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Malibu Barbie. Princess Barbie. Doctor Barbie. NASCAR Barbie. Army Barbie. Sleeping Adorableness Barbie. Sign Language Barbie. President Barbie ...

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Oh, how we accept admired her. She has a horse, a camper, a dream house! She has a blush convertible and a aces apparel and oh, what a shoe collection! She alike has a absolute boyfriend, the affectionate that can be anchored in a shoe box for days, retrieved alone in time to comedy "Saturday night date" or "Barbie goes to the prom."

She is hated, too, of course. How could she not be? With that hair, those angled feet, that impossibly tiny waist ... those breasts.

Barbie is inescapable. She's like Elvis, McDonald's, the Yankees. An American icon. Sold in 150 countries, a $2.5-billion-a-year industry. Andy Warhol has a painting about her. The Smithsonian had an display in her honor. There accept been Barbie art exhibits at chichi New York galleries. Back Barbie aboriginal fabricated her way to Moscow in 1992, little girls stood alfresco the city's best acclaimed toy store, absorbed by the bald afterimage of her.

"What they did was booty a absolute comedy pattern--all the fantasies that girls had at that time--and fabricated a three-dimensional appearance out of it," says Gary Niles, who formed for 18 years at Mattel, which produces the doll. "How she became an icon, I don't know. But she bent on."

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Barbie's creator, Ruth Handler, died Saturday in Los Angeles at 85. She and her husband, Elliot Handler, co-founded Mattel with Harold Mattson.

As a adolescent woman, Ruth was an administrator far advanced of her time who begin a alcove in the toy bazaar and angry it into a multibillion-dollar business. Later in life, afterwards breast blight and a mastectomy, she became an activist, authoritative prosthetic breasts for blight patients.

"How I articular her was not as the 'Barbie lady,'" says Douglas Paul, Handler's great-nephew, who works at the Securities and Exchange Commission. Paul and his four ancestors absent their grandmother, Handler's sister, back they were almost young. Handler abounding the void.

"We were at their abode aftermost August," says Paul, apropos to the Handlers. "Watching both my aunt and my uncle watch my kids with their Hot Wheels and their Barbies to me was fascinating. Here's addition bearing of kids aloof mesmerized."

Barbie doctor games

"In the beginning, girls would pore over little booklets announcement Barbie outfits, debating which account to buy next. Fur stoles. Ball gowns. Wedding dresses--even though, afterwards 41 years of dating, Ken still hasn't proposed.

Of course, alike in 1959, Barbie didn't charge a husband.

"There is an ability there, about abominably anchored," says Mary Rogers, a University of West Florida assistant of assortment studies and activated research, and columnist of "Barbie Culture."

"She is her own person. She is not primarily somebody else's partner. She is not primarily somebody else's mom. She is not primarily somebody else's right-hand person. She is affectionate of unto herself....I anticipate that ability is area some of her hidden address is for adolescent girls."

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Of course, Barbie has had her angel problems. Feminists, and some bloom affliction advocates anxious with anatomy angel issues, abuse her proportions. There's that adhesive little catechism of how, exactly, all her centralized organs would fit if she were translated into a 5-foot-6-inch teenager--with accommodation of 39-21-33. Teen Talk Barbie agitated educators back one of her phrases happened to be "Math chic is tough," a book that abounding saw as reinforcing the average of girls' abhorrence to math.

In 2000, Barbie got a make-over, primarily to annihilate that waistline "seam" that was consistently there to accomplish her added poseable. Her new anatomy is a little added athletic, a little beneath bright-eyed, a little beneath bank albino and a little beneath ... va-va-va-voom. The breasts shrank. A little. So did the hips.

The bold charcoal the same. Make-believe. Pretend. Dress up. These are at the amount of little-girl games, and Mattel has endless of analysis to prove it. Malibu Barbie and her acquaintance Skipper go to the beach. Barbie is the teacher, and she fails Ken in English. Fashion Plate Barbie goes to a photo shoot, afterwards a abounding day at the adorableness salon. Marine Barbie saves the world!

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