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In anniversary nine, abounding NFL arch and abettor coaches were dressed in camo-stylized accessory that appropriate aggressive fatigues. At absorption forth the sidelines were alike beyond than accustomed contingents of blush guards from the services, dress-uniformed law administration officers, and added aboriginal responders. Sarah McShane, a New York Fire Department EMT, sang the Civic Anthem so able-bodied it brought tears to the eyes. Fundraising for wounded-warrior organizations was abundantly accustomed as an NFL Salute to Service, including in arrangement advertisements that featured pro football stars giving testimonials to the armed forces. The Civic Football League, it was appropriate to audiences, has article or added to do with aegis of our communities, even, with civic defense.

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It was complete bogus abracadabra nonsense. Or as Donald Trump would say in basic letters, it was FAKE NEWS.

The affiliation of football with the casework has consistently been perplexing. Coaches accept military-like responsibilities, are addressed as “sir,” adjustment their accuse into a affectionate of battle-lite. But clashing absolute associates of the armed forces, NFL coaches booty no risk, while actuality abundantly paid. Wrapping them in the American banderole may be acceptable accessible relations but does not about-face NFL coaches into patriots—rather, it cheapens the dangers accustomed by those who accident their lives in absolute annual to the nation.

Military flyovers at football games—there’s consistently a flyover for the Super Bowl, and an Air Force B-52 flew for the Vikings-Saints Monday Night Football opener—might accomplish faculty for the Pentagon as a recruiting tool, but should not be mistaken as suggesting the NFL has annihilation to do with aegis of American liberty. Nor does the NFL accept annihilation to do with the badge officers, firefighters, and ambulance crews who assure communities. Sure, it’s affable for soldiers, sailors, and aboriginal responders to get to airing on the acreage afore an NFL kickoff. But for the NFL and its broadcast-partner networks to adulate themselves with the absorption of absolute public-service heroes who booty on 18-carat risks is apparent in the best case, and contemptuous in the worst.

Which brings us to the Salute to Annual campaign, afresh an anniversary NFL event. In a apple of crass affairs and aggressive phoniness, the Salute to Annual goes over the top to total, absolute fakery.

The NFL will advertise you the faux-fatigues accessory that allows the wearer to assume a affected football drillmaster and a affected soldier simultaneously: a acted circadian double. I achievement that no absolute soldier or sailor would abode such accoutrement on his or her body.

The alliance “does not accumulation from the auction of Salute to Annual products,” its Salute to Annual website reads. “Charitable contributions are donated to the NFL’s aggressive nonprofit ally including the USO, Blood-soaked Warrior Project, Pat Tillman Foundation and TAPS.” It’s not aloof that a football alliance boasts “military nonprofit partners,” afresh suggesting the NFL has something-or-other to do with civic defense. It’s that the donations are crumbs from the table. In an activity with $14 billion annually in revenue, a dollar actuality or there is donated for sweatshirts, or atomic sums are donated based on array of some NFL contests. Again the NFL expects to be acclaimed for its generosity.

Since 2011, the NFL says it has aloft added than $17 actor for wounded-warrior projects. In that period, the NFL has accomplished about $70 billion in revenue. The $17 actor donated in the name of the armed casework represents two one-hundredths of one percent of NFL revenue.

Using the best contempo disclosures of the Green Bay Packers, the sole about endemic NFL team, thereby the sole NFL aggregation that reveals numbers, it is reasonable to appraisal that aback 2011, the NFL has accomplished about $10 billion in profit. The $17 actor donated in the name of the armed casework represents beneath than two-tenths of one percent of Civic Football Alliance profit.

Public subsidies to the NFL aback 2011 assignment out to about $6 billion, for amphitheater architecture and operation, added property-tax exemptions. The $17 actor donated in the name of the armed casework represents about three-tenths of one percent of the accessible subsidies the alliance has accustomed in the Salute to Annual period. The accessible gives the affluent owners of the NFL $6 billion, and they appearance their cool generosity by casting 0.3 percent from the table to blood-soaked warriors—and again claiming a tax deduction.

