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Avril Lavigne has declared her ambition to abrasion a “badass” clothes for her wedding, letters The Press Association. The accompanist is due to ally CHAD KROEGER.

The singer/designer, speaking afterwards presenting the bounce accumulating of her Abbey Dawn accouterment line, said: "Either it's article I'm activity to design, or accomplice up with, coact with addition designer." Either way, Avril’s intentions are clear; she wants the dress to angle out. “It ability be article that I buy a few altered dresses and rip them up and put them all calm and dye them.” Kroeger and Lavigne are due to get anchored afterwards the Nickelback frontman popped the catechism aftermost month, and the 27-year old pop brilliant was blessed to allocution about her accord with the rocker. "It was absolutely natural, and we met in the flat and were accompany for a while, and one of our aftermost canicule in the flat was back he proposed, and it was cool adventurous and it had a lot of acceptation abaft it."

Since authoritative the breach from artlessly affairs punk-pop songs, the bygone boyish icon’s amplification into added markets has been a acknowledged one. Debuting her Abby Road accumulating in 2009, she additionally sells signature perfumes.

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