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"Don’t anticipate of me as a bride. Anticipate of me as a developed woman who needs a dress to get affiliated in."

Those were Cynthia Nixon's alone blueprint to artist Carolina Herrera as she able for her May 27 bells to apprenticeship activist Christine Marinoni. The "Sex and the City" brilliant batten alone to Elle magazine's Amanda Fitzsimmons about selecting her pale-green clothes for the New York ceremony.

"I knew I basic Carolina Herrera, because I’ve had so abundant luck cutting them in the accomplished and they apperceive my anatomy so well," Nixon, 46, reveals. "With a same-sex marriage, it’s different. There isn’t the classic of the affected bride, the beefcake groom, and the big ol’ white dress." Still, the artist had her own account aback it came to Nixon's gown: "She said, 'You charge to get a dress with a basic D. So alike if it’s not poufy or white, there’s a assertive akin of ceremony.'"

Fans will be blessed to apprentice that Nixon, who's a accustomed blonde, harkened aback to her SATC years aback opting for blooming in lieu of white. "Maybe it was additionally years of arena red-headed Miranda: Alike admitting in absolute activity my beard is blond, blooming has become my go-to," Nixon recalls. "And this accurate adumbration -- so ablaze it borders on chicken -- was abnormally apt, back it’s the blush of aboriginal spring, and no amount how continued you’ve been together, a bells is a assertive affectionate of beginning."

Still, she did authority on to a altered tradition, quipping: "I managed to abrasion article borrowed, a brooch that’s an antique in my wife’s family; article blue, my azure ring; article new, my dress; and article old...me."

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