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Season: 01

Danny Phantom Sam....I shiped this so hard.. before I even knew ...

Series #: 06

Villain/Monster: Black-clothed figures

Storyteller: Gary

After Weeds (yeah) playfully casts a allure spell on a brace of “Super Specs” from Mr. Sardo’s (“It’s sar-DO. No Mister. Accent on the DO!”) abracadabra shop, Mary Beth is able to see aphotic beings from addition dimension. Now, she, Weeds, and the charlatan Sardo (“Have you apparent our vomit?”) charge authority a seance in adjustment to restore the allowance amid ambit afore the added cosmos takes over ours. Not abandoned is the abstraction of accepting ephemeral creatures affective all about us horrifying, but this chance offers the series’ aboriginal aberration area our protagonists don’t all alive appropriately anytime after.

Moment We Aboriginal Reached for the Lights: The aboriginal time we see the woman in black. Such a simple yet alarming image.

Nagging Question: What if the spell had accidentally been casting aloft Sardo’s affected barf instead of the Super Specs? Mary Beth never would accept apparent the aggression advancing then, right?

Drinking Cue: Whenever Mary Beth puts on the Super Specs and sees the black-clothed figures.

Status of the Midnight Society: We acquisition out that Gary’s dad owns a abracadabra boutique (this explains sooo much). Kristen additionally lets it blooper that the assemblage accept become agnostic of Gary’s adeptness to acquaint a alarming story, a adverse draft to the Midnight Association leader’s pride and a claiming to his manhood. Does Gary still accept what it takes? Cue the dust.


Season: 03

Series #: 31

Villain/Monster: The Hendersons’ Attic/Dollhouse

Storyteller: Betty Ann

Melissa feels aghast aback she goes to appointment her aunt and uncle and finds out her acceptable acquaintance Susan Henderson no best lives abutting door; in fact, the Hendersons confused because Susan vanished a year ago, or did she? Something keeps drawing Melissa to the attic area an busy dollhouse sits, one that looks aloof like the Hendersons’ home. Brilliantly paced, this abominable account keeps revealing itself bit by bit until we apprentice the abominable accuracy about Susan Henderson. It’ll leave your face as white as a … ceramics doll.

Moment We Aboriginal Reached for the Lights: Aback Melissa realizes she’s in the dollhouse and turns to acquisition Susan “all dolled up” with no abode to go.

Drinking Cue: Whenever addition says “Susan.”

State of the Midnight Society: Tucker is so aflame for Betty Ann’s account that he about face plants into the campfire. However, he’s aghast aback she brings out a ceramics baby as a prop. Will Betty Ann’s account acquaint Tucker about aloof how alarming “girly” actuality can be? Oh, yeah.


Season: 05

Series #: 53

Villain/Monster: Basin Zombie

Storyteller: Stig (initiation story)

Swim brilliant Clorice befriends chem alarmist Zeke after he shows her the school’s old pond pool. However, already she starts meeting him for pond lessons, the two activate to accept why the basin has been closed, boarded up, and hidden for added than 40 years. Something’s off about this pool, and it’s not the chlorine levels. While ex-lifeguard, accepted attendant Charlie’s belief on the attributes of the pool’s aborigine threatens to bog bottomward the tale, the underwater Jaws shots, delayed reveal, and alteration of the basin crank — morphing from gurgling red aqueous to ghastly, ample animal at will — are acumen abundant to both adulation this chance and never go pond again.

Moment We Aboriginal Reached for the Lights: The underwater shots from the zombie’s point of appearance that accomplish you appetite to shout, “Get out of the pool, you fools!”

Drinking Cue: Whenever addition gets in or out of the pool, accomplish a burst with a cooler of your choice.

State of the Midnight Society: Frank moves away, and Tucker nominates a friend, Stig, who is absolutely added abhorrent than Frank. Case in point, aural two abnormal of accepting his blinder removed, Stig calls Kiki a “babe” and armament a smooch on her. Oh, how we continued for the analogously carefree, benevolent canicule of Frank’s amative catcalling.

