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Brownie T Shirt Fancy Dress

Q. What can my bedmate abrasion to Thanksgiving that looks chic but not business ... and can survive a spill?

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A. Dressing for amusing occasions is generally problematic. We appetite to account our hosts after either overdressing or under-dressing. Since Thanksgiving is not aloof a amusing occasion, but additionally usually a ancestors one, conceivably the burden is somewhat lessened. Or conceivably it is heightened!

A man's clothes abide to accurate his personality and position in the world, alike in nonwork situations. Generally it is added difficult to apperceive what to abrasion for these amusing occasions than for the approved accomplished world. His primary apropos should be appropriateness, abundance and acceptable looks. Keep in apperception that there's no acceptable time for attractive bad, and no bad time for attractive good.

This could be the absolute time for a guy to try article from the admirable options displayed in magazines and in stores, provided he doesn't go overboard. Tweed sports coats, fleet blazers, handsome sweaters, sweater vests, puffer jackets, well-cut dress pants, attractive (and well-ironed) action shirts and dress shirts (with or after a tie) are all possibilities. Layering is a acceptable strategy, with article you can booty off, if charge be. Not alone does it assignment to clothing the temperature, but it additionally gives a man elbowroom to acclimatize what he is cutting to be added in befitting with others who are attending.

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Let's activate with what not to wear. You needn't abrasion a suit; that would be too accomplished and too dressy. Avoid ratty jeans; they are the added extreme. Choose the array of items that are dressy-casual, article you attending acceptable in and feel adequate in. If, for example, you abrasion a tweed anorak or a aphotic blazer, it goes abundant with a accepted dress shirt -- beat with a accidental affiliate tie or open-at-the-neck -- dress pants, loafers and maybe a fun brace of bright socks.

Or your clothes can reflect a absolutely added accidental attitude. You ability abrasion biscuit affection pants or corduroys with a sweater or sweater vest. As for shirts, annihilation from brightly-colored gingham checks or stripes to a adventurous affection checkerboard could work. I abnormally like ample delicate plaids that accommodate biscuit as one of the colors, repeating/echoing the blush of the chinos.

Slip-on loafers -- in acceptable action -- in a able adumbration of average to aphotic amber will abutment any of these combinations.

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Wearing a T-shirt, sweatshirt, achromatic jeans, and/or bedraggled sneakers to a sit-down banquet is insulting. If you appetite to attending as if you absolutely accord at the grown-ups' table, don't under-dress.

My able activity is that it never hurts to be hardly added active and put-together than the bearings requires. If it turns out that you're the best-dressed guy in the room, it's not a disaster.

And, if you do get a spill, don't diaphoresis it. Aloof booty the apparel to the dry cleaner or use a acceptable atom remover as anon as possible. The best a atom charcoal untreated, the added difficult it is to remove.


Enjoy the holiday!

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