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The Anniversary Ancestors Adoption Program, a Spencer-area anniversary staple, allows acceptable breadth families, businesses and account groups to allotment the anniversary spirit and bounty. Thanks to the generosity of breadth families and businesses, about 80 breadth families will be able with items to advice accomplish this Christmas division a little bit brighter.

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Lists of families accessible for "adoption" will be appear in the Daily Reporter. These families are aggregate through Upper Des Moines Opportunity, and the affairs is absolutely anonymous.

To "adopt," artlessly alarm the Daily Reporter at 262-6610, amid 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and let us apperceive what ancestors you would like to adopt. It's a acceptable abstraction to accept several possibilities, as families may already accept been selected. Then the fun begins! You boutique for items on the list, wrap, and characterization with the ancestors cardinal and member, for example, "Family 34, son, 10 years old." It is not all-important to acquirement aggregate on the lists. New or actual acclaim acclimated items are accepted.

Additional families will be added to the account until about 80 families are adopted, so if you don't see a ancestors you ambition to adopt, you can delay for added to be added.

There will be two declivity opportunities, Saturday, Dec. 9, and Saturday, Dec. 16, from 8:30 a.m. until noon. The bead breadth will be The Depot on the Adobe County Fairgrounds. All of those who adopted a ancestors charge bead off their ability on one of these two dates. Placing the assorted ability in a beyond box helps to facilitate the delivery.

On Sunday, Dec. 17, the Spencer Volunteer Firemen, volunteers and breadth UPS advisers will bear the ability to families.


Female, age 7mns. 24mns. snowsuit, clothes, blocks.

Male, age 12. 2XL shirts and sweatshirts, XL shorts, sweatpants, pjs, socks, Nerf.

Male, age 9. XL shirts, 36 pants, pj bottoms, sweatpants, Star Wars, Legos, crafting items.

Male, age 39. Bandy blankets, flashlight, screwdrivers.

Female, age 31. Crockpot, account frames, bandy blankets.


Male, age 13. 30/30 jeans, mens M shirts/hoodies, admeasurement 12 socks, admeasurement 12 shoes, Dragon Ball Z stuff/books, Anime stuff, skate boarding stuff, accompanying bedding.

Male, age 9. Admeasurement 12 jeans, shirts, hoodies, admeasurement 5 shoes, Pokemon stuff, accompanying bedding, scooter, Zelda stuff, games, Legos, Minecraft toys.

Female, age 4mns. 6/9mn. clothes, dresses, admeasurement 2 or 3 diapers/wipes, Baby Magic, bassinet bedding, blush or changeable headbands.

Male, age 38. 42/32 jeans, 3XL shirts/hoodies, coat, admeasurement 12 shoes, art supplies, tools/toolbox.

Female, age 34. 4-5XL mens shirts, 3XL sweatpants/ atramentous amplitude pants, dishes, Pizza Pizzaz, atom booking stuff, bank decor.


Female, age 29. L-XL clothes, ablution towels, crockpot.

Male, age 13. 18 pants, shirts, hoodies, books, Legos.

Female, age 12. 16 pants, shirts, books any JoJo, arts and crafts.

Female, age 10. 10 pants, shirts, books, fidget spinners, arts and crafts.

Male, age 9. 8 pants, shirts, Legos, books, Pokemon, Nerf.

Female, age 7. 7pants, shirts, Barbies, books, dolls, appearance books.


Female, age 16. 30x32 jeans, XL shirts, socks, beard brushes, cast Supernatural, crafts, actuality outdoors.

Female, age 14. Admeasurement 9 socks, admeasurement 14 hoodies, cast apish things, crafts, ag accompanying items.

Female, age 12. 12-14 pjs, shirts, 14 boys jeans, socks, cast sports.

Female, age 10. Admeasurement 5 socks, cast to draw and comedy with animals.

Male, age 8. 8-10 jeans, shirts, socks, cast cars, trucks, Batman, Nerf guns.

Female, age 39. XL continued sleeve shirts, domiciliary — ablution supplies, cast campfires.

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Male age 40. 2XL shirts, admeasurement 11 socks, Harley Davidson/biker stuff, covering hangers, alfresco camping/grilling.


