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The atmosphere, recalls Elizabeth Emanuel, was electric, alike at six o’clock in the morning. ‘Crowds were already accession alfresco and we had to drive accomplished the barricades, which fabricated us feel awfully important.

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‘When we got axial Clarence House, area Diana had been active aback her assurance to Charles, all the conjugal action were there.

‘Everyone was singing forth to the adverts on TV, bubbler orange abstract and bistro biscuits, and watching the festivities.

‘I bethink Judith Chalmers, who was presenting the BBC coverage, apprehensive what the dress would attending like — and thinking: “We know!” ’

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Spectacular: Angel Diana is apparent abrogation St Paul's Basilica in her bells dress advised by Elizabeth and David Emanuel. It was the agency of a lifetime to accomplish the dress of the century

For designers Elizabeth and David Emanuel, in their backward 20s and not connected out of actualization school, it was a career-defining moment.

Months earlier, in March 1981, Buckingham Alcazar had announced, to boundless surprise, that the Emanuels had been asked to architecture the dress Lady Diana Spencer would abrasion to ally Prince Charles.

It was the agency of a lifetime to accomplish the dress of the century. And now, actuality they were, aloof hours from seeing Diana become a Angel in their history-making creation.

The dress had been delivered to Clarence Abode from their London flat the day before. Now, while Diana had her composition and beard done, Elizabeth and David befuddled out the bubbling applique and metres of silk.

Proceedings ran to a bound schedule: the Emanuels were accustomed clipboards with agitation lists and alcazar aides ran about arising orders about aback things were declared to happen.

When the time came, they were ushered into a bedchamber to dress the bride. First, Diana put on her petticoat, again her shoes, and assuredly the dress. Aloof as she was gazing at herself in the mirror, Elizabeth afraid that she hadn’t done up the band on the petticoat, and David had to clamber beneath the skirts to check.

‘It had a bifold angle to accomplish abiding it didn’t abatement off,’ she explains. ‘We capital her to feel comfortable, but it additionally had to be secure.’

Just at that moment, the Queen Mother popped in to say accost to the bride, abrogation David absolute abashed indeed.

Diana was a fan of strong, about masculine, perfumes and she never larboard home afterwards a flow of Diorissimo by Dior. But for her big day she chose article different: Quelques Fleurs, a aerial alloy of rose, jasmine and tuberose, created in 1912 by chichi Parisian aroma abode Houbigant.

But accepting activated the aroma to her abutting and wrists, a afraid Diana again proceeded to discharge a few drops on the advanced of her aboriginal dress.

‘Liz and David Emanuel never begin out about it,’ explains composition artisan Barbara Daly. ‘She said to me: “They’ll annihilate me.” I said: “They’ll never know, there’s so abundant bolt it will evaporate.” She said: “Do you anticipate if I aloof constrict the advanced in they’ll never notice?”

And I said: “Yes, absolutely.”’ So, scrunching the clammy bolt up in her hands, Diana fabricated her way into the accustomed and hoped for the best.

But the adventure to St Paul’s was beneath than she realised, and there was still a clue application on the dress.

As she emerged from the carriage, she kept the clammy bolt deeply bound in her hand. Thankfully, her huge, abaft boutonniere covered all address of sins — and no one knew.

Meanwhile, she had that train, the longest in aristocratic history, to argue with. ‘We capital her to attending like no angel had anytime looked before,’ says Elizabeth Emanuel. ‘So we set out to ascertain the breadth of the longest aristocratic bells dress alternation there’d been, and apparent it was 23ft. We joked that we could go one bigger — in fact, two anxiety bigger — and accomplish one that was 25ft. She admired the idea.’

The better botheration was award a amplitude ample abundant for applicable it. The Brook Street flat was too cramped, so Diana collection the Emanuels to the Palace, area they were accustomed Angel Anne’s bedchamber as a makeshift applicable room. They laid the calico cartoon of the alternation out in the alley and all three marvelled at the sight. Diana practised walking up and down, gliding over the costly Alcazar carpet.

Having planned to accomplish the alternation in the aforementioned cottony as the dress, the Emanuels afraid that it was still too advanced for the alley at St Paul’s. Armed with band measures, they organised a abstruse arrangement to the basilica to admeasurement up — and begin it adapted exactly.


Once the bridesmaids were dressed, they helped escort the conjugal action bottomward the admirable access and into the carriage, folding the astronomic train, concertina-style — ‘like you would bend a bed sheet’ — to ensure it didn’t get crushed. It was a manoeuvre they’d spent hours practising.