“What a abundant job by the alliance on Salute to Service, so generous,” NFL Arrangement host Scott Hanson gushed Sunday as the ticker at the basal of the awning showed about bisected a actor dollars accustomed by the NFL so far in 2017. That’s about one-twentieth of one percent of the accessible subsidy NFL owners will accept this season. As I address this book the ticker is at $885,195: not alike one one-hundredth of NFL acquirement this season. So generous!

I told NFL agent Michael Signora I was alive on this annual and bare data; he was acknowledging and helpful. Once I had the abstracts I asked him for a animadversion on this question: “Why should the NFL be admired for such a tiny donation?” He did not reply.

Among abounding Veterans Day-oriented NFL statements: “The Indianapolis Colts will accompany the NFL's Salute to Annual by dedicating their Nov. 12 bold to anniversary aggressive cadre and their families. At the game, the aggregation will admit 100 Gold Star families, administer appearance ribbons and American flags to admirers and accord the accretion of their 50/50 Raffle to aggressive organizations.”

The Indianapolis Colts comedy in a about adjourned adeptness area the buying ancestors retains all game-day revenues, and added owners breach the television proceeds: the accessible address the cost, the affluent befitting the profit. In return, the Colts will accord abroad appearance ribbons and accord bisected of whatever’s tossed into buckets at a raffle.

This is aloof one of abounding examples from the phony, contemptuous anniversary exercise that the NFL—and ally Amazon, AT&T, CBS, Comcast/NBC, Disney/ESPN, Fox, Google, Twitter and Verizon—manipulatively alarm a “Salute to Service.” Hearing of the acquisitiveness of NFL owners: Soldiers and sailors, amuse don’t adjudge to stop arresting us.

In added football news, against Oklahoma, Oklahoma Accompaniment denticulate 52 points, acquired 661 yards, and lost. The Saturday final of Oklahoma 62, Oklahoma Accompaniment 52 was abutting by USC 49, Arizona 35; Wabash 48, Alleghany 41; Notre Dame 48, Wake Forest 37; Kansas 42, Texas Tech 35; Arkansas 39, Coastal Carolina 38; Clemson 38, North Carolina Accompaniment 31; Urbana 36, West Virginia Accompaniment 35; with added scoreboard-spinning results.

In the Bedlam game, the Sooners and Cowboys accumulated for 114 points, 1,446 abhorrent yards, 62 aboriginal downs, and 164 snaps, against 74 points, 645 abhorrent yards, 39 aboriginal downs, and 127 snaps in Denver at Philadelphia, the accomplished scoring NFL bold Sunday. The third-quarter arrangement in which a continued Oklahoma Accompaniment touchdown canyon was followed about anon by a best Oklahoma touchdown pass—two array accoutrement added than 100 yards in aloof beneath than a minute on the clock—is abreast quick-snap academy football in a nutshell.

Oklahoma Sooners WR Marquise Brown (5) hauls in a continued canyon in the fourth division during a academy football bold amid the Oklahoma Sooners and the Oklahoma Accompaniment Cowboys on November 4, 2017, at the Boone Pickens Amphitheater in Stillwater, OK. (Photo by David Stacy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The aftermost decade or so of high-scoring academy after-effects traces to several factors.

One is now that recruiting classes are ranked by Rivals.com, academy coaches gluttonous to allay the alumni and boosters during the offseason focus on abhorrent accomplishment players, who accomplish stats and rankings in a way that linemen and linebackers cannot. Observing this, accomplished aerial academy guys antechamber to comedy offense, consistent in added abhorrent than arresting adeptness entering the bookish ranks.

Another agency is that 7-on-7, alien 15 years ago, now rules basic football. Aerial academy players absorb amaranthine hours in 7-on-7, area they convenance commutual passes but little else. Baker Mayfield’s 598 yards casual on Saturday, an doubtful carbon a bearing ago, was mainly a aftereffect of him actuality a adolescent of 7-on-7 leagues.

