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I am currently crocheting a babyish afghan that has a acceptable pineapple burden in the center. 

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I accomplished as I formed on it this accomplished week, my grandmothers accept consistently crocheted pineapple doilies, table runners and tablecloths, and I had no abstraction of the history or the acceptation of the pineapple. 

This is not my aboriginal afghan with the pineapple motif. I accept crocheted several over the years, some are aerial and delicate, while others are thicker and assume warmer. 

I absitively to attending up the history of the pineapple motif. 

According to a Adornment Spot blog column by Caissa "Cami" McClinton, the adornment pineapple burden became accepted in the 1930s and 1940s, alike admitting arrangement books dating aback to the aboriginal 1840s agitated pineapple patterns. 

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Crocheters would accomplish doilies to abode in their bedfellow bedrooms or banquet table, according to the blog. The pineapple itself was considered “a affable symbol,” McClinton wrote. 

I apperceive the pineapple burden appears complicated but it is rather simple, application bifold crochet, distinct adornment and alternation stitches. 

That blog got me cerebration to other “traditional” patterns, like the granny-square. 

I bethink in the 1960s back it seemed every babe at Willard Elementary had a granny aboveboard belong they wore over their dress. I absolutely capital one, so my Grandma Watts fabricated me one. 

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Decades afterwards back I was acquirements to crochet, it was the granny aboveboard that absorbed me. I abutting an online adornment barter club. Anniversary affiliate was accustomed seven names and addresses. Anniversary affiliate crocheted seven 6-inch squares and mailed them to those on the list. 

The aboriginal ones I mailed were basal granny squares. Granny squares, which accept been about back the 1800s, were commonly fabricated to use up left-over yarn or wool. They are formed in the circuit and if it is a “traditional” aboveboard the aboriginal annular is atramentous and again anniversary annular afterwards that is a altered color. The borders of anniversary aboveboard are atramentous also. The squares are again sewn calm into afghans.

The ones I accustomed in the mail from adolescent crocheters were far from basic. Some had flowers in the center, others hearts, butterflies, Santas, Christmas trees, snowflakes, the American banderole or pumpkins. I took on the claiming and started analytic for patterns that took the granny to the abutting level.

I afresh completed an afghan for a nephew and his wife who were affiliated a year ago. Afghans like this booty hours and hours of work. They capital a “Minion” aggressive afghan. Analytic Pinterest, I begin repeatercrafter.com’s arrangement for a  “Minion” aggressive aboveboard that uses the basics of the granny square. I fabricated some of the Minions with two eyes and some with one eye. I additionally fabricated a few that were amethyst minions, not aloof the chicken ones, because we all accept bad days. I additionally included affection squares that are variations of the basal granny square.

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My favorite “granny square” afghans I’ve fabricated are the Batman-inspired ones I fabricated for bristles of my grandsons. My son-in-law drew the basal bat on a blueprint cardboard for me and I crocheted one 2-inch granny aboveboard for anniversary aboveboard on the graph, appropriately 360 squares total. Anniversary afghan took me added than 60 hours to complete, but, they were for my grandsons. 

Crocheting acceptable motifs or designs over the years has helped me feel affiliated to my grandmothers. I accept a crocheted chevron afghan one of my great-grandmothers fabricated me back I was a baby. My grandmothers accept crocheted agnate afghans for my children. Now I adornment chevron afghans and best sweaters for ancestors members. 

I assumption that is why they are traditional. They accumulate us affiliated to the past.  

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Chevron Crochet baby dress pattern ⋆ Crochet Kingdom
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