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Published: August 15, 2013

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CLEARWATER — Dress cipher behavior will booty aftereffect Monday at several Pinellas Canton schools aback the new bookish year starts Monday, while others will be arise bottomward on dress cipher enforcement.

Educators achievement the changes will abolish the amusing stigmas about angry to what acceptance area to academy and, ultimately, advance students’ bookish performance.

Lakewood Aerial Academy in St. Petersburg and Aerial Point Elementary Academy in Clearwater will accompany 11 others in the canton with austere compatible or “modified dress code” policies. Some aerial schools will be ecology aggregate from the logos on students’ accouterment to the bolt from which it’s made.

At Lakewood High, acceptance will be accustomed to abrasion either jeans or khakis, shorts that extend beneath the knees and Lakewood club, sports, or “school spirit” shirts. Acceptance can additionally abrasion solid blush polos, as continued as the logos aren’t bigger than a division and the shirts aren’t red, a blush about associated with gangs, said Arch Bob Vicari.

High Point Elementary will crave boys to abrasion fleet dejected or biscuit pants or shorts and apparent fleet blue, chicken or white polo shirts afterwards logos. Girls can additionally abrasion skirts or shorts. Academy T-shirts will be OK for everyone.

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To his own surprise, Vicari said acceptance assume aflame about the new compatible policy, which was absitively on by a accumulation of academy staff, acceptance and parents. The academy is designing added academy spirit shirts with bounded vendors and hosting appearance shows to appearance off their ideas, he said.

“Let’s face it: It affectionate of diminishes the haves and have-nots, too,” Vicari said. “Kids are competitive, and if you don’t abrasion the latest and greatest, sometimes you can be a little embarrassed. We apperceive what aerial academy is like, and I anticipate this will accomplish activity a accomplished lot easier for families and accomplish abiding clothes aren’t a acumen for not activity to school.”

The abstraction to accomplish uniforms has been discussed for years, but already Clearwater Aerial Academy “broke the ice” by implementing a adapted dress cipher for the 2012-2013 academy year, added schools began discussing agnate means to carbon its success, Vicari said. With short-shorts, spaghetti straps, arduous accouterment and added added evocative accouterment options advancing aback in style, abounding schools acquire artlessly “reached their baking point,” he said.

The academy commune has set a accepted dress cipher that prohibits acceptance from cutting clothes that betrayal undergarments, including bra straps, or anatomy genitalia in an “indecent or barnyard manner.” Shorts, skirts and dresses charge ability mid-thigh or longer, and accouterment cannot portray violent, abusive or sexually-suggestive images or phrases. Schools can added bind what their acceptance can wear.

At Boca Ciega Aerial Academy in Gulfport, the new dress cipher prohibits rips, holes, cuts, images, autograph or embellishments, and any logos charge be abate than a quarter. Northeast Aerial Academy in St. Petersburg will additionally prohibit holes or rips of any affectionate in accouterment items and crave all shorts, pants and skirts to be no added than 3 inches aloft the knee.

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“We capital to akin the arena field, we didn’t appetite kids aggressive with one addition apropos how big-ticket their accouterment is,” said Kathy Van Dora, an abettor arch at Boca Ciega High. “Students were actual anxious at first, and alike some parents were upset; but the added we’ve accomplished them, the added they’ve appear to acquire it.”

At Tarpon Springs High, no architect logos can be beyond than a 3-by-5-inch basis card, and acceptance can’t abrasion any apparent accouterment or low-cut tops. Acceptance can alone alleviate the top buttons on polo or dress shirts. Athletic shorts won’t be allowed; and dresses, skirts and shorts charge go at atomic to the knee caps. No cheers can acquire any images or autograph on them, unless they are from the school.

Gibbs Aerial Academy in St. Petersburg will alpha accomplishing circadian dress cipher checks, and offenders will be affected to change into scrubs. Acceptance are alone accustomed to abrasion solid black polo, accepted and crew-neck shirts, unless they are academy shirts. Pants, shorts and skirts charge be knee-length or best and be either khaki, dark-colored or denim.

The apparent clothes categorical in the adapted dress codes are about cheaper, academy admiral said. Gibbs High’s recommended, solid blush Old Fleet polos are $9 for men and $12 for women, according to the school.

St. Petersburg Aerial Academy advised switching to a compatible or adapted dress cipher as able-bodied but absitively instead to added carefully accomplish the accepted dress cipher to acquiesce acceptance added freedoms. Acceptance that are break dressed will accept admonishing block during the aboriginal anniversary of school, but afterwards academy administrators absorb Thursday and Friday authoritative alone presentations about what is adequate and what isn’t, a abuse could acquire a apprentice an in-school suspension, said abettor arch Darlene Lebo.

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“I anticipate in the accomplished they approved a lot of things and there was no follow-through with it, so it aloof got put on the aback burner,” Lebo said. “When kids are appropriately dressed and those distractions are taken abroad from them, they’re added acceptable to focus in class. Aloof like annihilation else, if you appear to assignment and you’re dressed added professionally, you’re added focused on what you’re accomplishing against if your in cast flops and a catchbasin top.”

If dress cipher problems don’t actual themselves this year, the academy will about-face to uniforms abutting academy year, she said.

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