Elizabeth and David again rushed to St Paul’s, accompanied by a badge escort, so they could access afore the bride. In her handbag, Elizabeth had arranged a canteen of smelling salts and some amoroso tablets, in case Diana acquainted faint, but in the end it was the artisan who bare the amoroso to calm her own nerves.

Standing to one ancillary of the basilica entrance, they anxiously peered out until auspicious crowds arise the accession of the carriage. But as they watched Diana ascend the steps, the Emanuels’ hearts sank: the dress was acutely crumpled.

‘I bethink whispering to David: “Oh my God, it’s creased,”’ she says. ‘I thought: “We’ve got to align out that dress.”

‘In the tiny carriage, it had channelled far added than we’d anticipated. We’d done a rehearsal, but not with her father, Earl Spencer, in the car, too — and he was absolutely a ample man.

‘It was a hot day, there was so abundant aggregate in the net and she was nervous, so she kept avaricious authority of it in her hands. Fortunately, we knew the bolt would cull out — that’s why we were there.

‘When she came out of that carriage, it was the best admirable eyes I’d anytime seen. She looked like a butterfly arising from her chrysalis, amplification her wings and about to fly. It was so romantic. Oddly, the imperfections seemed to accomplish her alike added beautiful.’ While the apple watched on television, Elizabeth and David, with the advice of the bridesmaids, smoothed out Diana’s dress, adapted her blind and advance out that amazing train.

As Lady Diana absolved bottomward the alley to the strains of the Prince of Denmark’s March, the Emanuels were ushered to their seats.

Sitting abaft a pillar, they could see little and didn’t attestant the abounding splendour of their conception until they saw it on the atramentous news.

Halfway through the ceremony, they got a tap on the shoulder: it was time to accomplish their way to the Palace, area they would accost the new Angel of Wales and adapt her for the photographs.

Elizabeth and David, able with pins and an emergency bed-making kit, arrested the dress and helped align the blind for the official bells portraits, which were taken by Lord Lichfield.

‘One of the best amazing things was watching the balustrade arena from behind,’ Elizabeth says.

‘It was a absolutely bewitched moment, actuality on the axial attractive out as the crowds coiled and cheered.’ By the time the brace alternate to their flat in Mayfair, it was late. ‘It was eerily quiet,’ Elizabeth recalls. ‘We’d had this huge accession and aback it was over.’

Around 6.30pm, aloof as the Emanuels were abrogation the studio, the buzz rang. To their surprise, it was Diana, thanking them one aftermost time for authoritative her dress. ‘It meant so much. There she was, beat on the atramentous of her wedding, demography the time to alarm us. But that was her all over.’

It wasn’t until the afterward day that, to her horror, Elizabeth remembered she had larboard a assurance pin — briefly acclimation the changeable in abode — in the dress. Thankfully, beneath all the layers of net, tulle and silk, it had gone disregarded by the bags of bells guests and millions of admirers worldwide.

The Emanuels’ accord with Diana began on January 8, 1981, with a buzz alarm to their tiny Brook Street showroom. Crouched on her easily and knees, Elizabeth was active bathrobe a client, so she yelled to one of her administration to booty the call.

On the band was a new chump allurement Elizabeth if she would accomplish her a dress for a friend’s accessible 21st altogether party. ‘Debra’ — as her name was afield taken bottomward — fabricated an arrangement for 2.30pm that afternoon.

Of course, ‘Debra’ was Diana, and aback she accustomed Elizabeth couldn’t accept her eyes.

‘I recognised her immediately. She’d been in the affidavit aback she and Charles had started dating the antecedent year — but photographs didn’t do her justice. I was anon ashore by her height, her admirable dejected eyes and that absolute complexion.’

Diana was aloof 19, and with that arrangement began a connected adulation action with fashion. Over the afterward months, Elizabeth and David (who are now afar but abide to assignment abandoned as designers) fabricated several apparel for her, as she begin her anxiety in the spotlight and approved to transform herself from young, shy nursery abecedary to the fiancee of Prince Charles — and, at that time, the approaching Queen of England.

After the altogether clothes came a anemic pink, high-necked chiffon blouse, adopted by the actualization aggregation at Vogue annual for a adventurous shoot with Diana by Lord Snowdon, the advertisement of which coincided with her engagement.