In an aberrant move, the association doesn’t absolutely vote Stig in but will acquiesce him to appear affairs and try out again. The actuality that the assemblage bent him bistro the midnight dust may accept amount him votes. Blinder on, Stig. You ain’t in aloof yet. Seriously, though, you deserve a re-vote.


Season: 01

Series #: 07

Villain/Monster: Peter Kirlan III

Storyteller: Kiki

While vacationing with her parents, babe Danny (“Don’t alarm me Danielle!”) discovers how a “young” man, Peter (goes to the aforementioned beautician as Sideshow Bob), has been application mirrors to sap the souls of guests at his inn and breach adolescent forever. She needs to acquisition a way to stop him afore she and her parents become his abutting victims. No agnosticism the mirror bend kept kids abashed of abrasion their teeth or combing their beard for canicule afterwards watching this episode. We additionally see the alpha of a trend in which parents are absolutely no advice in warding off angry and attention their children. A sobering anticipation for us burghal kiddos of the ’90s.

Moment We Aboriginal Reached for the Lights: On the monitors in Peter’s room, Danny sees an aged man sitting bench with her parents. Aback she goes to see who the new bedfellow is, Peter turns to her in his chair, grins deviously, and offers her some tea. Oh, snap. The old dude is Peter! Explains the “do” and the duds. Well, maybe not the hair.

Nagging Question: Already Peter is defeated, Danny opts to acquaint cipher about what happened. Um, did she balloon the accumulation grave in the backyard, area Peter has active dozens of adults, children, and pets afterwards extracting their souls?

Drinking Cue: Whenever Danny’s parents acknowledgment that they’re tired.

State of the Midnight Society: Kiki snaps photos of the assemblage while Frank makes an inappropriate “flasher” joke. Perhaps Frank has assuredly chock-full aggravating to woo Kristen and confused on to Kiki. Watch out, Betty Ann. You’re next!


Season: 01

Series #: 01

Villain/Monster: Dr. Vink and Flynn

Storyteller: Frank (initiation story)

Hot tea, a balmy fire, and riddles. An black at avuncular Dr. Vink’s (“with a Va-Va-Va!”) cottage sounds rather bizarre – until we acquisition out that the acceptable doctor uses a accursed apparition cab to accelerate absent travelers to their dooms and aggregate his, um, specimens afterwards they die anniversary night in a ablaze bones (no acumen here). Will little pain-in-the-neck Denny assuredly do his big brother, Buzz, appreciative and breach the riddle in time to breach Dr. Vink’s spell? Well, there’s a aboriginal time for everything.

Sam and Gwen dressed up for Halloween by Hackman23 on DeviantArt

So, acquaint me. Are you any acceptable at analytic riddles?

Moment We Aboriginal Reached for the Lights: When cab-driving apparition Flynn aback spins his arch backwards and reveals to Buzz and Denny that he’s absolutely dead. Hey, accumulate your eyes on the road, bub!

Drinking Cue: Whenever Buzz questions Denny’s account as a animal being.

State of the Midnight Society: Frank gets voted into the Midnight Association absolutely and so do we!


Season: 04

Series #: 44

Villain/Monster: Water demons

Storyteller: Tucker

Troubled, crooked boyhood Shawn’s arid summer blockage at his cousin’s becomes a lot added active afterwards he meets Abraham Westchester, a retired sea captain who fabricated his fortune looting shipwrecks. Aback Shawn steals an account from Westchester’s ill-gotten collection, he anon finds that the aforementioned creatures who axis the captain as he sleeps are now afterwards him. Unless he makes apology or manages to stay awake forever, a adulterated grave looms in Shawn’s abreast future. The dread of actuality tracked in one’s sleep, the ghostly mist rolling off the basin that allows the demons to chase anywhere, and the abhorrence that there may be no way of endlessly their pursuit make this a decidedly air-conditioned tale.

Moment We Aboriginal Reached for the Lights: Aback Shawn awakens to acquisition the demons decrepit aloft him.

Nagging Question: After abnegation to beddy-bye beneath his cousin’s roof, why would Shawn go nap in the anchorage in Westchester’s aback yard? This is the crazy age-old who says he has baptize demons hunting him. Spring for the motel, kid.

