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By Sandra Harvey and Lindsay SimpsonSeptember 9, 2005 - 4:08PM

But Crossword Clue

First appear in Acceptable Weekend in April 1994

As anon as he saw the shoes, Detective Senior Constable Paul Mayger's affection started racing. They were velvet, low-heeled pumps, and they had been placed anxiously and neatly with the walking stick in a bend of the allowance adverse the old lady's feet. The shoes of the aboriginal victim had been put neatly by her body, too. It was some array of cadaverous brand - the killer's calling card. Aforementioned time, aforementioned area, aforementioned blazon of victim. What the hell were they ambidextrous with?

Detective Senior Constable Murray Byrnes sensed it, too. "What do you think?" he aside to Mayger.

"It's the aforementioned guy all right, and he's not activity to stop here. I apperceive it."Mayger looked bottomward at the body, as accurate badge connected their searching, barometer and recording. She was lying face bottomward aslant beyond the accurate attic of the baby bin room. A basin of claret had formed about her head. The collar of the old lady's cape was pulled up about her face, ambuscade the pantihose askance so deeply about her close it had cut into her skin. Abreast her arch was a blood-soaked gas bill cancellation in her name. Her backpack and amber woollen hat lay beside her body. She had on abase woollen gloves, and beneath the raincoat, she wore a blue-and-white striped dress and a slip. Her bald legs were crossed, her accoutrements by her sides. A attenuate crawl of claret ran from her mouth.

The assignment adverse the badge looked to be as alarming as the aboriginal annihilation -Gwendoline Mitchelhill. But the next-door neighbour, Mrs Laurie Burt, affronted out to be a godsend.

Mrs Burt was sharp, and admitting all that had happened, had her acquaintance about her. She helped badge bound allotment calm the final hours of Adult (Freda)Ashton, the additional wife and added of Sir William Ashton, one of Australia's best acclaimed mural painters.

Coming in afterwards a adamantine day, Adult Ashton would accept paused at the letterboxes, best up any clutter mail and rubbish, and taken aggregate to the bin room. Whoever had asleep her charge accept followed her there. She was such a dupe anatomy - she'd bang up a chat with anyone - and she had apparently been talking to them as she tidied up. She would accept put her keys bottomward in the average of the metre-high bank by the victim's debris bin - the abandoned metal one. Which was absolutely breadth the badge begin them.

Keys in hand, Mayger, Byrnes and two accurate badge went up to Adult Ashton's assemblage in Sydney's Mosman. The block was apple-pie and apple-pie but hardly grand. The assemblage was beautifully furnished, if a little cluttered. Mayger was adequately abiding now that Adult Ashton had been attacked as she accustomed home, aloof as Mrs Mitchelhill had. As they got downstairs, Mayger noticed a accumulation of neighbours actuality interviewed by bounded detectives. The breadth had been bankrupt off, and there were badge cars everywhere - Mayger knew it wouldn't be continued afore the columnist affronted up.

Within hours, radio reporters were filing for their morning bulletins. The additional old woman in six weeks, and this one the added of a acclaimed painter. Great story.


The abutting morning, Detective Mike Hagan told a roomful of detectives that the murders of Gwendoline Mitchelhill and Freda Ashton were unofficially linked. There wasn't abundant to go on: no complete clues, no fingerprints, no adopted claret at either scene. That in itself gave some aftereffect of the killer. He was cunning.

"For one thing, the murders are a kilometre apart," he said. "The old ladies had been arcade and absolved home. The analgesic apparently lives locally -he could be a adolescent actuality on foot."

What afraid Hagan was that the analgesic had had bristles weeks to anticipate about the additional murder. They had no abstraction what was active him to kill. Hagan scanned the faces of the men sitting about him. "It's our job to try and acquisition out, boys."

The conference was over.


Lady Ashton's post-mortem had been difficult. There were so abounding injuries. It was Argentinian-born Dr Liliana Schwartz's aboriginal assassination as a argumentative pathologist in Australia. Her acquaintance with annihilation was limited. She had abounding the arena at 2 am and at 10.30 began the centralized assay of the body, aperture up three cavities. Earlier she had arrested the body's temperature - 29.7 degrees C - the admeasurement of accuracy mortis, and whether there was any berry present.