Female, age 33. L shirts/sweatshirts, pots and pans, ablution anhydrate set.

Female, age 11. Jr. admeasurement M shirts, sweatshirts, leggings, annihilation owls, makeup, attach polish, beard stuff.


Male, age 3. 4-5T shirts, pants, dinosaurs, accomplished motor accomplishment games.

Male, age 30. XXL clothes, socks, tools, towels.

Female, age 37. XXL clothes, food, capital oils, silverware.

FAMILY 33: Male, age 33. XL-2XL clothes, books, towels, games, blankets.

Male, age 18mns. 2T-3T clothes, pjs, toys, books.


Male, age 13. L coat, M shirts, S able-bodied pants (no snaps or zippers), hat, gloves.

Male, adult. 2X coat, XL alpine shirts, 36x34 pants, ablution towels.

Female, adult. Admeasurement 12 pants/jeans, XL shirts, 1XL coat, apron.

Family. Queen and abounding admeasurement bedding-all, bowl towels, ablution towels.


Female, age 11. Girls XL leggings, hoodies, continued sleeve shirts, socks, admeasurement 4/6 jeans, Barbies, art supplies, affiliate books, sled, bike.

Male, age 11. L continued sleeve shirts, hoodies, sweatpants/athletic pants, socks, affiliate books, sled, Iowa Hawkeyes, football, Nerf gun, skateboard, bike.

Female, 9mns. 12mn clothes, acquirements toys, clamber through tunnel, acquirements clamber about car, Fisher Price acute puppy.

Male, age 34. 38x32 jeans, 2XL shirts/hoodies, XL sweatpants, tools, Iowa Hawkeye stuff.

Female, age 34. King admeasurement sheets, banquet dishes and glasses, bowl towels, ablution clothes, toaster.


Male, age 11. 10/12 shirts, abstruseness books, Legos, annihilation to anatomy and actualize things.

Female, age 4. Admeasurement 5/6 clothe, hoodies, beard things, loves to blush and paint. Actual girlie.

Male, age 4. Admeasurement 5/6 clothes, dinosaurs, Superheros, loves to paint.

Female, age 30. M pjs, Art supplies, ability supplies, blankets.

Male, age 39. L pjs, assignment gloves, Dallas Cowboys.


Male, age 9. 10/12 pants, 14/16 tops, socks, Nerf.

Female, age 39. M hoodies, pjs, cine passes, beard items, attach items, down-covered blankets.


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Female, age 13. Admeasurement 14 pants, shirts, Shopkins Happy Place, Shopkins Crazcels, Legos, makeup, fidget spinner.

Male, age 3. 3T/4T pants, shirts, Batman pjs and shirt, socks, Paw Patrol, Batman toys, toy cars, Peppa Pig toys, fidget spinner.

Female, age 39. Down-covered blanket, account frames, cossack iron.


Female, age 9. 9/10 coat, clothes, ability kits, adornment making, attach polish, makeup.

Female, age 8. 8/9 hoodies, clothes, makeup, beard clips, markers, colors, adobe clay.

Male, age 3. 4T clothes, trains, tractors, Spiderman, cars, tractor loaders.

Female, age 31. S sweaters, candles, dishes, anatomy wash.


Male, age 13. XXL sweatpants, winter coat, hoodies, Axe anatomy wash.

Female, adult. XXL hoodies purple/black, winter coat, blankets, pillows, curtains, towels.


Male, age 14. 14-16 jeans, shirts, coat, pjs, Pokemon, RC cars, Hawkeyes.

Male, age 11. 14 jeans, shirts, coat, pjs, Pokemon, RC cars, Hawkeyes.

Female, age 9. 8/10 jeans, coat, pjs, changeable stuff, earrings, nacklaces.

All kids: coloring, painting, blimp animals, blankets, accompanying admeasurement bedding, bikes.

Male, age 33. 4X zip up sweatshirts, coffee pot.

Female, age 36. Domiciliary supplies, candles, anatomy wash, abounding admeasurement bedding.


Female, age 12. 14/16 jeans, shirts, Shopkins, puzzles, arts and crafts stuff.

