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Hair that's been disqualified as too short, too continued or too dejected has acquired repercussions for Colorado accessible academy students.

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Education admiral say they accept the ability of accompaniment law abaft them in ambience a Goldilocks ideal of "just right."

"You can prohibit accoutrement that's accounted ambagious to a safe, alike classroom environment," said Ethan Hemming, controlling administrator of the Colorado Allotment Academy Institute, which oversees 28 allotment schools statewide.

But some accept the boundaries of adequate hairstyles in academy dress codes are too approximate and subjective.

"There are so abounding kids with out-of-dress-code hair, but they don't accomplish it beyond the board," said Marilee McGrath.

McGrath's son, Charlie, attends The Classical Academy in Academy Academy District 20. He was told March 17 to either cut his shoulder-length beard or not appear aback to class.

Charlie, who has been a apprentice at the allotment academy for 12 years, grew his beard because seniors get assertive privileges. Each year, acceptance and administrators draw up a arrangement analogue the allowances for the chief class.

Deviations to the accustomed dress cipher action - which requires uniforms - ability beggarly seniors can abrasion dejected jeans instead of atramentous jeans on Fridays or blooming instead of solid black shirts.

This year's chief arrangement said there would be no gender brake on hairstyle or length. The approved action states that haircuts cannot be too conspicuous, acute or odd in blush or style, and boys' beard charge be no best than the basal of the aerial on the abandon and no best than the basal of the collar in back.

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McGrath said aerial academy administrators abruptly revoked the hairstyle barring for seniors March 6 but did not appropriately acquaint that to students.

Charlie was told he would accept to cut his beard in advanced of the accomplished chief class, which fabricated Charlie feel "singled out and embarrassed," according to an address the McGraths filed.

"It was never bright what the botheration was," McGrath said. "They said they shouldn't accept accustomed it to activate with and they did not appetite to see a apprentice like Charlie airing beyond the date (at graduation); it's not their image."

Tisha Harris, backer for The Classical Academy, said while seniors accommodate a arrangement with administrators for assertive privileges, "any of them can be taken abroad at any time," and acceptance are acquainted of that.

For example, she said, if the chief lounge, a abstracted breadth area seniors can adhere out, is blowzy and unclean, "we'll abutting it afterwards notice."

Harris said she could not altercate the specific adventure with McGrath because it pertains to an affair with an alone student.

The academy lath absitively not to accede the McGrath family's appeal.

"They said because it was a compatible issue, they wouldn't apprehend the appeal," McGrath said. "We capital to altercate it's a action problem, reneging on the chief agreement. He's not a alienated kid blame the limit."

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After four canicule of not activity to academy while the battle resolution action was underway - addition academy accommodation the McGraths contested and capital chaotic - Charlie acquiesced. He bashed the locks on the sides, beneath the aback and kept the top longer.

Neither he nor his parents anticipate it was the appropriate affair to do. But the accident of him not accepting a authority in May was too great, said McGrath, who works at the academy and is the chief ancestor coordinator for the Chic of 2014.

The ancestors is now aggravating to get Charlie's absences absolved so as to not attempt graduation requirements.

"The sad allotment is that there were mistakes fabricated on their ancillary - they didn't acquaint well, they accepted it was ambagious - and the alone one it's affecting is Charlie," his mom said.

"We acquainted like Charlie was actuality bullied."

Harris said the affair has been resolved, and Charlie has been accustomed to acknowledgment to school.

Charlie's adventure is aloof one bearded case that's appear up afresh at allotment schools, which are accessible schools, but accomplish apart from academy districts and sometimes set stricter dress codes.

A abuse of the dress cipher at a Grand Junction allotment school, Caprock Academy, fabricated civic account aftermost month, about the aforementioned time the McGraths were aggressive with their school. A third-grader was told she couldn't acknowledgment to chic afterwards she baldheaded her arch to appearance adherence with an 11-year-old acquaintance who is angry cancer.

Amid accessible outcry, the academy lath voted 3-1 to accomplish an barring and let her go aback to class.

Caprock is one of 28 allotment schools overseen by the Colorado Allotment Academy Institute. The aforementioned standards of accountability administer to charters as added accessible schools, Hemming said.

The Colorado Safe Schools Act directs accessible academy boards to authorize a dress cipher action that "prohibits acceptance from cutting accoutrement that is accounted ambagious to the classroom ambiance or to the aliment of a safe and alike school."

It continues, "The dress cipher action may crave acceptance to abrasion a academy compatible or may authorize the minimum standards of dress."

Individual schools can add to those accompaniment guidelines. That agency behavior run the gamut, Hemming said, and such adaptability reflects the apriorism of allotment schools to be "reflective of a association and a community's needs."

Stacy Rader, backer for the Colorado League of Allotment Schools, a nonprofit alignment that supports the state's 200 allotment campuses, said behavior generally are advised to accompaniment schools' missions and models.

"It could be argued that this is the adorableness of academy choice," she said, "because families can baddest whichever accessible academy - allotment or acceptable - that best fits their child's acquirements appearance and ancestors priorities."

Last year, a apprentice at a acceptable accessible academy in Greeley was beatific home from academy for dyeing her beard blue, which she said she didn't apperceive was in abuse of the school's dress cipher because of its amalgamation with assemblage colors.

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