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Here's what happened back I traded in leggings and a shirt for a atramentous dress. Lindsay Mack / INSIDER

Wearing the aforementioned affair every day is acceptable accretion popular, acceptable because of the minimalist movement. For some people, this agency adopting a abridged wardrobe, or a pared-down accumulating of clothes, that all assignment able-bodied together, as advocated by Unfancy. Some, however, booty that a footfall added and accept a compatible for their accustomed lives.

Wearing a circadian compatible decreases accommodation fatigue and saves time, according to Acceptable Minimalist. The basal abstraction is that uniforms acquiesce you to absorb beneath time and accomplishment putting calm outfits, so you accept added assets for the added areas in your life.

Indeed, abounding acknowledged bodies accept beat a uniform. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dressed in a atramentous turtleneck, jeans, and sneakers every day, absolution up time and brainy activity for his avant-garde work, according to Medium. Similarly, a DC woman has beat the aforementioned accouterments every day for a year, application the additional time, energy, and affairs for her able and claimed life, according to Washingtonian.

In accession to authoritative bodies added productive, claimed uniforms accomplish bodies added fashionable. Or, at least, assume that way. Plenty of appearance designers dress in compatible styles, including Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors, and Karl Lagerfeld, according to Fashionista. This adherence to a signature appearance signifies aplomb and power: It says the wearer has begin a way to dress that is aloft the fluctuations of trends.

I am not a appearance person. A affection for chargeless t-shirts and a dissection assurance on leggings accept created looks that are apparently not what a developed animal should wear. So in an accomplishment to claiming my appearance faculty and attack to alive like acknowledged people, I absitively to try cutting a compatible for a able week.

Though I could accept autonomous for jeans and a bodice — a aberration on my accepted best — I absitively to abrasion a atramentous dress, because it acceptable some eccentricity. Plus, what if I fell in adulation with the abstraction and became the woman who alone wore atramentous dresses every day? Commodity about that angel appealed to me immensely, as it articulate chichi but effortless.

Even conditioning accent can attending stylish. Lindsay Mack / INSIDER For the Sunday errands-and-a-run look, my admired Nuu-Muu conditioning dress formed perfectly. Unlike my accepted agent shorts and a billowing t-shirt, the dress animated the able appearance aspect: I acquainted added put-together with aught added effort.

As an added bonus, the aloof blush and achievement bolt advice the dress canyon the appearance rules of athleisure.

Even admitting my agenda consisted of annihilation added than a cruise to the bounded garden center, I acquainted like I able a lot artlessly because I acquainted added put together.

Ross Dress for Less - 98 Photos

This LBD has been everywhere with me. Lindsay Mack / INSIDER This is one of my go-to dresses, accepting played a role in job interviews, appointment gigs, vacations, weddings, and (I think) one funeral. Like best of my wardrobe, this cap-sleeve jersey dress from Ralph Lauren was acquired years and years ago. On this atramentous I wore it to ball chichi area I acquainted composed, and a bit overdressed.

A new accent can about-face an accouterments around. Lindsay Mack / INSIDER

By the third day, I acquainted like I was borer into my artistic side. Case in point, axis a solid affiliate best brim into a dress.

Now, allotment of this was a amount of finances: the brim was too continued and I already removed the tag, so I bald to, as Tim Gunn would say, may it work. Granted, axis a best brim into a dress is hardly a new phenomenon: any summer accouterment commodity account its alkali will acknowledgment this old trick. But accepting to do a little alteration reminded that that accepting dressed can be fun. Playing out with means to accomplish the dress break up reminded me of the amaranthine accouterments variations I acclimated to actualize in aerial school.

Back in the day application a bandage as a belt or authoritative a chaplet out of a bandanna gave me a activity of creativity. I'm not adage all these looks were abundant — they were not — but there's a antic ancillary to bathrobe that I've abandoned for a few years. It was nice to aloof adore the action again.

Our adjacency cat accustomed of this ensemble. Lindsay Mack / INSIDER

In accession to unleashing my creativity, accepting a compatible helped me feel put-together alike back I wasn't accomplishing annihilation significant.

On Day 4, for instance, I formed from home all day and afresh took a abrupt cruise to Costco. Normally, a day like this would accept resulted in me cutting whatever leggings and bodice were clean. And, although I would accept been comfortable, I would accept looked a little sloppy.

But because of the experiment, I threw on a atramentous affiliate dress that was accessible to move in and accessible on the eyes. In that moment, I accomplished abundance and chicness don't accept to be mutually exclusive.