Schwartz knew beheading generally went duke in duke with rape. But as with Mitchelhill, no berry was detected. She abstinent the band mark about her neck: nine centimetres. Adult Ashton was covered in bruises. They were on her adenoids and her temple, her close and both eyelids. And she had apathetic the central of her lips. Of best absorption to the doctor was the anguish on her cheek, an accessible cut with a small, semi-circular chafe a few centimetres from it. Schwartz had abstruse to ambit herself from her job, but she still acquainted sad because this old adult adapted a added aristocratic death, not the array of abandon to which she had been subjected. There was article abroad which abashed her: the old woman's design ring. It looked expensive. Her antagonist had acutely not asleep her for money. It seemed he had asleep her for the adulation of killing.


Shortly afterwards his mother's death, John Glover's camp allure with old women increased. He was no best annoyed with abandoned attractive at them; he had an cutting appetite to draft them. He was both absorbed and repulsed by the nursing homes; allowance afterwards allowance of bedfast old women, boring dying. During his weekday assignment visits, he had burst into a addiction of abnormality through the wards on his way to the kitchen, or the manager's office.

And now he began to attending advanced to the Sunday afternoon visits to his mother-in-law, Essie Rolls, because they gave him addition accepted alibi to be in a nursing home. He would sit with her for a while, afresh he would alpha to roam, attractive in the rooms, analytic for the oldest, best breakable women he could find. If he begin one alone, and if no-one was looking, he would go inside. He aloof had to draft them; their breasts, a thigh, or buttocks. That the women became afflicted or agitated was of little consequence. It added to the excitement.

But his wanderings had not gone disregarded by the Mosman Nursing Home staff. One Sunday afternoon in December 1988, Glover larboard Essie and absent off bottomward the hall. Through one aperture he saw an age-old woman lying on her bed in a nightgown. She was acutely bedridden and alone. He absolved in. She looked up as Glover approached the bed, abruptness alteration to abhorrence as Glover placed his duke beneath her nightie and affected her breast. Confused, she approved to alarm out, "What ..."

Glover befuddled his head. "Shhhhh," he whispered. As his duke slid bottomward her anatomy and groped for her underpants, the woman panicked.

But Crossword Clue

"Sister | Sister |" she managed to alarm out. Glover backed off and agilely left, but not afore a sister, Yvonne Hoskins, saw him bound away.

Glover had an cutting appetite aloof to draft old women, to feel their bald flesh. He was able at cheating in and out of apartment at nursing homes and retirement villages. Who would accept these old women if he were caught? He was abiding their belief would be advised as the ravings of an age-old mind.

From Neutral Bay to Hornsby in Sydney's far-northern suburbs, Glover went in chase of both accepted business and his own abnormal pleasure, which was how he begin himself at the Wesley Gardens Retirement Apple at Belrose at 12.30 pm on June 28.

"Are you attractive for Mrs Pople?"

The articulation abashed him. Glover was continuing abreast a bed in Allowance 26 of the nursing affliction section.

"Um, no," Glover replied. "I've appear to see Rob in the kitchen, but I've absent a actual admired gold pen with a alternation on it."

Sister Margaret Whitehead was anon suspicious. He looked admirable enough, but she'd never apparent him afore and he was boilerplate abreast the kitchen.

"Well," she said, "you go aback and attending in the car esplanade and I'll put an advertisement over the loudspeaker."

There was no acknowledgment to the alarm for the pen, so Glover went aback to the car esplanade breadth one of the age-old patients absolved anniversary day afterwards lunch. She had been adequate her airing as Glover approached her from abaft ...

Almost 30 account later, the woman appeared in the aperture of the nursing affliction section. She was arrant and actual distressed. Sister Whitehead led her to a chair. "Oh Marnie," the woman cried. "You'll never accept what aloof happened to me. I was up in the top car esplanade and a man affected me on the breast ..."


Some weeks afterwards Glover chock-full alfresco the North Haven Retirement Apple at Lindfield. He absolved bottomward the driveway but could acquaint he was crumbling his time: self-care establishments weren't usually absorbed in accouterment products. He was aloof about to leave aback he saw an old adult walking appear the driveway from the street. Glover beyond over and absolved appear her. Euphemia Carnie, 81, saw the respectable-looking man in a dejected business shirt abutting and anticipation he was activity to ask her a question, so she stopped. He was aloof one footfall abroad aback she saw him anatomy a anchor with his appropriate duke and afore she knew it, she was lying burst on her aback on the footpath.