A third agency is that academy clock-management rules—especially endlessly the alarm for aboriginal downs—result in added snaps than pro rules. As burning offenses accept become the barometer in college, the alarm rules are breeding a big alterity in added snaps, which aftereffect in added yards acquired and credibility scored.

The fourth agency is annoyed defenses. A aphorism of football is that arena aegis is added arduous than arena offense; it’s a tad difficult to explain, but anyone who has anytime been in pads understands this. For above-mentioned generations, a ambition was to get your opponent’s aegis annoyed by the fourth quarter, again batter the ball. Today, with uptempo offenses calling plays at the band to access the cardinal of snaps, defenses get annoyed quickly. In the additional quarter, the Sooners and Cowboys accumulated for seven touchdowns and a acreage goal, because by the additional quarter, both defenses looked winded.

The final agency is college’s adapted rules on linemen downfield and abhorrent canyon interference. In college, accomplishments are acknowledged abaft the band of flat that would be actionable in the pros. In 2009, academy football afflicted its rules to acquiesce abhorrent linemen to go three yards downfield and block afore the absolution of a advanced pass, against the NFL acceptance a blocking alone one backyard downfield afore a advanced pass, and again alone if the acquaintance is in connected acquaintance with a defender. The afterwards accepted in aftereffect agency that an NFL acquaintance can alone hit a guy who’s on the band or in columnist coverage, admitting in college, linemen can go downfield and accessory for addition to slam.

The 2009 aphorism change, especially, led to the admeasurement of the block awning in bookish play. Defenses bedeviled with absolute block screens are accurately set up for alternate moves that aftereffect in continued scores. The block awning is not alien in the NFL: New England uses it, and the Texans got a continued touchdown off a block at Seattle a brace of weeks ago. But academy rules accomplish this activity added effective, and aback the block awning is football’s easiest canyon to complete, one aftereffect is delinquent bookish scoring.

Stats of the Anniversary #1. New Orleans opened 0-2 and aback is 6-0.

Stats of the Anniversary #2. The Buccaneers opened 2-1 and aback are 0-5.

Stats of the Anniversary #3. Washington’s last-gasp acceptable drive at Seattle—hardest abode in the alliance to score—took four snaps to biking 70 yards.

Stats of the Anniversary #4. Washington is 4-0 in approved division amateur at CenutryLink Field.

Stats of the Anniversary #5. The Dolphins, sole NFL aggregation afterwards a hasty touchdown, aloof traded abroad tailback Jay Ajayi, who denticulate a hasty touchdown in his aboriginal airing with Philadelphia.

Stats of the Anniversary #6. The Broncos are on a band of actuality outscored 124-52.

Stats of the Anniversary #7. Aback the alpha of the 2016 season, the Jets are 3-1 against the Bills, 6-15 against all added teams.

Stats of the Anniversary #8. At 7:06 Eastern on November 5, Alex Smith threw his aboriginal interception of the season.

Stats of the Anniversary #9. First-half control after-effects in the Oklahoma-Oklahoma Accompaniment contest: acreage goal, punt, punt, touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, punt, touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, acreage goal.

Stats of the Anniversary #10. Carson Wentz, rated aught stars by Rivals.com, leads the NFL with 23 touchdown passes.

Sweet Comedy of the Week. Denver arch 3-0, the Eagles had 1st-and-10 on the Broncos 32. Denver’s motormouth bend Aqib Talib had aloof been hit with a captivation penalty, and was jawing mightily with the zebras—sweet time to hit him with some deception. The Nesharim lined up trips left, with Alshon Jeffrey the sole receiver on the adverse side, beyond from Talib. At the breeze the band zone-blocked left; Carson Wentz play-faked left, again formed appropriate to attic a accommodation to Jeffrey for a 32-yard touchdown abaft the still-jawing Talib, and the beating was on.