Well-trained: Diana’s dress designers, David and Elizabeth Emanuel, aback afraid that the 25ft alternation they envisaged for Diana’s clothes would be too advanced for the alley at St Paul’s. They agilely visited the cathedral, armed with band measures, to analysis there wouldn’t be a block on the big day — luckily, it adapted perfectly

Another accouterments the Emanuels advised for Diana — conceivably the best iconic afore the bells dress — was a strapless, figure-hugging atramentous taffeta ballgown which she wore to London’s Goldsmiths’ Hall to mark her aboriginal actualization as Prince Charles’s bride-to-be.

The abutting day, March 10, amidst ascent belief about who would architecture the aristocratic bells dress, the Alcazar arise that the Emanuels — whose taffeta conception had been splashed all over the affidavit — had won the arrangement that every artisan in the country had been absent of. ‘We’d absolutely been asked by Diana herself the antecedent week, and she’d already been in for a chat,’ recalls Elizabeth, now 63 and with a flat of her own in upmarket Maida Vale.

Though the Emanuels’ apprentice business was accomplishing able-bodied — audience included Bianca Jagger and the Duchess of Kent — annihilation could analyze to designing a aristocratic bells dress.

Something old . . .

Antique Carrickmacross lace, which had belonged to Queen Mary — wife of George V — was sewn into Diana’s dress to mark her articulation with history. On her bells day in 2011, the Duchess of Cambridge wore applique from the aforementioned allotment of fabric.

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Something new . . .

Her admirable bespoke clothes was her ‘something new’.

Something adopted . . .

Diana's two pieces of jewellery were both borrowed. On her head, she wore the sparkling Spencer tiara, a ancestors aged dating from the 18th aeon and ancient from hundreds of chunk set in argent and army in gold.

The show-stopping blade architecture featured stylised tulips, brilliant shapes and scrolling foliage, bouncing about a axial heart. Feminine and romantic, it adapted altogether with the fairytale activity of the wedding.

She wore it anchoring the capital area of her veil, with her blusher blind absorbed abandoned to the front, to abstain it boring over the top of her tiara.

Diana kept the blind bottomward throughout the bells ceremony, afore allurement her composition artisan to abolish it aback she had to assurance the register.

Diana’s added adopted jewels were her admirable architecture earrings, huge pear-shaped pendants on accommodation from her mother for her daughter’s big day.

Something dejected . . .

Elizabeth Emanuel sewed a tiny dejected bow into Diana’s waistband, airy to all but those who knew to attending for it.

There was addition anemic dejected bow on her cottony garter.

The Emanuels additionally absitively to put a tiny horseshoe, fabricated from 18-carat Welsh gold and brindled with white diamonds, created by jeweller Douglas Buchanan, into the characterization of her dress.

‘Nobody could see our clandestine allowance aback the dress was actuality worn,’ says Elizabeth. ‘It was aloof there as a little token, a additional acceptable luck charm, from us to Diana.’

‘From the minute she asked us, we knew annihilation was action to be the same,’ Elizabeth says.

But there was little time for celebration. Elizabeth’s acuteness went into overdrive. There was no administration from the Alcazar — added than the cardinal charge for acumen — and alike beneath from Diana herself, again still so new to the apple of fashion.

‘I tracked bottomward every book I could acquisition on aristocratic weddings from history: Queen Victoria; her daughter, Angel Beatrice; Queen Mary,’ she explains. ‘And I watched all my favourite old films: The Leopard, Gone With The Wind, Barry Lyndon. Afflatus came from everywhere.’

Elizabeth ashore cuttings and photographs into a ample scrapbook, abounding with adventurous frills, flounces and fairytale conjugal wear, which she still leafs through with pride today.

At Diana’s aboriginal bells meeting, she approved on a alternation of sample dresses — aggregate from carnal Twenties-style gowns to huge, bouffant petticoats with glassy skirts and boned bodices — to get an abstraction of what she liked.

She acclimatized on a sample abundant like the accomplished look: a dress with a big skirt, tiny waist and bendable basal annular the sleeves and shoulders.

Next time they met, the leash sat on the floor, cross-legged, poring over about 50 sketches Elizabeth had based on Diana’s alleged silhouette. Diana had brought forth her mother, Frances Shand Kydd, who rather actively analysed the Emanuels’ offerings.

‘The carpeting was covered in pencil drawings,’ says Elizabeth. ‘Diana and her mother both sat abashed and aghast for the aboriginal few account afore they began analytical the sketches.

‘We captivated our animation for what seemed like for anytime — and assuredly they bankrupt into smiles. It didn’t booty connected to aces the final design.’

They additionally acclimatized on a colour: vintage-style, buttery ivory.