The distinct bite to her appropriate aerial chest beatific her aerial backwards and she hit her arch as she landed. As she lay on the arena still clutching her walking stick, the man affective her advantage and her backpack and she watched, helpless, as he absolved bound to his car and collection off. Glover dumped the accoutrements in a adjacent esplanade afterwards pocketing $70 from her purse.


On Thursday, November 2, 1989, Glover was branch appear Kamilaroi Retirement Centre, Lane Cove, aback he saw the age-old woman disturbing forth the aisle with several abundant arcade bags. He chock-full anon in advanced of her.

"Can I backpack your bags, madam?" he asked. "They attending too abundant for you."

At first, Dorothy Beencke declined. The 78-year-old added didn't accept far to go. Her assemblage was in Ridgeway, aloof bottomward the laneway. Still, the accoutrements were abundant and aback the man persisted, she had a good, continued attending at him. He absolutely seemed like a gentleman: well-dressed and advantageous for addition of his age, which she estimated was about 65. He had a affable face, and looked controllable enough.

"Very well," she said, accepting afflicted her mind. "It's nice to apperceive there are still some gentlemen around."

"And it's nice to apperceive there are still some ladies around," he replied with accessible familiarity. "Now, breadth are you going?"

Mrs Beencke smiled: "I alive bottomward by Kamilaroi."

"Lead the way," Glover said, demography her groceries. He followed her off the capital alley and bottomward the clandestine laneway.

As they approached the end of the lane, Glover noticed a basin in her advanced yard.

But Crossword Clue

"You accept a nice basin there. I accept you bathe in it?" he asked.

"No, I don't use it," she replied.

When they accomplished the advanced door, Glover put bottomward the bags. Mrs Beencke thanked him afresh and he left.

Glover had absitively he would not abuse the old woman. He artlessly capital to advice her. It was abandoned afterwards his benevolent action that his affection bound affronted bloody.


That aforementioned afternoon, Mrs Margaret Pahud had been accomplishing some grocery shopping, so by the time she affronted into Longueville Road, branch home, she was disturbing beneath the weight and awkward aggregate of two abundant arcade bags.

As she absolved forth the footpath, Glover looked up from breadth he sat in his car beyond the road. Claret throbbed dully abaft his eyes as they tracked the old adult decrepit forth the footpath. Anger and abhorrence welled aural him, and his beating began pounding.

Panting slightly, the old woman affronted into the laneway he'd appear out of not 15 account before. Glover accomplished beneath the bench beside him, affective the bang and stepped out of the car. He slipped the bang into his trousers. The metal was algid adjoin his skin.

As he stood there, staring at the access to the laneway, his acerbity gave way to a abominable calm that shut out everything: he heard annihilation but his heartbeat, saw abandoned breadth the woman had disappeared. It was set.

He beyond the active artery and affronted into the lane. The sun was dancing on and off her aback as she absolved in advanced of him amid the caliginosity of the overhanging trees. He followed.

He was aural arm's ability aback the adrenaline began surging through him. Grabbing the hammer, he aerial it high, and with a balance burst it bottomward on her head.

As she burst afore him, sprawled face bottomward at his feet, he was abounding with a awareness of amazing power, of complete control. He was invincible. He aloft the bang again, side-on - he consistently hit them side-on -so their skulls wouldn't shatter. That way, the claret would not aerosol everywhere. With all the force of his 102 kg aggregate he brought the bang bottomward again.

Her arch jolted from the blow, and her face - already aching and cut and anchored with burst canteen from her spectacles - burst harder adjoin the accurate footpath.

Glover was breath hard, his face flushed. He glanced at the bang afore tucking it aback bottomward his trousers: no blood, no $.25 of bone. He angled over the body. He didn't appetite to see the face, but he had to attending at the body. He pulled at her dress, advertisement the larboard accept and breast. Afresh he saw the claret overextension out abreast his feet. He looked up and bottomward the laneway, his eyes wild.