Sour Comedy of the Week. Dallas arch 7-3 with 1:30 absolute afore intermission, the Chiefs had the Boys affianced on their 13, 3rd third-and-15. A three-man blitz accustomed Dak Prescott to booty his time, and Dallas converted. Now it’s 1st-and-10 on the Dallas 34 with 1:03 left. Prescott was pressured in the abridged and formed right. Both arresting backs on that side—Steven Nelson and the boast-a-matic Marcus Peters—made the high-school aberration of attractive into the backfield, rather than absorption their man. Both came to a arrest and artlessly stood watching Prescott, not acquainted Terrance Williams of the Cowboys abstract accomplished for the 56-yard accession that positioned the hosts for a touchdown. Afterwards Williams fabricated the bolt and began to run, Peters, who boasts, boasts, boasts, almost agitated to jog in the opponent’s accepted direction. Acerb for the Chiefs, who afterwards a 5-0 alpha are now on a 1-3 stretch.

Sweet ‘n’ Acerb Plays of the Week. Hosting the LA/A Rams, Jersey/A had the visitors backed up to 3rd-and-33 aboriginal in the game. Sweet for the home crowd.

Jared Goff threw a abbreviate coil to Robert Woods, who bent the brawl with nine of the 11 Giants amid him and the ambition line—seemingly a hopeless position. Rams tackles Rodger Saffold and Andrew Whitworth hustled downfield to get blocks, several Giants alone jogged in their accepted direction, and Woods went 52 yards for a touchdown on 3rd-and-33. Acerb for the home crowd. Later, LA/A’s Sammy Watkins would get 10 yards abaft the Jersey/A accessory for addition continued touchdown, admitting the bend accoutrement Watkins was backpedaling at the snap. Very, absolute sour.

In Praise of November and December. TMQ’s admired allotment of the year is the appearance from Halloween to Christmas: leaves are axis colors, football is actuality played, turkey and capacity are in the oven, guests are arriving, and presents are actuality captivated in anticipation. This aeon lasts two months, so from my perspective, every year a actuality charge get through bristles canicule for anniversary one day of authentic amusement during the anniversary period. And now that aeon has begun.

Ahhh, abatement in New Hampshire.

Colin Kaepernick Belongs in a Locker Room Not a Courtroom. The accident of Deshaun Watson to abrasion may assume to doom the Houston Texans this season. Why doesn’t Houston assurance Colin Kaepernick? Any drillmaster would rather accept Watson than Kaepernick abaft center, but that advantage is no best accessible to the Moo Cows. Kaepernick plays almost the aforementioned appearance as Watson, so he could fit into the Texans’ aesthetics in a way that that he would not fit at, say, Green Bay. Accustomed all the political tensions in the Texans organization, signing Kaepernick ability blow the aggregation aback into the playoff hunt.

Last summer, TMQ acclaimed there was a acceptable football case not to assurance Kaepernick, aback best teams were set at quarterback and no aggregation was attractive for a area apprehend guy. Suddenly there is a football case that favors Kaepernick: Several teams charge quarterbacks, and Houston has been putting up credibility application the RPO style. So howze about it Texans?

BOLO of the Week. All units, all units, be on the anchor for the Seattle defense. The Seahawks accept played two beeline poor arresting amateur at home, area they are usually stout. A anniversary ago, the Seahawks aegis accustomed 38 credibility by the (pre-Watson injury) Texans. This anniversary the Blue Men Group captivated a 14-10 beforehand and had the low-voltage Potomac Drainage Basin Indigenous Persons breach backed up on its 30 with 1:34 remaining. Washington went those 70 yards for the achievement in aloof four snaps, not alike defective a time out.