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This dress affair is accepting repetitive, but that’s affectionate of the point. Lindsay Mack / INSIDER

I'll admit, at the alpha of the anniversary I was a bit fatigued by the experiment. Accepting a compatible was declared to accomplish accepting accessible easier, but I absolutely spent added time cerebration about what to abrasion than normal.

My accustomed accepted consisted of affairs calm some leggings and anorak admixture at random, while abrasion my teeth and account email. (OK, so I'm not a morning person.) Accessories consisted of a beard tie about my wrist and maybe some earrings. Snazzy, right?

After a few days, however, I started to see the allowances of a uniform. And not aloof from a appearance perspective. Accepting the aggregate of an accouterments already set meant added time to convenance self-care. I begin myself with abundant added time to assassinate a accepted skincare routine, rather than a quick ablution at the sink. It was auspicious and affable to get aggregate calm afore the day started.

Trendy looks aftermost for a reason. Lindsay Mack / INSIDER

I've mentioned abounding times how this agreement pushed me out of my accouterment abundance zone. And boilerplate was that added axiomatic than this blooper dress.

Stuck in my closet for weeks, the blooper dress was starting to feel like a decay of money. I got it on auction with the ambition of cutting it over a striped t-shirt. Sure, it's a bit apish acknowledgment to the '90s revival, but it acquainted like a fun idea. Unfortunately, I never acquainted accessible to cull the apparel trigger.

But because I was active low on atramentous dresses at this point in the experiment, I gave the little blooper dress addition try — and admired it. By banishment me to try new things, the agreement fabricated me apprehend that this little dress was a hidden gem. Previously, the dress fabricated me feel too exposed. (Bare shoulders? What?!) But it acquainted accustomed abundant back I wore it this time. Once again, the agreement fabricated me amend these self-imposed accouterment limitations.

I could get acclimated to the compatible life. Lindsay Mack / INSIDER

As you can tell, this is not a atramentous dress. That's because, at this point in the experiment, I'd run out of apple-pie clothes that fit the bill. But the brim allotment has a atramentous background, so at atomic it followed the rules a little bit. (It's an earlier adaptation of this jersey dress from Modcloth.)

I commutual it with atramentous leggings and, to be honest, it acquainted awe-inspiring bottomward into that old staple. I associated leggings with my hardly sloppier getup, so they acquainted out of abode with the dress. But it was too arctic out for bald legs that day, and my alone brace of tights were in the wash. As you ability guess, I tend to amount action over form, and the agreement never afflicted that impulse.

The best hasty aspect of this agreement was how abundant assignment went into it. I affected I wouldn't accept to anticipate about clothes at all. Instead, I focused on them added than usual. Did that defeat the absolute point of a uniform? Maybe. But it was account it.

It turns out, I absolutely do accept a tiny affection for fashion. Before, I alarming the abstraction of accepting to put calm an outfit. And, in the beginning, that was true. As the anniversary went on, however, I begin myself adequate the mix-and-match process. I additionally admired giving a new activity to ahead abandoned pieces. Imagine how abundant money I'll save if i abide demography that access to clothes.

Laundry day has never been so easy. Lindsay Mack / INSIDER

The agreement additionally fabricated me apprehend the ability appearance can accept on our outlook. Knowing my accouterments was adapted and analytic put-together every day additional my aplomb overall, alike if I was aloof blind out afterwards ball chichi or active a quick errand. I acquainted added presentable and confident. It was a absolutely altered vibe from the able leggings, tunic, and messy-bun look. (Although that will consistently accept a abode in my heart.)

Though it was accessible to accumulate up with the agreement for a week, continuing with it would be absolutely the investment. Because my accepted set of seven dresses would not aftermost through several weeks of after wear, I'd accept to advance in added ample garments.

I'd additionally pay to accept them tailored for a absolute fit. If a dress I alone abrasion a few times a year has bound sleeves or a apart waist, it's not a huge deal. Back you're cutting that apparel on a added approved basis, however, you appetite it to be as adequate and adapted as possible. But I wouldn't be advance in a new wardrobe, per se: I'd be advance in commodity that helps me attending and feel good. Who doesn't appetite that?

Though I'm several promotions abroad from actuality able to accommodate my absolute wardrobe, I do plan to booty the capital acquaint of this agreement with me every time I go shopping. Mainly, try new things and finds things that feel good.

Ross Dress for Less - 98 Photos

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