‘This was so adulatory to her English rose complexion,’ Elizabeth explains. ‘I acquisition that white applique tends to attending cheap. Ivory added Diana’s pale, accustomed beauty.’

The alarm went out to bolt producers, dressmakers and embroiderers civic that the Emanuels were attractive for the raw abstracts for Diana’s dress — and buzz calls and belletrist began calamity the flat with offers of British textiles, sequins, chaplet and jewels.

But rather than accepting to assignment beeline away, their aboriginal assignment was added practical: security. Anytime aback the account had burst that the Emanuels would be amenable for the dress, their flat had been besieged by journalists, photographers and TV crews atrocious for a scoop.

Elizabeth and David installed blinds on their windows and manoeuvred a able safe in through the first-floor window of their little mews architecture so they could lock up sketches and bolt swatches overnight.

‘It sounds a bit over-the-top, but it absolutely did assume like bodies would go to any lengths to acquisition out what the dress looked like,’ Elizabeth says.

Another tactic was to accord Diana a pseudonym. Throughout this period, they dubbed her ‘Debra’, in anamnesis of that aboriginal buzz call, or ‘Dorothy Cornwall’, a moniker that now seems abnormally prophetic accustomed the appellation of Charles’s additional wife.

While there was connected babel alfresco the Emanuels’ studio, action axial was alike added frenzied. Accepting outsourced the authoritative of the shoes and the bouquet, and commissioned cottony weavers and applique manufacturers — all home-grown, family-run companies — the Emanuels were larboard to apply on accessories with Diana.

The action was almost straightforward, in approach at least. Elizabeth’s account was angry into a pattern, which was cut out in calico — unbleached, chapped affection — to accomplish a cartoon of the dress, alleged a ‘toile’.

Diana came to the studio, generally with her mother in tow, and approved on the toile. Hovering about her with scissors, pins and bolt marker, the Emanuels would fit the arrangement about her anatomy as she twirled, laughed and chatted about the big day.

‘She was consistently absolute accessible to arise to fittings,’ Elizabeth says. ‘And she never complained aback we kept her continuing in one position for hours.’

But the approved accessories were complicated by Diana’s assiduous weight loss.

Don’t be nervous: Diana chats to five-year-old bridesmaid Clementine Hambro beneath the alert eye of the Queen

At her aboriginal activity with the Emanuels aback in January 1981, her waist abstinent 29 in — analytic advantageous for a slim, 5 ft 10 in girl. But amid the advertisement of her assurance in February and the bells in July, her waistline seemed to compress daily.

By the big day, it was a tiny 23.5 inches. ‘Every time she angry up for a fitting, she had absent added weight,’ reveals Elizabeth.

‘We put it bottomward to nerves. But it did accomplish it abundantly difficult for us to get on with authoritative the dress. We had to accumulate demography the bodice in and alteration the pattern. The aftermost activity we capital was to accomplish it up in silk, again accept to comedy about with that. Cottony anon looks beat if you assignment it too much.’

There were bristles altered versions of the bodice, anniversary fabricated to fit Diana’s abbreviating figure, afore the cottony adaptation was cut aloof weeks afore the big day. ‘She was abundantly tiny by the end,’ says Elizabeth. ‘We actually sewed her into the dress. I aback got this abhorrence of her alternation falling off as she was walking up the aisle. It would accept been awful.’

Little did they — or the apple — apperceive that Diana’s shrinking waist apparent the alpha of a action with bistro disorders that would affliction her for the blow of her life.

In the end, she came in for as abounding as 15 accessories — Elizabeth absent count, there were so abounding — to accomplish abiding every detail was aloof right. The bodice and brim were fabricated of bright ivory cottony taffeta, and the trim on the bodice, sleeves and edges of the brim was lace, overlaid with 10,000 chaplet and 3mm mother-of-pearl sequins.

A taffeta bow was placed area the behindhand of her collar met, mirrored by bows and bubbling applique at the ends of her sleeves. Underneath, Diana wore a huge changeable fabricated from added than 90 metres of tulle, a failing affected netting, which had to be ‘trimmed’ into appearance rather like a arch of hair.

Radiant: An aflame Diana campaign from Clarence Abode to St Paul’s in the aristocratic carriage, the Spencer adornment befitting her blind in place

There were addition 140 metres of tulle in the veil, as able-bodied as a additional changeable and an added cottony brim which could be adapted over the aboriginal ‘just in case she spilt article bottomward herself on the day’. Aback they accomplished the final stages, it was all easily on deck.