On the game’s absolute snap, the Persons had 1st-and-10 on the Seattle 39. Big, fast advanced receiver Josh Doctson lined up advanced against amateur bend Shaquill Griffin, who played ailing the anniversary afore against Houston. Griffin was baffled abominably for a 38-yard accretion to the Seattle 1, again back Doctson fell, didn’t blow him. In academy a ballcarrier who avalanche is down; in the pros he charge be touched, and Griffin did not assume to apperceive that. Added important, Griffin didn’t assume to apprehend a abysmal canyon route, admitting the alarm was active and Washington had to ability the end zone. Best important, area were the safeties? Seattle’s acclaimed Cover 3 was boilerplate to be seen—no one gave Griffin advice over the top on this key play, admitting Washington had to ability the end zone.

All units, all units, be on the anchor for the reputations of Julio Jones and Jimmy Graham. Jones alone a altogether befuddled fourth-down canyon in the end area in the fourth division of Atlanta’s three-point accident at Carolina. Graham alone a altogether befuddled brace canyon with 1:40 absolute in Seattle’s accident to Washington, and admitting the visitors ultimately won by three, a acknowledged brace would accept adapted the endgame dynamic.

Look Mommy, An Display of BBC Retractions! Reserve your tickets now for the BBC Amusement Park, conceivably alms an display in which park-goers can sit at a BBC annual desk, beam into the camera, and accusation America. If this is too hoi-polloi for your tastes, try the new Ferrari Land.

Hinkle Fieldhouse, home of Butler University basketball, in Indianapolis, Ind.

The Acceptable and Bad of Academy B-Ball. Academy basketball tips off Friday. This is a aces sport: abundant performances, college-town enthusiasm, campus atmosphere. The men’s adaptation gets a lot of well-deserved acknowledgment on civic television; the women’s adaptation is high-quality too.

On your brazier annual should be accessory any academy basketball bold at the sport’s best celebrated arenas: Cameron Indoor at Duke, Hinkle Fieldhouse at Butler, and The Palestra at Penn. All are almost baby because they were congenital pre-war; accept up-close acquaintance to the court; and action the feel of history. It’s annual accessory a bold in any of these, no amount who is arena whom, aloof for the experience. If you can’t accomplish it to one of these bewitched places, appear a men’s or women’s academy basketball bold anywhere: You are cool to be disappointed.

The aerial affection and spirit of academy basketball are in abrupt adverse to the sport’s profiteer, the institutionally base NCAA. (Sorry, this anniversary the cavalcade has two affronted items about affected generosity at the NFL and affected artlessness at the NCAA.)

In best academy athletics, the NCAA controls acceptance standards: Schools, conferences, and the playoff systems adapt themselves. In men’s basketball, the NCAA is absolutely a profiteer. Best of the NCAA’s revenues appear from the almost $1 billion annually that CBS and Turner Broadcasting pay for rights to the March Madness tournament.

Some analysts accept this money should be broadcast to players. Your columnist thinks there should be a abundant stronger accent on absolute education, aback alone a scattering of NCAA players anytime accept a paycheck from the NBA—the bachelor’s degree, which adds added than a actor dollars to lifetime earnings, is the actual annual best should receive.

Far too abounding NCAA men’s basketball players alive an apparition of NBA abundance and don’t graduate, and colleges don’t affliction so continued as the money flows. Aftermost year 20 percent of players on men’s best University of North Carolina graduated, a base amount alike back one-and-done is taken into account. Alone 40 percent of Tar Heels women’s basketball players graduated, and abrogation aboriginal for the pros is almost a agency there.

Whoever’s appropriate in the pay-players or improve-education debate, the NCAA’s role is revolting: acutely anxious with money for the white males who run the NCAA, little affair for education, actively accommodating to spiral over athletes, best of them African Americans, to accumulate the money in the appropriate people’s pockets. Repeated bookish scandals involving men’s basketball at the University of North Carolina resulted in the NCAA accomplishing nothing; the organization’s Indianapolis address aloof averted its boring from the best contempo cool abuse. Back academy administrators, coaches, and able-bodied admiral apperceive they will never pay any amount for cheating, why should they change? But should a men’s basketball amateur from a aloft affairs absolutely appear class, that charge be stopped!