Male, age 10. 8/10 jeans, shirts, cars, trucks, Pokemon stuff.

Female, age 32. L sweatpants, shirts, domiciliary stuff.


Female, age 39: 26/28 adaptable waist pants, 4X shirts, lotions, perfume.

Male, age 43. XL shirts, pj pants, 36x32 jeans, flashlight.

Male, age 16. XXL shirts, L pants, 36x32 jeans, cologne, anatomy wash, admeasurement 14 shoes.

Male, age 14. 4XL shirts, pj pants, XXL adaptable pants, anatomy wash.

Female, age 12. XXL 18/20 shirts, 16/18 aerial waisted angular jeans, XXL adaptable waist pants, XXL sweatshirts atramentous or red, makeup, lotion, appearance items, account books.


Male, age 11. Admeasurement L 10/12 thermals, clothes, winter goggles, Nerf.

Female, age 3. 4Twinter dresses, clothes, stockings, Frozen stuff.

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Male, age 37. Small toolbox, pillows, car charwoman items.

Female, age 36. Cutting board, cossack iron, anatomy wash.


Female, age 14. Developed M clothes, makeup, jewelry, account board.

Female, age 12. Developed S clothes, socks, art stuff, pjs, action items (soccer).

Female, age 11. Developed S clothes, pjs, action items (soccer, basketball), socks.

Female, age 3. 3T clothes, socks, pretend play, autograph items, ability kits.

Male, age 1. 18mn. Clothes, toy trucks, sippy cups, admeasurement 4 diapers and wipes (pamper cast only).

Male, age 32. 34x32 clothes, continued johns, boxers, anatomy wash.

Female, age 29. L clothes, socks, perfume.


Male, age 3. 3T shorts, abbreviate sleeved shirts, pjs, 2T continued pants, continued sleeved shirts, toys, cars, trucks, the cine Cars stuff, tractors, blaze trucks, Paw Patrol stuff.

Female, age 7. 7/8 or girls S yoga pants, pjs, shirts, sweatshirts, Descendants cine stuff, cartoon supplies, colors, arts and crafts, attach polish, Disney babe movies.

Male, age 30. 38x34 jeans, XLT apparent black T-Shirts, XL tube socks, annihilation cooking, alkali and pepper grinder, block pans, ice fishing jigs.


Male, age 8. Admeasurement 18 clothes, cars, Pokemon, movies, football, Nerf.

Female, age 4. 10/12 clothes, dolls, Barbies, pretend comedy items.

Female, age 30. Pillows, queen admeasurement sheets, ablution towels, wax melts.


Female, age 14. Admeasurement 16 pjs, sweatshirts, clothes, crafts, makeup.

Female, age 10. Admeasurement 16 yoga pants, pjs, crafts, makeup.

Male, age 9. Admeasurement 8-10 clothes, trucks, annihilation camo, anatomy wash.

Female, age 5. Admeasurement 7/8 pjs, clothes, Peppa Pig stuff-Sophia, arts and crafts.

All like crafts, books, authoritative slime, alfresco toys, sticker, crayons, markers, appearance books.

Female, age 36. Ability items, Christmas d├ęcor, planner, towels.


Male, age 16. 32x32 jeans, XL pj pants, sweatshirts, 3DS with Pokemon, ultra moon anatomy wash- Adidas, cologne, cast bedrock music, Vikings.

Male, age 14. L pj pants, sweatshirts, 9-10 slippers, 3DS XL with Pokemon, ultra moon cologne, Vikings.

Female, adult. XXL pj pants, admeasurement 9 slippers and boots, affable utensils, ample crockpot, broil ware, silverware, glasses set, towels, washcloths, kitchen towels.


Female, age 41. XL leggings, hoodies, admeasurement 8 socks, candles, ablution items, pots, pans, skillet.

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Female, age 17. M leggings, admeasurement 5 jeans, S shirts/hoodies, candles, abounding admeasurement bedding, perfume, ablution gel, makeup.

Male, age 11. Developed S shirts, boys 20 jeans- prefers able-bodied adaptable pants, mens S boxer briefs, fishing pole, tools/tool box, Chevy or Johnny Cash anything.

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