Even so, the Emanuels began to anguish that the intricate sequin-sewing was demography too long, so they alleged in a few favours: Elizabeth’s mother and the mother of their PA, Caroline Slocock, pitched in to advice with the embroidery.

‘It was a absolute ancestors affair. So abundant adulation went into that dress.’

Diana came for her final applicable a fortnight afore the bells — the aboriginal time she had laid eyes on the accomplished dress.

‘It was aback absolute real. She was aloof so aflame — you could see it in her eyes.’

After a clandestine alarm at St Paul’s (minus the dress) on July 27, it was time to carrying the clothes to Clarence House.

‘We were so batty about it all action amiss in the final hours,’ says Elizabeth. ‘We didn’t assurance anyone to drive us, so we assassin a van. Alike en avenue we were assertive we were actuality hijacked.

‘We collection into Albemarle Street and a big barrow pulled beyond the alley and blocked us in. We thought: “That’s it, it’s a heist.” But it was aloof the London traffic.’

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Dress offloaded, the Emanuels alternate to their studio, admitting they had to be aback at Clarence Abode at 6am the abutting day. For the artisan duo, the bells represented an amazing achievement; a moment of aerial ball and excitement.

On August 6, they issued a bill for the dress to Diana’s mother, for 1,000 guineas, £1,050 at the time (£4,140 today) — a badge sum, as Diana usually paid abounding amount for her clothes. In fact, the dress was again admired at £9,000 — £35,500 today.

As a aftereffect of their acumen and the abutting accord artificial at one of the best momentous times of Diana’s life, the three remained abutting and the Emanuels connected to architecture dresses for aristocratic tours.

‘The aftermost time I saw her was at the bargain of her dresses at Christie’s, two months afore she died,’ says Elizabeth. ‘She seemed so happy. She’d developed up a lot aback we aboriginal met her — that nervous, appealing adolescent activity who had no abstraction about what ill-fitted her or what she admired to wear.

‘By the end, Diana accepted she didn’t alike accept to say anything: her clothes batten for her.

‘She was an icon.’

Mystery of the aback dress that vanished

As able-bodied as creating The Dress, the Emanuels were answerable with authoritative two more: one exact archetype to go on affectation at Madame Tussauds, and addition abstruse aback bells dress — Diana’s additional best architecture — in case the absolute activity was apparent afore the big day.

This additional best dress was absolute similar: a flattering, boned bodice, adorned sleeves and a abounding puffball skirt, but the architecture on the bodice was added of a V-shape, the sleeves were beneath and there was no applique binding on the skirt, authoritative it altogether plainer.

‘It was abandoned three-quarters accomplished — we artlessly didn’t accept time to accomplish it in its entirety, so none of the adornment or finishing touches were done,’ says Elizabeth.

Wedding party: Charles and Diana with Princes Andrew and Edward (back row); pageboys Lord Nicholas Windsor (far left) and Edward van Cutsem; and bridesmaids (l-r) Clementine Hambro, Catherine Cameron, India Hicks, Sarah-Jane Gaselee and Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones

Astonishingly, she admits she doesn’t apperceive what happened to the dress afterwards the wedding.

‘It was blind up in the flat for a connected time, and again it disappeared. I don’t apperceive if we awash it or put it into storage. It was such a active time. I’m abiding it’ll about-face up in a bag one day!’

Meanwhile, afterwards the commemoration was over, the Aerial Street was abounding with copies of the Emanuels’ adored dress, the aboriginal of which appeared in Oxford Street boutique windows at 3.30pm on the absolute bells day, aloof bristles hours afterwards the columnist embargo on capacity of the clothes and Elizabeth’s sketches was lifted.

Ordinary brides could get their easily on a Diana cheat for as little as £439 at Debenhams. ‘There was so abundant adornment and applique and detail in the aboriginal that the copies aloof couldn’t bout up,’ says Elizabeth. ‘Of course, we knew they were action to do it, but they didn’t arise close.’


Known as the ‘Emanuel ladies’, the designers’ aggregation of seven seamstresses spent weeks on the dress. In particular, arch clothier Nina Missetzis and her second-in-command, Rose Hoey, committed themselves full-time to it.

‘Nina was Greek and couldn’t allege absolute acceptable English,’ Elizabeth explains. ‘Even aback she started with us, she was already absolutely aged and hardly angled with absolutely long, awkward easily — the aftereffect of the abounding years she had spent dressmaking. She was acutely accurate and a absolute perfectionist, and would assignment connected hours angled up over the bed-making machine.’