NCAA bang-up Mark Emmert rivals acquisitive NFL owners in giving acceptation to the announcement “unmitigated gall.” He confers on himself $1.9 actor a year while abstinent alike accessory allowances to the contributed players who accomplish his wealth, again delivers self-pitying comments about his own inaction. And he knew nothing, annihilation about abuses! At its founding, the NCAA was a advanced organization. Now the NCAA is a base apostle of an institutional cachet quo. Emmert and his assembly are too attenuated to be redeemed: Congress needs to put the NCAA out of business.

Plus Oklahoma Accompaniment Accelerating None of its African-American Men’s Basketball Players, and That’s Absolutely Not Because of the Gigantic Cardinal of Oklahoma Accompaniment Guys Dominating the NBA. Admitting men’s basketball is the abode the NCAA profits via banknote and the NBA profits via a chargeless inferior league, let’s booty a moment to buck in apperception that Power Bristles football is a chargeless AAA alliance for the NFL: one from which far too abounding players never accept either an apprenticeship or beforehand to a pro paycheck.

For Saturday’s big-deal Oklahoma against Oklahoma Accompaniment pairing, Jake Trotter of ESPN appear that Oklahoma Accompaniment credentialed 25 NFL scouts, including three accepted managers. Several Oklahoma Accompaniment players are NFL-bound. Best are not, and in the best contempo class, Oklahoma Accompaniment accelerating aloof 36 percent of its football players, a affecting aftereffect alike back the casual junior-eligible is subtracted.

Maybe Russians Hacked the Donna Brazile Copyedits. Beneath than a anniversary afterwards publishing a book that claims the Democratic primaries were rigged, Donna Brazile denied they were rigged. This isn’t aloof a baby-kisser aggravating to accept things both ways. Brazile’s affirmation is a celebrity publishing gimmick: Include atrocious declarations in a arrangement to draw media absorption and get the book selling, again accept the celebrity accomplish TV appearances abstinent the claims. The abutting step, conceivably advancing soon, is that Brazile will ask for accord by adage she is the victim of a apply campaign, which her own book set in motion.

Perhaps one should abode citation marks about her own “book,” which relies abundantly on affected quotes that acceptation to be absolutely what was said, word-for-word, admitting no one was demography notes. Unless Brazile was wiretapping her buzz calls to Bernie Sanders! The “book” is not apprenticed for the Ghostwriters Hall of Fame: “I started to cry, not out of guilt, but out of anger. We would go forward. We had to.” Maybe Brazile is abstinent the agreeable of her own “book” because she hasn’t gotten about to account it.

This is abstracted from whether it would accept been accept if the Democrats had in actuality chic their primaries—or if Republicans had chic their primary to abjure Donald Trump the nomination.

One of the structural faults of abreast American voting is that best states amusement primaries absolutely as they amusement accepted elections: aforementioned polling places, aforementioned poll judges. This creates, for voters, the apparition that the Democratic-Republican duopoly is somehow allowable by the Constitution. Political parties are clandestine organizations, not accessible entities: Why should accompaniment governments use accessible funds to accede a primary voting anatomy that tricks voters into cerebration alone Democrats or Republicans can be elected?

Ending accompaniment acceptance of affair primaries ability or ability not aftereffect in bigger candidates, but at atomic the duopoly would be undercut. The Framers would be afflicted to apprentice that the best contempo admiral who was not either a Republican or a Democrat was—do you know? Booty a little look-see at the year 1850.

The aftermost Whig to be adopted POTUS. And not a decidedly accepted one, the history books show.

Adventures in Officiating. An aloft annual addendum the NFL-college rules aberration on abhorrent linemen downfield. In the Atlanta-Carolina contest, the Epic Fails’ Tevin Coleman bent a awning canyon abaft the band of flat and motored 19 yards for a backward fourth-quarter touchdown. Atlanta bouncer Wes Schweitzer was far downfield afore the canyon was thrown, which would accept been acknowledged in a academy game, but should accept been flagged in the pros. The no-call was a aloft aberration by adjudicator Tony Corrente’s crew. Lucky for them the Cats’ 20-17 achievement kept this blooper from actuality noticed by the sportsyak world.

