is Angelina axis Shiloh into a boy?" Alana Kelen, chief actualization stylist at VH1 said in an interview, "Shiloh is blame the boundaries of a babe attending and bridge over to cross-dresser territory."

And Glenn Stanton, administrator of Family Formation Studies at the bourgeois alignment Focus on the Family, told Life & Actualization that acceptance Shiloh to dress like a boy is sending her the amiss message. The commodity addendum that, in an account Pitt already did with Oprah Winfrey, he alike said Shiloh additionally answered alone to boy's names aback addressed, and that he'll ask her, "John, would you like some orange juice?"

We say that while Shiloh's actualization has acquired some to catechism what's abaft it all, we see the accomplished affair as kids' comedy that shouldn't accession eyebrows -- at atomic at this point.

"Little girls accept never been women before," Stanton tells Life & Style. "They charge help, they charge advice of what that looks like. It's important to advise our accouchement that gender acumen is actual healthy."

But Emma Jenner, a adolescent development and behavioral specialist who founded a assistant training academy in the Los Angeles area, sees annihilation to be anxious about. "I candidly anticipate this is actually harmless, unless they are banishment her to do or be article adjoin her will," says Jenner, who starred in the TLC series, "Take Home Nanny."

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"I wouldn't be anxious about it at all unless she is actuality affected and isn't accustomed to abrasion a dress," she says. "In best families, a adolescent adolescent will get accouterment from their earlier siblings."

Jenner didn't acquisition Shiloh's 'do amazing either, and she says a Shiloh by any added name is no account for alarm. "I'm not anxious about Shiloh actuality alleged John, as she apparently chose it herself," Jenner adds.

Regarding the haircut, Jenner says: "I anticipate it's still girlie, it's not baldheaded aback and abandon like a boy's cut. And who knows, conceivably she cut a block out of her own beard and her parents had to cut it beneath to fix it. Accouchement do it all the time."

Children accomplishing the gender-bending affair at a adolescent age is common, Jenner says. "She isn't carefully adage 'I appetite to dress like a tomboy,' but accouchement imitate what they see and conceivably Shiloh wants to be like her earlier brothers," Jenner adds. "Her parents are actually appropriate in activity forth with it and not authoritative a big accord about it." Fighting it will accomplish it added appealing.

Wendy McKenna, who holds a doctorate in attitude and is on the gender studies adroitness at Purchase College, SUNY, agrees. "I accept no abstraction what's activity on with Shiloh or her parents," says McKenna, who additionally is a affiliate of the attitude and women's studies adroitness at Barnard College and has a clandestine attitude convenance in Westchester. "But generally, the phenomemon of little boys absent to dress like little girls and little girls absent to dress like little boys (at age 5 and younger) is appealing common."

She says that whatever gender they are, accouchement at that age can become bedeviled on article and not let it go, whether gender is complex or not.

"They're actual adamant in their thinking," McKenna explains. "They adjudge they appetite article and that's all they appetite to do -- like a little babe who wants to abrasion the aforementioned angel dress every day, alike if it's filthy; or they ability adjudge they appetite to alone eat peanut adulate for six months." She adds, "I anticipate this is the accouterment adaptation of that."

McKenna says, however, that parents agreeably activity forth with gender angle can be addition story. "It's abnormal for parents to go with it if it violates gender norms," she adds, but she says that Brad and Angelina are unconventional.

"Their access to gender and female is not conservative," McKenna says, "They've said they weren't activity to get affiliated until alliance (involves) accurate equality."

It's acceptable all a phase, according to Jenner and McKenna.

"Most kids who do this decide, at some point, they don't appetite to do it anymore," McKenna adds. "It makes them feel comfortable, again they outgrow it."

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