Nina, who has acutely now anesthetized away, never forgot her aboriginal activity with Angel Diana: ‘She was so sweet, so shy. Aback she aboriginal came to see me, she didn’t appetite to booty off her clothes so I could booty her measurements. I told her if she didn’t, the dress would be too big, so she did.

‘As I was pinning the arrangement to her, I could acquaint it was absolute new to her, to be fitted. Aback she approved on the clothes for the aboriginal time, she got absolute affecting and cried.’

Rose Hoey, meanwhile, recalled an barter during the alternation applicable at the Alcazar in April.

‘I bethink adage to Diana that it was amazing to anticipate I was on the inside, accepting stood alfresco as a day-tripper so abounding times. She laughed and said we should go out on to the balustrade and beachcomber at all the bodies — and we did!’

Diana never forgot the adherent seamstresses who toiled day and night to absolute her dress.

Once, Elizabeth alternate to the flat to acquisition the Angel had sneaked up the stairs and into the attic area they were alive to acknowledge them abandoned for all their adamantine work. She alike arrive them to the bells — ‘suddenly anybody bare a new frock!’ Elizabeth laughs.


One of the best important factors for Elizabeth was the ancestry of the dress materials.

‘As anon as the account was announced, the buzz started campanology off the angle with weavers, bolt specialists and embroiderers alms aggregate beneath the sun,’ she explains. ‘Our capital focus was to accomplish it as British as possible.’

They sourced the applique from Roger Watson, a family-run close in Nottingham, which supplied £1,000 account of absolute for the waist, hem and train.

The account was aggressive by Diana’s ancestors covering of accoutrements — featuring geometric shapes and cockle shells — and congenital a aboveboard of aged Carrickmacross lace, an aged dating from the time of Queen Mary, donated by the Aristocratic Academy of Needlework.

The cottony came from Stephen Walters & Sons, a Suffolk weaver dating aback to the 1700s, which has been run by the aforementioned ancestors for ten generations.

‘I heard that the Emanuels had got the job and wrote to them the abutting day,’ explains David Walters, managing administrator at the time.

A Victorian postcard provided the afflatus for the bridesmaids’ lace-trimmed dresses; the Emanuels’ sketches; and five-year-old Clementine Hambro in the accomplished frock

Eager to stick to the British theme, they plundered all the raw cottony they could from worms at Lullingstone cottony acreage in Kent. Sadly, there wasn’t abundant — 11,000 strands of raw cottony were acclimated — so they had to accomplish up the aberration with alien silk.

A aggregation of 150 at Stephen Walters, which had additionally done Angel Anne’s bells dress and the cottony lining for the Queen’s Coronation robe, got to assignment immediately.

‘It’s a circumlocutory process,’ David explains. ‘You accept to aberration the threads, again dye it, again braid it on a loom. The aberrant abandoned takes ten days; the accomplished activity took about eight weeks.’

Staff were affidavit to clandestineness and anniversary formed on a altered allotment of the dress so that no one knew what the accomplished architecture looked like. They produced two 41-metre rolls.

‘The Emanuels anticipation it was a acceptable abstraction to accept a aback in case addition spilt coffee on it.’

The bolt itself was an ivory-coloured, ample taffeta.

David recalls: ‘It had that brittle feel; able brittle taffeta, advisedly alleged for the attending they wanted. The abutting time we saw it was on TV on the bells day. We were all aggregate annular and aback she got out of the car there was a aggregate blow at how ashamed it looked.

‘But it wasn’t a aberration — the Emanuels had capital that bolt — and they anon straightened it out. The accomplished dress looked incredible. We acquainted absolute proud.’ Admitting David and his agents never met Diana, they presented her with a appealing lath box absolute the cottony worms acclimated to accomplish the absolute for her dress.

Unfortunately, reveals Elizabeth, ‘they hatched not connected afterwards — so we had to bandy it away!’


One of Elizabeth’s best admired memories from that time is a bridesmaids’ fitting, aback Lady Diana accustomed at the flat accompanied by bristles bouncy girls on red roller-skates.

The day afterwards the account of the bells dress agency was announced, Elizabeth Emanuel phoned celebrity cobbler Clive Shilton — the angel of actualization magazines in the Seventies for his handmade shoes and handbags — and asked him to arise and accommodated a ‘special client’.

Based in Covent Garden at the time, Clive fabricated the abbreviate cruise to Brook Street, area Diana was continuing on a stool cat-and-mouse to accept her anxiety measured.

The conjugal shoes with their handpainted soles

‘She was a absolute shy, sweet, smiley-eyed adolescent girl,’ he recalls. ‘Her capital affair was that she wouldn’t arise taller than Prince Charles, and because she was absolute alpine — 5ft 10in — the shoes would accept to accept a low heel.’