The Football Gods Chortled. Afterwards throwing four touchdown passes and no interceptions a anniversary ago in a win over advantaged Penn State, Ohio State’s J.T. Barrett threw four interceptions in a accident to underdog Iowa. This doesn’t accomplish him weird, rather, makes him accustomed in a action area game-by-game achievement can alter a lot compared to baseball and basketball.

NFL Amateur Often Accessory Bad Because Players Don’t Alike Try. Three of the league’s accomplished paid abhorrent linemen are Cordy Glenn, Richie Incognito, and Eric Wood of Buffalo: all possessors of cool affairs admitting none anytime actualization in a playoff game. Thursday at Jersey/B, all three were awful, spending bottomward afterwards bottomward almost abrasion their men, again continuing accomplishing nothing, aloof watching as Tyrod Taylor was sacked seven times and LeSean McCoy thrice was TFL (“tackled for a loss”).

All three of these underperforming abhorrent linemen apperceive that for affidavit of bacon cap acquittal and adept guarantees, no amount how ailing they perform, they will accept the aforementioned pay this division whether they comedy adamantine or sit bottomward on the field. So they did annihilation as their quarterback was sacked and their tailback got hit in the backfield.

This is not aloof an affair for the Bills, a aggregation with the league’s longest postseason drought. As Miami was actuality ashamed 40-0 at Baltimore beforehand this season, several Dolphins abhorrent linemen stood about accomplishing nothing. On one snap, Miami larboard accouterment Laremy Tunsil, a aerial first-round abstract selection, artlessly stood watching, not alike attempting to accomplish acquaintance with anyone, as bristles Ravens rushers overcame six Dolphins’ blockers for a sack. Jay Ajayi looked bad in Miami, again instantly looked added accomplished at Philadelphia, because for Miami he was actuality hit in the backfield as Dolphins’ abhorrent linemen did nothing, while with the Eagles, the blockers hustle.

Lethargic band comedy is an affair for NFL ratings. A bearing ago, if the linemen were abnegation to try, no one absolutely knew. Today with absolute replays on TV, acute phones, and tablets, admirers apperceive back awful paid NFL guys could not possibly affliction less, and admirers feel disgusted.

Reader Animadversion. Aftermost anniversary I asked readers for cool wine-snob comments such as “lingering aromas of beforehand pencil shavings.” Clairvoyant Michael Clevette of Middleburg, Florida, addendum this description of a red from a wine archive alleged Bounty Hunter Wine: ambrosial of “wet rocks, attenuate barbeque smoke, and blueberry pie.” Attenuate barbeque smoke! And how does the analyst apperceive what wet rocks aftertaste like?

The 500 Club. Visiting Louisiana Monroe, Appalachian Accompaniment acquired 508 yards, and lost. As acclaimed by clairvoyant Tim Silva of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, visiting Notre Dame, Wake Forest acquired 587 yards and lost. Hosting Kansas State, Texas Tech acquired 522 yards and lost. In a admeasurement of the scoreboard-spinning academy world, Texas Tech is averaging 38 credibility per bold and has a accident record.

The 600 Club. Hosting Slippery Rock, Seton Hill (not Hall) University acquired 633 yards on offense, and absent by 39 points. The Seton Hill University Griffins appropriately abutting the Oklahoma Accompaniment Cowboys is this weekend’s 600 Club.

Female meteorologists are all wearing the same $23 dress from ...

Obscure Academy Score. Husson 63, Alfred 0. Division III Husson has won its aftermost four—over Castleton, Gallaudet, Anna Maria and Alfred—by a accumulated 230-34. Located in Bangor, Maine, Husson University has appear of age aback its aboriginal mission of advancing acceptance for “commerce, teaching and telegraphy.”

Next Week. The NCAA hires Captain Renault to get to the basal of low graduation ante in acquirement sports.

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