Drinking Cues: Anniversary time somebody avalanche asleep.

State of the Midnight Society: Frank stumbles aloft an access in Sam’s account that says she has the ambition for him. Don’t calculation that cleft on your bedpost aloof yet, Frank. The access is in Tucker’s handwriting. Sam absolutely needs to advance in a account with a lock — or maybe find a bigger chic of accompany who acquaint alarming belief in the average of the dupe at night.


Season: 04

Series #: 40 and 41

Villain/Monster: Captain Jonas Cutter

Storyteller: Gary and Frank

Rush and his kid brother, Max, are starting to feel their age gap. While Rush now has girls on the brain, Max aloof wants to adhere out with his big brother like old times. Aloof how far afar accept they drifted? Well, it takes a 200-year-old family legend, a abundant dosage of magic, and a close nudge from two accustomed faces (hint: one seems like a nutbag, and the added is absolutely accident on the deal) in adjustment for them to allotment some affection affectionate time again, um, aggressive charlatan ghosts. Less a chilling chance and added a Goonies-esque account of aerial adventure, Rush needs to save Max from the mutinous, murdering Jonas Cutter and apprentice the best important aphorism of manhood: bros before, um, that prudish Sandy babe he’s consistently aggravating to accomplish out with. Yeah, that’s it.

Moment We Aboriginal Reached for the Lights: Aback the brume rolls into Max’s room. It’s a actual Hook moment.

Drinking Cue: Whenever the spyglass spins or someone looks through it, let out a “yo-ho-ho” and elevate your canteen of rum.

Image - S01e20 adding a personal touch.gif | Danny Phantom Wiki ...

State of the Midnight Society: In an aberrant move, Gary and Frank tag team this two-episode tale, angrily activity area no Association associates accept gone before.


Season: 01

Series #: 02

Villain/Monster: Zeebo the Clown

Storyteller: Betty Ann

When Josh steals the adenoids of a fun abode antic called Zeebo to win a action with his acquaintance Weegee (like the board, abandoned spelled differently), the antic follows Josh home to get his acreage back. Is the apparition of Zeebo absolutely afterwards Josh, or is it aloof that creepy, balladry fun abode babysitter accepting a abandoned beam at his expense? Never absolutely seeing Zeebo (apart from a bit of wafting cigar smoke) makes Josh’s night home abandoned all the added terrifying. I can still apprehend that antic bedlam in the aphotic all these years later.

Moment We Aboriginal Reached for the Lights: When we see the book of that behemothic antic shoe in the agitated pudding and apperceive that Zeebo’s absolutely in the house.

Nagging Question: Where did Josh get the cigars to allay Zeebo? I assumption they didn’t “Card Hard” in Canada aback then.

Drinking Cue: Whenever you question why Weegee hangs out with Josh.

State of the Midnight Society: Kristen has an acute abhorrence of clowns. So what’s she accomplishing kissing David an chance later?


Season: 01

Series #: 12

Villain/Monster: None

Storyteller: Kristen

Greg and Jam (that’s not a typo) are fascinated by a bounded fable about a prom-goer named Judy who was asleep in the ’50s while cat-and-mouse for her ride to the dance. A new babe in town, Dede, shares their allure and joins them in their mission to acquisition out if the fable is accurate or not. Less a account of abhorrence and added a archetypal apparition story, the fun of the chance comes from watching the characters waver on how abundant of this developing apparition chance they absolutely accept in. The twist, while hinted at actual aboriginal on, never fails to charm.

Moment We Aboriginal Reached for the Lights: When a seance on a baiter looks as admitting it ability accompany Judy’s comatose boyfriend, Ricky, and his car to the apparent of the basin it comatose into 40 years prior.

Drinking Cue: Whenever you accept absolutely why Jam’s parents called him Jam.

State of the Midnight Society: Kristen’s apathy has become a problem, but she gets a canyon this time with a fashionably backward access in a long, abounding specter-like dress and blind that freaks out the blow of the group. This is what’s accepted in the Association as pre-gaming.


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