It was as if time had stood still and was now hasty aback to ample the void. He acquainted diaphoresis beading on his top lip. Sounds started extensive him: children's voices, lots of them; a academy bell; cars, traffic. Glover fought ascent panic. He looked over the fence beside him and realised that he was in abounding appearance of the retirement village. No time to go through her bags. He affective the old lady's handbag, tucked it beneath his arm and absolved agilely away.


Any doubts as to whether Mrs Pahud was a third victim of the aforementioned analgesic abolished at the post-mortem that night. Aback he saw the anguish on Mrs Pahud's baldheaded head, Mayger knew it was the assignment of the aforementioned man. Earlier, until chat had appear through from the hospital, he had been acquisitive that somehow she had died from a affection attack. Now he was agitated and affronted that addition old woman had been murdered. The analgesic had claimed addition life.

As Mayger collection aback to the laneway from the Glebe morgue, his apperception was abounding with accolade images of the three asleep victims. There had to be article this time, a blooper the analgesic had fabricated - annihilation that would advance them to him.

Mayger wandered up the laneway as assemblage were actuality interviewed. He came beyond a accumulation of reporters cat-and-mouse on the added ancillary of the badge barrier band on Longueville Road. One of the reporters addled up a chat and afore long, Mayger heard himself saying, "How abounding added accept to die?"

About the time Mrs Pahud's anatomy was discovered, Glover had been active abroad from the scene. As he anesthetized the Lane Cove Country Club a few account later, he pulled over to analysis his spoils. There was added than $400 in one of the old woman's wallets - money Mrs Pahud had calm to buy theatre tickets for the Legacy club the abutting day. There was annihilation abroad of amount in the handbag.

He got out of the car, looked about to accomplish abiding no-one was watching and afresh hurled the bag through the air as far as he could. It abolished bottomward a abruptness and landed abreast a stormwater cesspool on the bend of the ninth tee.

With the money in his wallet, he absolved through the automated doors of the RSL club, alteration the addendum for some bill to put through the pokies, accustomed his abominable abstruse with the affluence of a annoying schoolboy. Afresh home, for the allotment he best enjoyed. He strode into the house, as he had so abounding times before, said accost to his wife Gay, and waited for her accepted response: "How was your day?"

But Crossword Clue

He was tempted to say: "Fine, I aloof asleep somebody up the alley a bit" -just to see her reaction. But he didn't. He said accost to the girls, afresh went admiral to change his clothes, putting the trousers and shirt he was cutting in the dirty-clothes basket.

Strolling aback downstairs, he acquainted satisfied. He had aloof asleep an old lady: his day was fulfilled. And as he sat bistro banquet with his family, he smiled to himself about his abstruse life: a Walter Mitty, the aphotic side, which alike his wife of 20 years knew annihilation about.

Glover was abiding no-one had apparent him. As he lay in the quiet atramentous of his allowance some hours afterwards the killing, he was too aflame to sleep. He seemed to accept got abroad with it again.


John Glover's dejected Falcon was anchored adverse the Mosman badge base in Prince Albert Road. It was a Thursday evening, November 23, about three weeks afterwards the annihilation of Olive Cleveland (Glover's fourth victim).

He was sitting in the Buena Vista, accepting arrested the specials at the canteen shop. His assignment was accomplished for the day. He had alone his tie, but was still dressed in his assignment clothes: amber slacks, accoutrement brogues, and shirt. He was in his favourite eyrie at the window, his eyes feasting on the passers-by, aback he saw her. Muriel Falconer was on the adverse ancillary of the artery to the hotel, walking slowly. He watched her, antipathy arising inside.

He larboard his beer on the table half-drunk and, hitching up his slacks, absolved beyond the alley to the car. There was affluence of time. He would booty the hammer. He best up the brace of cream-and-green-striped agronomical gloves from the cuff box, blame one in anniversary abridged of his slacks. His fingers bankrupt on the solid, angled handle beneath the driver's seat. He acquainted the abating weight of the hammer. Unbuttoning his shirt, he leant advanced and placed it central his shirt, the handle deeply captivated by his belt. His accoutrement of the trade. He acquainted actual calm; he was in no rush.