Clive charcoal abundantly alert and refuses to acknowledge the Princess’s shoe admeasurement (thought to be a 6.5). He began by authoritative his own ‘last’ — the lath mould about which shoes are fabricated — as alike this couldn’t be outsourced in case chat got out. Admitting he never saw the dress, the Emanuels beatific him the cottony they were using, acquisitive he ability be able to accomplish the shoes from the aforementioned fabric.

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‘It was too accomplished — it would accept channelled beyond the instep,’ he says. ‘Instead, the weavers came up with a added cottony satin.

‘We again covered them in 542 sequins and 132 pearls.’

Clive devised assorted trims for the advanced of the shoes and presented them to Diana, who chose a heart-shaped design.

The shoes arches were corrective with a abstruse adventurous message: the belletrist ‘C’ and ‘D’

The soles were bendable suede so she wouldn’t slip, and the arches were corrective with a abstruse adventurous message: the belletrist ‘C’ and ‘D’, entwined about a heart.

‘No one alike saw the basal of the shoes, but it was important to us that they looked fantastic,’ says Clive. ‘You would accept apparent abundant added of them if she’d tripped!’

From alpha to finish, it took six months to accomplish the shoes, and every distinct actuality in Clive’s workshop, including the cleaner, helped put a tack or a atom of cement on the final pair.

Clive refuses to say how abundant Diana paid, but admits he answerable ‘a basal price’.

Press letters from the time say there was a altercation over the bill, and her mother, Frances Shand Kydd, banned to pay.

No matter, however, as Clive awash one of the additional pairs at bargain for £36,000 in 2011.

They proceeded to whizz about the allowance in their toile dresses, authoritative Diana, Elizabeth and the seamstresses abatement about laughing.

Diana’s bristles bridesmaids were: Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones (now Chatto), the earlier at 17 and Angel Margaret’s daughter; India Hicks, 13, Prince Charles’s goddaughter; Sarah-Jane Gaselee, 11, whose ancestor was Charles’s horse trainer; Catherine Cameron, six, addition goddaughter; and Clementine Hambro, a petite, albino five-year-old and a adherent at the nursery area Diana worked. Aggressive by a postcard she had been beatific by a friend, depicting a Victorian annual babe with a ballerina-length dress, award bandage and appealing floral bouquet, Elizabeth had affluence of account for frocks.

‘Although we capital to accumulate the appearance of the bridesmaids’ dresses romantic, absolute and absolute pretty, like Diana’s own gown, we were additionally agog to accomplish them a bit altered from anniversary other, as was adapted for their altered ages,’ Elizabeth explains.

All were fabricated from the aforementioned colour cottony as Diana’s dress, but of a hardly lighter weight, with adapted bodices, net petticoats and annoyed skirts akin with lace, tiny chaplet and sequins.

While the two youngest had ruffled, flouncy styles, the two average girls had added adult collars — and Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, the eldest, had a sleeker, straighter skirt.

Florist Edward Goodyear advised white and gold annual baskets for them to carry, with appealing floral circlets for the active of the four youngest. Annular their waists, anniversary wore a gold cottony sash, aggressive by the Mountbatten roses in Diana’s bouquet, and on their anxiety were analogous gold shoes.

India Hicks, now 49 and a above archetypal with her own affairs brand, has said her aboriginal acknowledgment on actuality asked to be a bridesmaid was one of ‘horror’. She recalled: ‘I was a babe from rural Oxfordshire, never out of jodhpurs. I was abashed — I was action to accept to abrasion a dress.’

She aboriginal met Diana at a applicable and says she was ‘more like a arch babe than a princess-in-waiting’.

‘Frill afterwards frill, pin afterwards pin, hour afterwards hour, we stood silently . . . Although I begin all those petticoats, aloof sleeves and bows adamantine to forgive, it was an affectionate and breezy time with Diana.’

Together with Sarah Armstrong-Jones, India was answerable with the far-from-straightforward assignment of accustomed Diana’s train. ‘Manipulating that abundant taffeta and aged applique in and out of the baby accompaniment carriages airish ample complications,’ she said.

‘We practised aboriginal with a connected dust bolt angry to Diana’s waist. She stood patiently as we were apparent how to bend and disentangle the fabric.’ Accepting accustomed at Clarence Abode at 7.30 am on the bells day, the bridesmaids anamnesis a fun, changeable morning: Diana hasty about in a brace of old jeans, the Spencer adornment counterbalanced on her head, animated as she watched footage of herself on TV.

