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TWO British acceptance accept acquired abuse by entering - and acceptable - a bistro adorned dress challenge dressed as the afire Twin Towers.

Amber Langford and Annie Collinge, won the antagonism with their apparel based on the September 11 alarm attack, The Sun reports.

The pair, from Chester, donned analogous apparel - labelled North Tower and South Tower - and wore hats that represented smoke and victims of the advance jumping to their deaths.

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Their headpieces were alike topped off with American flags.

To admixture matters, Langford's ancestor is a pilot who flew United Express planes at the time of the September 11 attack.

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According to The Sun, he vowed to accept "a little chat" with his daughter.

The latest tasteless adorned dress adventure to account uproar comes afterwards a run of tasteless Halloween and altogether apparel in the US.

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Two men went to a Halloween affair dressed as the axial characters in one of America's best arguable killings - the cutting of atramentous jailbait Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman.

The photo, featuring the man dressed as Trayvon complete with blackface architecture and a blood-soaked hoodie, apace went viral afterwards actuality acquaint to Facebook by Caitlin Cimeno, who additionally appears in the picture.

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In addition incident, a woman went to a Halloween appointment affair dressed as a blood-soaked Boston Marathon bombing victim, bidding a huge backfire online.

An Australian woman accidentally sparked an online backfire and was accused of actuality racist back she threw a 21st altogether affair with an African affair - and acquaint pictures of partygoers cutting blackface make-up.

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