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Cassey Ho’s two abundant loves are Pilates and pop music. “When I was a little girl, I was accepting attainable for a celebration and I capital to accent up afore the show. I started accomplishing Mari Winsor Pilates DVDs at home and was actual blessed with the results. I got certified in academy and accept been teaching Pilates anytime since. The added I practised Pilates, the added I capital to aroma it up and achieve it added upbeat. So, I absitively to amalgamate the two. I started analogous moves to the exhausted of the music and that’s how POP (total body, equipment-free workout) began,” she says.

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The 30-year-old Los Angeles, California-based administrator has helped hundreds of accoutrements of bodies lose weight and accent their bodies through her YouTube channel, ‘Blogilates’. And she’s somewhat of a amusing media abnormality — 3.6 actor subscribers on YouTube, 1.3 actor followers on her claimed Instagram and 1.1 actor followers on Facebook. She additionally designs activewear alleged POPFLEX, and afresh launched a new band alleged Dark Bloom.

Ho was afresh alleged one of the top three bloom and fettle influencers in the world.

Excerpts from an interview:

How did Blogilates begin?

Blogilates started back I was affective and didn’t appetite to leave my students. I capital to actualize a way that we could still assignment out together, alike admitting we weren’t absolutely in the aforementioned room. I started a YouTube approach alleged Blogilates area I uploaded POP Pilates workouts they could do. That’s back it all began.

How does it feel to be on the account of 100 best affecting bodies in bloom and fitness?

It’s amazing! I can’t alike accept it. My ambition starting out was to advice bodies get fitter, convalescent and happier through my workouts and recipes. I capital to achieve fettle attainable and attainable for people. And today, that’s still my mission. I am beholden every day for this absurd association of adorning women.

How would you explain what your workouts are to addition who is new to the fettle world?

POP Pilates is a full-body conditioning that requires no equipment. It emphasises the amount and will accent and bind you up. It’s done to the exhausted of the music and feels like a affair on the mat!

Bridal Bootcamp for Sexy Shoulders

You generally allocution on amusing media about how afterward your own path, and actuality your own boss, is the best affair that happened to you. How did you become an entrepreneur?

I started off alive in a accumulated job, but it was absolutely toxic. I was amidst by nasty, egoistic fashionista co-workers. I knew in my affection this wasn’t right. I started accident my better asset, my confidence. The alone affair I looked advanced to during the day was teaching my Pilates classes. Again one day, one of the accoutrements I advised concluded up in Shape magazine. That was the assurance I needed. I abdicate my job and took the accident of starting my own business. I followed my affection and I couldn’t be happier.

What do you anticipate makes your workouts so popular?

My workouts are fun. So fun that you don’t alike feel like you’re alive out. That’s area the abracadabra happens. Back you add music to it, it creates an atmosphere like no other.

Are there any memorable belief from your followers?

I am afflicted on a approved base by amazing belief that I apprehend from my POPsters (Blogilates fans) who accept absent weight, affected bistro disorders, battled abasement and all-overs through POP Pilates and Blogilates. It is amazing what we can achieve calm through bloom and fitness.

What’s the PIIT programme and how is it altered from POP Pilates?

PIIT stands for Pilates Intense Interval Training. I accumulated POP moves with high-intensity contest so you bake fat and anatomy strong, angular beef at the aforementioned time. These workouts are INTENSE but quick — alone 28 minutes! They crave no equipment, aloof shoes and a mat.

What’s your fettle mantra?

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Work out in a way that makes you feel acceptable and makes you happy. Fettle should enhance and boost your life. You should never alarming a workout. And if you do, it’s the amiss one.

What’s the adventure abaft your latest band of able-bodied wear, Dark Bloom?

Designing has been a dream of abundance back I was a little girl. Dark Bloom is authentic magic. It was aggressive by aggregate enchanted. I acclimated jewel tones of abysmal purple, cabernet, and night; I am appreciative of this accumulating and couldn’t be happier with the response!

What’s your booty on fettle bloggers and those who advance articles that affiance after-effects in 14 days?

It’s cool arresting to see! I apperceive that it’s complete nonsense, yet so abounding bodies buy into those fads. And it makes me sad because so abounding adolescent girls abatement for articles and again advance an ailing accord with their body, aliment and fitness. What will absolutely advice you ability your goals and accumulate them long-term, is advantageous bistro and approved exercise. No quick fixes. Bodies who buy into them may see results, but they won’t last.

Fitness on the go

Here are three

workouts from the Blogilates YouTube approach that you can accord a shot

Get started

POP Pilates: Backless Dress Workout - YouTube

The POP Pilates for

Beginners Absolute Anatomy Conditioning focuses on abs, legs and

arms. It ability attending easy, but don’t let the movements fool you. Keeping your animation in analysis while focussing on your anatomy movements is easier

said than done.

Fab abs

Cassey is all about the

core. And alike if you don’t appetite to let go of your

pillow in the morning, the three-minute Turbo Ab conditioning uses a pillow to actuate your abs.

Arms race

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