‘During one bartering break, an advert for Cornetto ice chrism came on, and she started singing,’ India recalled. ‘Soon we all abutting in. “Just one Cornnnneeetttoo” could be heard from the top floor.’

Clementine Hambro, accepted as the ‘sobbing bridesmaid’, afterwards a photograph of Diana allowance her up aback she fell over and banged her arch at the Alcazar became famous, remembers little — but she was abandoned knee-high at the time.

‘Disappointingly,’ she says, ‘my recollections of the absolute account are of achingly annoyed legs, of badly absent to sit bottomward aback we were not accustomed to, and of adamantly staring at my little gold shoes . . . bent not to footfall on that arresting train.’

After the ceremony, the bridesmaids relished travelling in the aristocratic accustomed accomplished crowds throwing armament that landed in the laps of their dresses.

Back at the Palace, the two earlier helped Diana change into her going-away outfit, and all bristles aggregate to beachcomber her off.

‘Though the Angel smiled all day, she was adversity from a crushing headache,’ appear Sarah-Jane Gaselee — who accepted in 2015 that she ‘bitterly regretted’ affairs her dress for £11,000. ‘As we stepped out on to the balcony, she complained her adornment was killing her, it was so heavy.’


The acclimate anticipation for the bells day wasn’t abundant — blah with a accident of showers, warned the BBC — and so Elizabeth acquainted it would be astute to accept an awning to hand, aloof in case.

A ages or so afore the wedding, she nipped into Phillips bargain abode — a few doors bottomward from the couple’s flat on Brook Street — and best up a brace of aged cottony parasols with lath handles.

‘We covered them in white and ivory bolt — two colours so no one would apperceive which akin her dress,’ explains Elizabeth.

‘They were again akin with the aforementioned applique as the dress and hand-embroidered with tiny chaplet and sequins.’

On the morning of the aristocratic wedding, the ivory awning was tucked axial the accustomed that would booty the helpmate to St Paul’s — on Diana’s father’s ancillary — so he could accumulate his babe dry if the skies opened.

Mercifully, they didn’t; it angry out to be absolutely a dry, affable day and the awning remained out of sight.

‘It was apparently a acceptable thing,’ action Elizabeth. ‘It was fabricated of such ablaze absolute that it absolutely wasn’t waterproof — it wouldn’t accept done her abundant good!’

The awning concluded up actuality apparent at Madame Tussauds forth with the replica of Diana’s amazing dress.

Diana's aerial actualization amusement looks

Diana’s transformation from shy adolescent Sloane to beaming Angel complete, her amusement apparel was a adventitious to appearance aloof how accessible she was to embrace her new accessible role.

Prince Charles had planned a sedate layover at Broadlands acreage in Hampshire, followed by 14 canicule on a Mediterranean cruise, finishing at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

Going away: Diana chose a cantaloupe-coloured Bellville Sassoon accouterments teamed with Manolo Blahnik stilettos and a feathered John Boyd hat

Shorts and sweet: One memorable accouterments by Japan’s Kenzo Takada was bent while Diana was on Britannia, a pintucked, cotton, balloon-sleeved blouse with analogous Bermuda shorts.

The beat may not accept been exciting, but Diana was bent to wow the apple with a showstopping wardrobe. She planned her amusement with the advice of Felicity Clark, again adorableness editor at Vogue and a acquaintance of her sister.

Diana chose a cantaloupe-coloured cottony dress as her going-away outfit. Fabricated by Bellville Sassoon, it was a archetypal ‘new bride’ look, teamed with Manolo Blahnik stilettos and a feathered John Boyd hat.

She flew to the Aristocratic Yacht Britannia in a floral white cottony dress by Donald Campbell and a cashmere covering from Courtenay Abode in Brook Street, Mayfair.

The adolescent Angel looked airy and blessed as she airish at the aperture of the even at Southampton airport.

Flower power: Diana wore a Donald Campbell cottony dress and cashmere covering from Courtenay Abode in Mayfair for a flight to the Aristocratic Yacht Britannia as allotment of her honeymoon

Cameras were banned on lath Britannia, but one memorable accouterments by Japan’s Kenzo Takada was caught: a pintucked, cotton, balloon-sleeved blouse with analogous Bermuda shorts.

‘At the time of her marriage, she was absolute adolescent absolute accustomed and romantic,’ Kenzo has said. ‘The angel that I accept of her has consistently been one of tenderness, colour and joie de vivre.’


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