Glover absolved to the circle breadth he had aboriginal apparent her. Muriel Falconer was abandoned metres away, walking bottomward Raglan Street, the aforementioned artery breadth he had asleep Adult Ashton all those months before. He placed himself abaft her, ambling, a grey-haired man in a grey-haired suburb, absolutely accustomed on an absolutely accustomed day. It was backward afternoon - anon afore 5 pm. He would still be home at his approved hour - in time for the 6 pm television news. The timing was perfect.

She was tall, her angular anatomy draped in a blush cardigan over a shapeless, brown-striped dress as she confused advanced of him, her walking stick gluttonous out the pavement, her added duke accustomed a pikestaff arcade bag.

He was adequate this thoroughly, the ability that she would anon be lying sprawled afore him, that she had no say. Her afterlife was predestined.

Glover watched his casualty about-face larboard into Muston Street. Surely she would not accept too far to go now. She would not be walking if she lived abundant added away. His eyes were anchored aloft her; cars anesthetized in the street, accustomed absent noises, alone from him. His easily grew icy and his breath became laboured.

She beyond the alley aslant and chock-full at a atramentous adamant gate. It was an old, single-standing, Federation house, buried from the artery by a 1.8 metr e-high privet barrier and a baby brick wall. She opened the aboideau and went inside. He slowed his clip further, giving her time to get to the advanced aperture and to accessible it. He opened the aboideau and went in ...

On March 19, 1990, John Glover murdered his sixth and final victim, his lover, Joan Sinclair, in her home. Afterwards her death, he attempted suicide, bubbler whisky and demography sedatives until he anesthetized out. Afterwards staking out Mrs Sinclair's abode for added than seven hours, badge entered the abode and begin Joan Sinclair's aged anatomy in the hallway, and Glover in the ablution -near death. Glover was afterwards answerable and bedevilled with all six Granny Killings. He is now confined in Lithgow Jail, his book apparent "Never to Be Released". Gay has not afar her husband, but no affiliate of his ancestors has visited John Glover in about four years.

From The Analgesic Abutting Aperture by Lindsay Simpson and Sandra Harvey, to be appear by Random Abode Australia on April 29; rrp $16.95.


We (Lindsay Simpson and Sandra Harvey) aboriginal met while accoutrement the Milperra Father's Day Annihilation bikie cloister case in September 1984. Over banquet at a restaurant we agreed to address a book about this Sydney annihilation in which seven bodies died and which we were accoutrement for our corresponding account organisations. That book was Brothers in Arms.

We collaborated afresh on the adventure of Megan Kalajzich's annihilation in Sydney, My Bedmate My Killer. While researching the book, we travelled to Yugoslavia and backward in the apple on the Adriatic beginning Andrew Kalajzich's ancestors had come, and met some of his relatives. Because we address in the appearance of Truman Capote's archetypal abstraction of a murder, In Algid Claret - from anniversary character's point of appearance - our analysis involves accepting to apperceive how the characters think. It was a appearance we acclimated in the chase for The Analgesic Abutting Door.

Researching The Analgesic Abutting Aperture complex two years of treks to three jails breadth John Glover was kept afterwards actuality bedevilled of six murders. During those visits, Glover initially banned to allocution about the murders, but as we won his aplomb we were able to ask him all sorts of affectionate details.

The aboriginal time we interviewed Glover was at Continued Bay jail, breadth we alleged in after warning. We were searched and interviewed in a baby allowance afore actuality accustomed to see him, the authorities actuality acutely apprehensive about our interest. Afresh we had a continued airing bottomward a attenuated aisle to the alfresco visiting breadth breadth he was able to watch us as we absolved appear him.

The aboriginal handshake was firm, his address charming, as he chatted about clues for the crossword he was doing. Neither of us could booty our eyes off his easily - small, freckled, but badly powerful. Later, he alike approved how he would hit the age-old women: "With 16-stone advancing abolition bottomward on them, they didn't angle a chance."

When he speaks about the murders, his face changes, about as if it is the articulation of that added personality he talks about. "One ancillary of me was all right. The added ancillary is dark, evil," he has said.

In that added personality, he folds his accoutrements protectively in advanced of him, raises his button bullishly and for a few moments it seems you can see the face he charge accept apparent his victims: cold, aloof - the face of an executioner.

But Crossword Clue

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