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01/23/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

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It was a ancestors activity on Saturday at the Sugar Factory in L.A., as Vanessa Simmons and admirer Mike Wayans accustomed their corresponding broods and abutting accompany to their affectionate babyish battery advised by Cairo’s Custom Events.

Guests including Simmons’s ancestor Rev. Run, step-mom Justine and sister Angela, as able-bodied as Mike’s dad and brother — Damon and Damon Jr. — and uncle Marlon were greeted by a assurance that read: “Rub a dub dub, a new little babe to love.”

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Other attendees included Tyrese and his babe Shayla and mom-of-three Ali Landry.

The couple, who are assured a babe abutting month, advised anybody to a appropriate card — featuring aperitive bites of sourdough broiled cheese fingers served aloft broiled amazon soup shooters — that was created by Citron Catering. Mommy mock-tails and Zing Vodka affair were additionally served as refreshments.

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“This was such a blissful accident for Mike and I and our families.” Vanessa told Essence. “The allowance was abounding with so abundant adulation and amusement all in account our lil angel.”

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Simmons (and her baby!) had such a acceptable time, she about went into aboriginal labor. “I was so afflicted with action that I absolutely started accepting contractions at the end of the shower. Luckily, it was aloof apocryphal labor. My little babe has absolutely a faculty of amusement already.”

To see added photos from Simmons and Wayans’s admirable babyish shower, go to ESSENCE.com.

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— Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

May 2011 - Small Town Fashionista
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